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05_12_EMMERDALE_03The following article contains spoilers about episodes of Emmerdale that will air from December 2nd to the 6th…

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Yorkshire, don’t read on!

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11_11_CORO_ROY_HAYLEY_FUNERAL_02The following article contains spoilers about episodes of Coronation Street that will air from November 11th to the 14th…

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Weatherfield, don’t read on!

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EastEndersThe following article contains spoilers about episodes of EastEnders that will air from November 11th to 14th…

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Walford, don’t read on!

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EastEndersThe following article contains spoilers about episodes of EastEnders that will air from August 5th to the 9th …

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Walford, don’t read on!

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We’ll start our look at the soap spoilers with Corrie, where Frank Foster is about to prove just how villainous he really is…

And Andrew Lancel, who plays Frank, has been telling the Daily Star what his character has in store for Carla Connor at his forthcoming trial for rape.

He said, “Frank’s private detective presents him with photos of Carla and Peter which he uses to his full advantage.

“Everyone knows he raped Carla and he shouldn’t get off. As an actor you have to justify him but he’s a monstrous character.

“I look like him and sound like him but I tend to learn my lines at work as I don’t ever want to bring him home with me.

“You’ve got to be able to shake him off at the end of the day because he really is one of the nastiest characters to ever walk down Coronation Street.

“During the trial you will see him really twist the knife. He appears vulnerable in the stand and even gets a bit teary.

“But, as everyone knows, there is something deep inside him that one day needs to be sorted out – and, trust me, it will be.”

We’ll see all that drama unfold at Frank’s trial a week tomorrow.


Over to Emmerdale now, where Cameron Murray warns Andy Sugden to stay away from Debbie Dingle.

Poor Cameron is having trouble coming to terms with the fact that Debbie’s pregnant with Andy’s baby, even though he of course knows it’s all in a bid to save Sarah’s life.

But that doesn’t help Cameron when his male pride gets the better of him, and of course, he has no clue that Andy and Debbie actually slept together, or that Andy’s since developed feelings for Debbie.

A show insider told the Daily Star, “Cameron can’t deal with the love of his life having another man’s child.”

See Cameron threatening Andy a week on Tuesday on ITV1.

Finally, it’s over to Hollyoaks, where newcomer Dan O’Connor is about to arrive in the Channel 4 soap as Aussie Ally, who’s set to move in with Rhys and Jacqui Ashworth as their lodger.

Dan, who played Ned Parker in Neighbours, is apparently going to get some “juicy” storylines in forthcoming weeks, and we’ll discover that he’s hiding a dark secret…

A show source said, “Ally is your typical Aussie. He’s laidback, charming and appears very nice.

“Rhys and Jacqui have spent the day interviewing for a lodger and as soon as Ally turns up they know he’s the one.

“He also makes an impress on Michaela McQueen.”

We’ll see Ally arrive a week on Tuesday.

More soap spoilers soon!

Plus Tina McIntyre and Dr Matt Carter hook up!

The Daily Star today reveals that Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) will have a one night stand with Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) when she goes on one of her benders.

As viewers will know, Becky’s having trouble holding things together now that little Max has been taken into care, and though Steve (Simon Gregson) will try his best over the coming weeks to reign in Becky’s behaviour, she continues to seek solace in the bottom of several bottles.

However, Becky will end up sleeping with Nick in a bid to make Steve jealous and see how she feels over his ex Tracy (Kate Ford) being around all the time…

But it backfires on her when her drunken antics push Steve into Tracy’s arms – and her bed – and the scheming Tracy will get pregnant.

It’s also been rumoured that Tracy will lose the baby when Becky attacks her. It’s speculated that that will be the exit storyline for Becky, because Kat Kelly is of course leaving the show at the end of the year.

In other Corrie news, The Sun today reveals that Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) is set for a romance with the Street’s GP, Dr Matt Carter (Oliver Mellor).

However, it seems that despite looking like a promising relationship at first, “skeletons emerge from the medic’s cupboard” which are likely to threaten the budding romance.

We’ll see Tina and Matt hook up over the coming weeks as Tina tries to get over her upset over being ditched by Graeme.

More Corrie news soon!

The first full length promo for The X Factor USA has been released by Fox and it features all the new judges, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Cheryl Cole.

We also see co-hosts Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones, however, only Simon Cowell actually speaks…

Here’s the clip…

In other X Factor news, the Queen told last year’s finalist Mary Byrne that she “never misses” the show. Her Majesty spoke to Mary after she performed in Dublin in front of the Queen.

The Sun states that the Queen said, “You are the lady off The X Factor. Your song was fabulous.”

Mary’s then quoted as saying, “I asked if she watched the show. She said, ‘It could be too late for me but I do watch it the next day’. They record it for her.”

And in our final look at X Factor news, Simon’s right hand woman Sinitta reckons that the shake up of the show is long overdue.

The Sun Buzz * quotes Sinitta as saying, “Remember Sharon Osbourne? She was a huge X Factor hit, but the show survived when she left…

“Simon will let the show evolve and give everyone freedom to do their own thing.

“If it goes wrong it won’t be his fault; if it does well he will be a genius.

“But if Simon wasn’t missed then I think heads would roll!”

More X Factor news soon!

* Courtesy of The Sun buzz (;

And Charlie G Hawkins is leaving the show

As viewers may recall, Kat and Alfie Moon were heartbroken when Kat’s friend Martina took her young daughter Shenice back to Spain with her…

The couple had bonded with the little girl in the wake of baby Tommy’s death, but of course since then, Tommy has been returned to them.

However, when the couple decide to take a well earned break to Spain, they bump into Martina and Shenice, and after finding that the child isn’t being properly cared for, Kat and Alfie bring her back to Walford with them.

A show insider told The Sun, “Poor old Shenice has not been having a great time in Spain with her mum, who won’t win any prizes for mother of the year.

“Martina may be an old friend, but Kat is fed up because she keeps neglecting her daughter and going on the razz.

“She seems incapable of settling down.”

Shenice is played by Lacey Turner’s nine-year-old sister Lily Harvey, and we’ll see her return to the show within the next few weeks.

In other news, it was reported over the weekend that Zoe Lucker – who plays Vanessa Gold – would be leaving the show soon, and it seems Charlie G Hawkins has also decided to quit.

20 year old Charlie of course plays Darren Miller, a role he’s played since he was just 13.

There’s no word as yet as to what will be his exit storyline, but it’s understood that Kylie Babbington, who plays Darren’s girlfriend Jodie, and is also Vanessa Gold’s daughter, will remain on the show.

Speaking about his departure in a statement, Charlie said, “I’ve enjoyed my time at EastEnders immensely…

“It’s been a terrific chapter in my life and I’ve loved every minute of it.

“I’ve had tremendous support throughout my duration of the show and I would like to thank Bryan [Kirkwood – executive producer] and the whole team for believing in me.”

More ‘Enders news soon!

Poor Jack Branning is having a tough time, what with Ronnie in prison and learning that his real son died, it’s little wonder that he might turn to others for comfort…

However, when he turns to Roxy for comfort of a certain kind, she knocks him back, horrified by his actions.

It all begins when Jack manages to convince Alfie to change the name on the baby’s headstone so that it will bear his son James’ name…

A grieving Jack invites his sister-in-law – and mother of his daughter – Roxy to visit the grave with him, but on their return to the Square, the pair head off to the club for drink.

While there, after she offers him a shoulder to cry on, Jack leans in for a kiss, but it’s not that sort of comfort that Roxy was offering and she angrily pushes him away…

What’s Michael going to say when he finds out?!

In other ‘Enders news, Shane Richie – who of course plays Alfie Moon – has revealed he was surprised that Coronation Street didn’t win the National Television Award for ‘Best Soap’ this year.

Speaking to Buzz magazine, Shane said, “When Corrie did the live tram crash it was the nuts…

“That stunt with the tram was incredible.

“I swear to you, when we watched it at The National Television Awards earlier this year, we were all set to applaud Coronation Street being announced as ‘Best Soap’.

“You could actually see the surprise on our faces when they called out EastEnders as the winner instead.”

More EastEnders news soon!

Plus Adele Silva finds it hard to trust men!

Corrinne Wicks, who plays Ella Macey, wife of Declan, is about to embark on a cougar romance with toyboy Adam Barton, who’s her daughter’s boyfriend!

Speaking to Soaplife about the storyline, Corrinne revealed that Adam isn’t the first young man Ella’s seduced, and he probably won’t be her last.

Corrinne said, “She’s deeply in love with Declan, but he’s not giving her enough attention.

“She’s feeling neglected and rejected. Declan’s focusing on the business and regards his relationship with Ella as something he doesn’t have to make any effort with. “But that’s not the way she sees it.”

And when asked why Ella would choose her daughter’s boyfriend to focus in on, Corrinne said, “It’s not cold and calculating. I don’t think it’s planned.

“She hasn’t looked beyond the prospect of sex, really, and the high she’d get from it.

“If she stopped to think she wouldn’t want to hurt Mia or jeopardise her relationship with Declan.”

As to how things all get started between Ella and Adam, Corrinne said, “Ella and Adam have had a few drinks and Ella insists on giving Adam a manicure.

“It’s the first time they get a bit close and I think the first time she picks up on the fact he might be a bit interested.”

Soaplife then asked, “Has Ella gone for younger men in the past?” to which Corrinne replied, “I think this is a pattern. I think that what happened before she and Declan got divorced was that she had an affair.

“Now it’s playing out again…”

In other news, returning Emmerdale actress Adele Silva has told the Daily Star that she finds it difficult to get into new relationships due to her issues surrounding trusting people.

She said, “I do find it hard to trust people. It crosses your mind, ‘Why does this person want to talk to me? Will he go back to his friends and say [he] was with that girl from the television?’

“I’m really wary with boyfriends because you see so many kiss-and-tells.

“I don’t want my dad to be eating his cornflakes one morning and read about me cavorting.

“[And anyway] I’m probably too independent. That might turn a guy off.

“I think it’s intimidating for a guy to meet a strong woman who doesn’t need them and has her own career.

“Some like to be able to look after you.”

More Dales news soon!

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