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Thursday Night’s Grey’s Anatomy in the US is drawing some attention in the blogger world. Guest star Mitch Pileggi comes into the hospital complaining of swollen hardware and does a down-trou for the benefit of Grey’s doctors.

And what are the fuzzy, out of focus, round things that the odd between-the-legs camera angle highlights for tv audiences around the globe? The buzz on the internet is that its the first un-censored scrotum shot to make the airwaves in any television-broadcasting country in the world. The shows producers claim that its nothing more than the face of the guest star peering through his legs back at the sneaky camera angle. You’ll have to be the judge of this one, folks! This intrepid reporter from blogworld scoped the scene on my own recording, but it seems to me that the evidence is a little too hairy to be conclusive.

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Kristine Lefebrvre, who recently became Donald Trump’s newest Apprentice after the Los Angeles series of the famous reality TV series, has taken up a secondary apprenticeship – she’s taking all of her clothes off for Playboy magazine.

However, this leggy attorney from LA is not just a typical Playboy bunny, she’s actually got a story to tell – her Playboy poses came as a way of spreading the word about the dangers women face with cancer. Kristine was diagnosed with cervical cancer just a year and a half ago, and underwent a radical surgery to make sure that the cancer didn’t spread. At this stage, the new TV star is in the clear, but she feels the need to spread the word about the trials and tribulations that women with cancer are facing every day. Her spread in Playboy magazine is a way of bringing attention to the plight of women everywhere.

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David Hasslehoff has come public with his long standing battle with alcoholism. After a video was leaked to the press showing him falling-down-drunk, the celebrity of such famous tv series as Baywatch and Night Rider has finally admitted to the press that he “has a problem.”

The video shows the washed-up celebrity stumbling and then falling over and rolling around in a drunken stupour. It was apparantly filmed by Hasslehoff’s daughter, who released it because she was ashamed of how far her father has fallen in recent months. The video was played on Extra!, Entertainment Tonight, and the Insider.

The question is, if this Baywatch lifeguard is drowning, where are all of the big breasted celebrities to save him??

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TOP GEAR’s Richard Hammond, aka “The Hamster,” has made a speedy recovery back to the world of extreme motorsports after a horrific high-speed crash just a few months ago. He crashed at 288 miles per hour and barely lived to tell the tale, but he has already whetted his addiction to speed with a new toy.

Hammond has recently collected a Ducati 1098 speedbike, capable of 175 mph, from the manufacturer’s plant in Italy. The speed freak now has a new way of putting himself in death-defying places – at top speed!

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Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives has promised the producers that she won’t be getting pregnant again. The Housewives star recently had twins which made the producers of the hit show bend over backwards to include her character in last season’s filming.

The star wants to make sure that the show isn’t inconvenienced any furhter – or possibly that her own lifestyle isn’t inconvenienced any further!!

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Will Young, the former winner of Pop Idol, has dropped a bombshell on his fans who supported him during the final days of the show. After he came out of the closet on national TV the pop-wannabes of Britain rallied round his honesty and gave him the votes needed to come top of the pack.

Now after a brief foray into the life of a rock n’ roll superstar, the former sweetheart honestboy has come out of the closet again and said that he fancies girls and takes drugs. Is this the same honest boy we made to be our Pop Idol?

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The current queen of nastiness on EastEnders is supposedly heading for an untimely downfall, as rumours abound that Stella the solicitor (Sophie Thompson) will be making an exit from the soap in a rather shocking fashion. Unnamed sources claim that instead of walking down the aisle on her wedding day the character will be taking a tumble from the roof of a building…. Whatever could be the reason for that??

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The best bikini bods in the celebrity world have been revealed. Or at least a survey has revealed whose bod is the favourite…

Television presenter Denise Van Outen has topped the 2007 list, with her size ten curvacious form a favourite in a rather hot and sweaty competition. Van Outen ousted other curvacious bombshells like Penelope Cruz and Cameron Diaz. Grazia magazine conducted the survey and took the bikini shots of the 8 finalists.

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Some celebrity chefs talk more than they walk, it seems, about staying fit and the importance of excercise. Though Jamie Oliver isn’t a 200 kg superman chef, his television appearances do show that he’s a little more fond of the finer foods in life than the finer work-outs in life.

However, recent goss-magazine photos show that his wife, who frequently appears in Jamie At Home, is showing off a much more toned six-pack than her slightly tubby hubby.

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David Spade, best known as Dennis Finch in Just Shoot Me, has announced that he will be appearing on Neighbours. He is good friends with Nicky Whelan, who plays Pepper Steiger on the programme, and it is believed that David has asked for his scenes in the show will involve Nicky’s character to some extent.

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