The season finale of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross has an exclusive interview with Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond.

Some quotes from the interview:

“I was driving and then it was two weeks later and I was in Leeds. There was a sense of oh bugger. Apparently I was awake on the way to the helicopter and I got a bit fight-y, I wanted to do a piece to camera, but my eyes were pointing in different directions. I have no recollection of that, or the first few weeks.” “[When in a coma] I sort of heard stuff going on but I wasn’t in it for very long.”

“I had a slight scab on my shin, and that was it. All the damage was to my brain. I had post-traumatic amnesia, five-second memory, it happens as a result of brain injury. In hospital I was completely useless. I’d look at the menu and order my favourite, cottage pie. Five minutes later it arrived and I said that’s great, it’s my favourite, how did you know?”

“There was a point when I couldn’t daydream. It was very frightening, very strange. You’re warned about things like personality change – but how would I know?!”

“For my whole family it wasn’t very nice to see me in that state, and [my wife] Mindy had to consider the thought of bringing up the kids on her own, but I was out of it.”

“There’s a real sense that I’ve been very lucky. They’d [the doctors] be really cross if I did anything wrong. I can’t drink for two years – only weak lager, and only one or two. I’m sending Mindy to try and negotiate that down. You just do exactly what they say. The insurance rate hasn’t gone up on my car!”

“They’ll just be trusting me with sofas to test… Jeremy’s been gushingly kind to me, it would embarrass him to read about it… I wanted a T-shirt that said ‘I’m still poorly, you know’… next series we’re doing a polar race, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, 10.35pm, 22 December 2006, BBC One

In a brand new primetime entertainment series, ITV will be staging the biggest casting call the UK has ever seen to find the starring roles of Sandy and Danny for a new stage production of the worldwide hit musical Grease which will open in London’s West End in 2007.

ITV will be filling summer nights with the search for two unknown performers to take the highly coveted roles of Sandy Dumbrowski and Danny Zuko. ITV today confirmed that the UK’s leading theatre producer, David Ian, will be a judge on the show and will also be producing the West End version of the stage show, together with producing partner Paul Nicholas.

Simon Cowell said: “We’ve been thinking about making this programme for years. Grease in my opinion is the best musical of all time and I am incredibly excited to be given this opportunity.”

Duncan Gray, Controller of Entertainment at ITV said: “Grease and ITV are a perfect fit – the hunt for the new Sandy and Danny to star in the world’s best known musical produced by the crack team behind the X Factor.”

Matthew Wright is joined by panellists Anne Diamond and Dylan Jones for a live interactive talk show which combines studio discussion with contributions from viewers on the topics of the day.

January 15-19, 09.00–10.30 on five

  • Monday 15th January: Eileen Hayes shares her expertise on matters of family and education.
  • Tuesday 16th January: Rosemary Conley offers advice on diet and lifestyle issues.
  • Wednesday 17th January: Award-winning singer songwriter Lynsey de Paul. Dr Sarah Jarvis gives guidance on health and wellbeing.
  • Thursday 18th January: Divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt.
  • Friday 19th January: Hypnotist Paul McKenna. Advice on sex and relationships with Dr Miriam Stoppard.

Continuing the week of January 15-19 is the timeless preschool series based on the much-loved books by the Reverend W Awdry. The programmes follow the adventures of Thomas the tank engine and his friends who live on the imaginary island of Sodor. When a new toy shop opens on the island in this morning’s episode, Thomas is desperate to get involved. He is very proud when Sir Topham Hatt asks him to transport children to the opening, but along his route, Thomas spots Henry who is stuck on a blocked line.

In ‘Saving Edward’on Tuesday, Edward attempts to hide his wheezing and leaking from Sir Topham Hatt so as not to be scrapped. When Edward is given an important job, he confides in Thomas, who offers to help out.

Wednesday’s episode is ‘Thomas Tries his Best’. The carnival has come to Sodor and Thomas is entrusted with the important task of taking some chickens to the dock. When his little charges are late arriving, Thomas worries about missing out on all the fun, so James tries to persuade him to go straight to the carnival. Will Thomas forget about the chickens and let Sir Topham down?

On Thursday, ‘Duncan and the Old Mine’ finds the narrow-gauge engines carrying coal from the mountains down to the island when Duncan decides that pulling coal trucks is not very exciting. When he comes across an old disused track, he sees the opportunity for an adventure but is soon in all kinds of trouble.

And in ‘Thomas’s Day Off’ on Friday, a new diesel engine called Dennis arrives on the island. He is given the job of taking some roof tiles to the school while Thomas has the day off, but Dennis proves to be a very lazy engine! Will the Sodor principle of hard work prevail?

08:25 – 08:40 on five

Sunday January 14th, 2007: 11.35–12.05 on five

Michaela Strachan and her Wild Challenge teammates Ellie Harrison and Jamie Crawford undertake more wildlife-related dares in some of the most remote regions on the planet. Pushed to their physical and mental limits, the three interact with wildlife in ways never seen before.

Michaela's Wild Challenge This week, Michaela takes a risky dip in Africa, Jamie shares his lunch in Central America, and Ellie takes a trip with a sting its tail in the Antipodes. Heading to South Africa, Michaela must get acquainted with the country’s most dangerous animal, the hippopotamus. Hippos have been known to kill lions and crocodiles and are responsible for more human deaths than any other African animal, so Michaela must be very careful as she swims with a baby of the species. Jamie travels to the rainforests of Costa Rica where he hopes to find the strange-looking tapir. The tapir – a solitary animal that looks like a cross between an elephant, a rhinoceros, a pig and a horse – uses its short, highly mobile proboscis to pluck leaves and shovel them into its mouth. Jamie will need all his wildlife savvy as he attempts to feed a banana to one of these rare animals.

Ellie, meanwhile, heads to the New Zealand coast, where she is challenged to stroke the tail of the worryingly named scorpion fish.

Eel Island The drama series following the adventures of a young boy on a magical island continues. Eel Island was once home to the mysterious Eel Catchers, but they were chased away and only Sapphire now remains. With the help of Scott and the friendly old junk-shop owner Pearl, Sapphire battles to protect the secret of the island until her fellow Eel Catchers can return.

In the January 14th episode, Sapphire is astonished to hear a dog barking near the island and discovers a bedraggled greyhound swimming towards the shore. Horrified that someone could abandon an animal like this, Sapphire takes the dog to her Secret Place to nurse it back to health. Meanwhile, Scott brings a pile of his sister’s old clothes to the Junk Emporium to see if Pearl can find a use for them. Scott has often wondered why Pearl finds such delight in the things other people don’t want, so the old man explains that he can’t bear to see things thrown away. It seems that he is not the only one, as Sapphire is delighted when she spots the old clothes. She says she will use them to add to the patchwork quilt that her grandmother started many years before.

Looking at the dog, Scott imagines that it was discarded in much the same way as his sister’s clothes and realises that he may have the perfect home for the animal. When he arrives back at the Junk Emporium with the dog in tow, Pearl cannot resist and promises to look after the new arrival. It turns out that Pearl used to own a similar dog when he was a child. Will his new pet prove to be as fast as the old one?


Amanda covers for Macca and Cassie. Kim and Rachel disagree over their future. Drew is abducted. Dean finally admits the truth to Matilda. Is Martha and Jack’s marriage over? The Bay pays tribute to Emily. Kim gets some devastating news. It seems that barely a day can go by without Amanda getting herself into some kind of trouble.

Drew and Amanda This week she is letting undercover lovers Macca and Cassie use her house as a meeting place – and is having some man trouble of her own. Ever since Drew revealed that he has feelings for her, Amanda has been battling her own attraction to him. She shocks herself when she lets Drew kiss her – what is she doing? She soon realises that her daughter is more important to her, and resolves to end this for Belle’s sake. When she meets Drew to let him know her decision, he is devastated. But as Drew ruminates over his lost love, a car pulls up next to him and he is dragged inside by some thugs!

Panicking, Amanda calls Dan to tell him what has happened to his nephew. After the police piece things together, they organise a search party and eventually find the terrified and disorientated Drew wandering in the bush. Back at the station, Drew calms down and insists that he is fine. Jack wonders if these events could be some kind of revenge attack connected to one of Peter’s old cases, and tells him that he needs to be extra vigilant. Amanda invites Drew to come and stay – she doesn’t want him to be alone at a time like this. But is this a good idea, given that they are supposed to be keeping out of each other’s way?

While Drew and Amanda try to ignore their feelings, Martha and Jack are trying to keep their dying relationship alive. Martha is angry with Jack after discovering that he went out drinking with his friends when she thought he was at work, but Jack can’t understand why she is so annoyed. She explains that he is still acting like a single man, and tells him to get his act together. But when an argument ends in Jack storming out of the house, Martha has had enough and packs a bag. Is this the end of their marriage?

Also this week, Kim and Rachel’s relationship is on the rocks when the pair disagree over whether they will ever have children. Brad and Sally have a misunderstanding. Dean battles with the truth but finally admits that he is gay. Martha demands a trial separation. And Kim’s world comes crashing down around him when he gets some bad news from the doctor.

Coming Soon

Kim makes a rash decision.
Cassie and Macca are finally busted.
Jack gets himself into more trouble with Martha.
Drew shocks Amanda by breaking up with Belle.
Robbie muses on his uncertain future.
Belle wonders who Drew’s mystery woman is.
Charity kidnaps Ella.

12.00 and 18.00 on Five

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