05_12_EMMERDALE_03The following article contains spoilers about episodes of Emmerdale that will air from December 2nd to the 6th…

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Yorkshire, don’t read on!

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JackieAge: 59

Star Sign: Aries

Home Town: Berkhampstead

Glamorous mummy, Jackie is attractive and has lots of life experience. She has feisty Italian blood, is unintentionally funny, wears her heart on her sleeve and claims to be “classy but not a snob”.

Jackie is divorced with two children and her daughter Charlie is entering the House with her. Jackie feels that spending time with Charlie in a confined space for a long period of time will be a challenge, but one she is looking forward to. Continue reading »

CharlieAge: 26

Star Sign: Gemini

Home Town: Berkhampstead

Forming the very first mum / daughter partnership in the BB House, Charlie is bossy, stubborn and very often complex. She has a love / hate relationship with her mum Jackie, who is also going into the House. She admits to insecurities and feels she doesn’t fit in with her family – but also admits she is very demanding. Continue reading »

DaleyAge: 28

Star Sign: Taurus

Home Town: West London

Daley is a professional middleweight boxer.

He and his younger brother were put into foster care when he was two. The most important person in Daley’s life is his brother because they have “been through everything together and have come out stronger”. Continue reading »

Dan Neal

DanAge: 33

Star Sign: Leo

Home Town: London

Hunky gay police officer Dan describes himself as an all or nothing person. “There’s generally no in-between with me”. He came out when he was 23 and currently lives in Essex with his boyfriend. Dan considers his son to be the most important person in his life. “I brought him into this world so he has to be the most important”. Continue reading »

HazelAge: 24

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Home Town: Dublin

Hazel is an Irish-born model who VIP circles in Dublin and often manages to get herself snapped with celebrities. She isn’t afraid to manipulate people and always tries to get what she wants.

She describes her upbringing as a “bit crazy” and is very good at detaching herself from a situation and from people in general. Continue reading »

Gina Rio

GinaAge: 24

Star Sign: Pisces

Home Town: London

Socialite Gina recently lived in The Savoy for six months fully paid by her parents. She now lives in a house in Kings Cross. She once appeared in a tabloid newspaper as “the most spoilt girl in the country”. She dropped out of Hertfordshire University where she was studying Fashion and Marketing as “people didn’t party enough”. Continue reading »

dexter-kohAge: 28

Star Sign: Acquarius

Home Town: Liverpool / London

Liverpudlian Dexter’s jobs have included male escort, paparazzo, strip club manager, magician and celeb PR. In his own words: “Jack of all trades, a social chameleon and master of only a few”.

Dexter is single but says his love life is “complicated”. He has a few girls that he sees on a monthly basis, but says he is too busy for a relationship. For this reason, he is usually the one to end relationships. He says working is the greatest love of his life. Continue reading »

callum-knellAge: 28

Star Sign: Scorpio

Home Town: Maidstone

An engaging and confident ladies’ man, Callum claims that others in the House would get annoyed by his “very good looks” as all the attention will be on him. He likes an argument, but doesn’t like very religious or overly camp people. He’s cheeky and admits to never saying sorry as he never regrets anything – and calls himself “the full package”. Continue reading »

wolfy-millingtonAge: 20

Star Sign: Libra

Home Town: Bolton

Wolfy is a practising Shaman, “connecting with earth through love and harmony”. She describes shamanism as connecting with Mother Earth and the inner animal. She is often asked to perform aura cleansing and past life recall, which she is happy to do for free.

In addition to being a Shaman, Wolfy is a qualified mackerel fisherwoman. She has “a passion for fishing which borders on the erotic” and has a tattoo of the first mackerel she ever caught. She can spend up to six hours a day standing on the end of the pier with her rod. Continue reading »

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