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Channel Five has landed a coup, winning the exclusive British rights to air an interview with Princes William and Charles. The interview was conducted for American station NBC and features the two royals talking about life after their mother Diana’s deah 10 years ago and the process of organising the concert for Diana that takes place next week.

The interview will be aired next week and reportedly shows “two future monarchs in the making.” Don’t forget to check it out!

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John Nettles from Midsomer Murders has been targetted by a fake internet blog. The 63-year old actor who plays DCI Barnaby on the hit drama show says that he has been told of a 13-page blog site that is meant to be authored by him. He says that the blog refers to his sexual prowess, something that he himself wishes were true!

As of right now, the star is preparing for the autumn screening of the next season of his show, and says that he would never think of starting his own online blog site, because it would be far too boring.

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Hayley Evetts, finalist is to sing on The X Factor, once again in front of judge Simon Cowell.

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When Sex and the City ended in 2004 a movie had been scheduled that fell through. However now Sarah Jessica Parker has indicated that a movie is going to go ahead.

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Jennifer Morrison (House) will play an American journalist who investigates Princess Diana’s death in the movie The Murder of Princess Diana. The movie is currently being produced by Working Title Television for the US cable channel Lifetime.

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Aspiring novelists will now get their own chance to strut across the reality TV airwaves in a new reailty show hosted in the UK by Tony Cowell, the older brother of Big Brother’s Simon Cowell. The wannabe writers will pitch their manuscripts to a panel of authors including Jeffrey Archer and Jackie Collins and learn the tricks of the trade at getting their first book published. Contestants must have their manuscript already completed and it must be their first book to be published. Prizes include publishing deals on both sides of the Atlantic in the ever-important American and British markets.

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Fans of Scrubs who have been left in the dark about the status of J.D and Elliot after their season-ending break-up have to get ready for this… an unnamed source has confirmed that the seventh season will begin with a Wedding!

What does this mean for J.D. and Elliot? What about Kim’s place in the relationship? Or could it possibly be another character??

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The soap bunnies Nicky Whelan, Pippa Black and Natalie Blair have featured prominently on Who Weekly tabloid magazine’s list of the world’s sexiest celebrities. The Aussie heart-throbs have even outdone the likes of Angelina Jolie, who is noticeably absent from the tabloid list.

These three soap stars make up three of seven Aussie stars on the list.

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Isaiah Washington has lost his job on Grey’s Anatomy. The African American actor was rumoured to have made an anti-gay comment backstage at the Golden Globe awards 5 months ago, while discussing whether or not he had used the same foul tongue towards his fellow Grey’s colleagues.

The comment so enraged his fellow cast members and members of the wider tv-viewing public that Washington was told by the show’s executive that he would not be hired back for the filming of next season’s episodes.

Now this leaves us to find out how his character will be written off the show!!

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Hollywood rumours are abounding that Alias actor David Anders, who plays Mr. Sark, has been casted to play a new character named Kane in the upcoming Season 2 of Heroes.

The scoop comes from Kristin Veitch’s blog on

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