I’ve recently returned home from the US where a friend of mine who has been using his TV for DVD and BlueRay playback mainly decided that it was time to get cable. His initial plan was to set up an antenna to receive the DVB broadcast of the local channels but it turned out that it was going to be a bit more expensive than he’d anticipated. With the Olympics just around the corner he was eager to get set up sooner rather than later.

When the installer arrived and got everything set up, my friend was happy to find that he had ESPN, albeit that the channel was grainy. The place we were staying had a similar problem. While most channels were pretty clear, there were many that didn’t look HD when they should have been and a lot that were grainy. My understanding of digital is that there is either signal or there isn’t. It’s either going to be clear or not. I’ve only ever seen this at places where they’ve used cable.

What I really need to do next time I’m in the US, and certainly ask my friend to consider, is using a Satellite TV service like http://www.satellitesolutions.com/dishnetwork/.

We have satellite at home and the only issues we tend to have is when there’s a ferocious storm going on outside and we get a little rain fade but I’ve never seen a grainy channel.  If you’re considering getting a TV package, check out their special deals.

Psychologists have warned that children are being “neglected” in favour of sitting them in front of the television.  They added that parents need to regain control and do more to stop the amount of time their children spend sitting in front of the television.

As television is becoming more and more accessible by devices such as the iTouch and iPad, and it is becoming more and more common for children to have televisions in their rooms or more than one or two televisions in their houses, it’s inevitable that more and more of them will watch TV as something to do.

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