Steph Haydock (French teacher) played by Denise Welch

Steph is in her 40s and a hopeless teacher. She regularly finds herself way out of her depth both in school and at home. She’s having problems with “foster” daughter Maxine, who embarks on a relationship with bad boy Earl Kelly. Steph isn’t in a position to lecture her on lessons in love and suitable men, but she may be about to find true love in an unexpected form. She is going to need all the support she can get when she’s proved right when Maxine and Earl’s relationship ends in tragedy.

Tom Clarkson (English/Head of Pastoral Care) played by Jason Done

Tom’s a laid back popular teacher but the new term sees Tom’s good nature and patience pushed to their limits with arrival of the Kelly family “from Hell”. Not only does Tom have to see them in school each day but the family are also Tom’s new next-door neighbours. Tom shares his home with his partner and colleague, Davina Shackleton. He also plays single dad to Chlo, the daughter of his previous partner, Izzie Redpath, who was murdered on the school grounds two years previously. The Kellys make his life more and more unbearable, leaving him questioning his position as Head of Pastoral Care and his ability to refrain from assaulting the worst member of the Kelly crew.

Eddie Lawson (Mathematics, Deputy Head) played by Neil Morrissey

Eddie Lawson (early 40s) is charismatic and an inspirational teacher with a genuine passion for the job. Eddie has a natural authority and the pupils know not to cross him, but underneath he’s warm and self-deprecating. He has a down-to-earth approach to teaching but he’s also not afraid of change. He’s also a strong believer in inclusion, which Waterloo Road is keen to embrace, and an expert on vocational education – believing it can really deliver the goods. Eddie’s own experience at school has given him a natural empathy with the “difficult kids” and he can handle himself in the classroom. Eddie still nurtures high hopes for a relationship with Rachel. That is until his head is turned by a new member of staff – Rachel’s sister Melissa.

Rachel Mason (Head Teacher) played by Eva Pope

Head Teacher Rachel has never been afraid to take risks to deliver quality education to the poorest sectors of society – and she has a passion for transforming the lives of working class kids. However, scarred physically and mentally from the fire at the end of the last term, and having faced a co-ordinated campaign from parents and the Governing Body to oust her following the revelations about her past, Rachel’s had to battle – once again – to prove her worth. Rachel likes to keep her private life private but she was starting to let her guard down with Deputy Head Eddie Lawson. However, she rejects him – no-one’s going to be getting close to her scars, whether external or internal anytime soon.

AGE: 25

Ruth was born in the South East of Spain and when she screamed loudly during the birth, the doctors said she would be a singer.

At the age of one, Ruth loved the film Anne and would sing along in English, even though she had no idea what the words meant. Her mother nurtured Ruth’s love of music by playing music and dancing with her. Ruth was six when she first heard Monserat Caballet, an opera singer in Spain and she started to sing opera when her mother bought her Monserat’s album. Ruth imitated her vocals until she was pith perfect to the iconic Spanish opera singer.

At twelve years old, Ruth moved to America with her family and this was the first time Ruth had the opportunity to get involved with music at school. She took every music, theatre, dance and choir lesson going and all of her teachers encouraged Ruth, she was put into competitions and played lead roles in My Fair Lady and Phantom of the Opera. The family moved back to Spain when Ruth was 16 and although Ruth had some singing lessons by this point, she had to give them up due to the financial difficulties her family were having. Ruth gave up on her dream as it was becoming clear that it would never be something that would pay the bills.

Ruth was approached by a rock band when she was 19 this was a new challenge because she had only ever sung classical music. Ruth made the decision that she would give up her job at the family business and follow her dream once again. The band became very close as the toured Spain and Ruth stayed with them for 3 years. After playing countless hotels and bars the group decided to split up.

Ruth now dates the guitarist, Juanma and the duo landed a permanent contract for Polaris World where as well as performing, Ruth works as a PR consultant and Juanma is the director of entertainments.


AGE: 26

Rachel is the oldest of three children and since the age of 5 yrs old has always had the dream to be a singer. Her parents split up when she was 9 yrs old and after that she lost control and direction. At the age of 13 yrs old she had the first of 5 children and life spiralled out of control, problems with drugs led to a spell in prison and eventually 3 of her children were taken into care. After the birth of her 4th child she was determined to change her life for the better and now looks after her youngest two children.

Music has always been important to Rachel and from an early age she sang in her school choir or at Sunday school. At the age of 13 yrs old she won a ghetto blaster for coming first in a signing competition performing Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love Of All’.

She grew up listening to Reggae music (inspired by her Jamaican parents) and tries hard to sing every day. She’s only ever had one music lesson in her life and everything else is self taught.

Rachel currently lives in London with her two youngest children and rates music as the saving grace during the hard times in her life.

Rachel’s family have been so supportive of her, people she hasn’t seen in ages are getting back in touch and she’s recognised in the street. Her kids are really excited and proud of her too which means the absolute world to Rachel.


AGE: 38

Daniel Evans, 38 yrs old from Essex has almost applied to be on The X Factor every year since it’s been on the TV screens but never actually gone through with it. This year he decided to take the plunge because he believes life is too short, especially after the tragic death of his wife last year just after the birth of their 15 month old baby girl, Ana Maria.

Daniel, who has two older brothers is currently a pool cleaner living in Spain but does whatever he can to make money for his little girl and himself.

He’s had a love of music from an early age and in his early teens experimented with a variety of different musical instruments until he settled on the organ (which he never thought was cool though!)

He played the organ in his Dad’s band (they played 60’s and 70’s music across the country in working men’s clubs) until he decided in his late teens that he’d like his weekends back to spend more time with his friends and his girlfriend of the time.

He didn’t realise he could sing until after his Dad’s death when he sang on Karaoke and people commented that he had inherited his Dad’s voice and should try singing.

His wife who passed away last year had always wanted him to audition for the show so this year he decided to go for it and his story touched all four of the Judge’s hearts.

He came to the audition with his mum who fully supports him and would love him to win as it would give him a great direction in life, especially after the sad loss of his wife who so dearly wanted to see him perform on The X Factor.


AGE: 20

Alexandra has four brothers and a sister and lives with her mum (ex Soul to Soul singer) in North London.

Alexandra started singing at the age of 5 yrs old and when she was 9 yrs old she was passed the microphone at one of her mother’s gigs. Everyone loved her and from that moment onwards she was hooked on performing. At the age of 12 years Alexandra entered Star for a Night. She was the youngest person in the competition and was beaten to first place by Joss Stone.

Alexandra used to be in the school choir and when she left school, she tried to pursue a career in music. In 2005, Alexandra’s auditioned for The X Factor and got through to the Judges Homes stage. However, Louis Walsh decided she was too young and her X Factor journey ended.

Alex has had no professional vocal training and learnt to sing from her mother and CD’s. Recently she went on tour with Young Voices, a charity that raises money for children with Leukaemia, with them she has performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Dublin Point Theatre and the MEN Arena.

Alexandra feels she is not getting where she wants to with her music career at the moment and is hoping her second chance at X Factor stardom will give her career the lift she so desperately wants.


AGE: 17

Diana Vickers was born in Lancashire and has been singing since the age of 11. She has had singing lessons and has always taken part in local competitions but she has never gigged and she has never done anything professionally. Diana is currently studying Theatre Studies, Classics and Psychology and her plan is to go to Drama School to study Musical Theatre.

Fame doesn’t bother her Diana, she just wants to be up there doing something that she loves and have people watch her perform. She feels like if she doesn’t do it now she will let her studies take over and she will go to university and never go for it.
Diana has a real passion for music and believes she has a quirky, different voice that she’s hoping the Judges and The X Factor viewers will like.


AGE: 17

Born in Manchester, Laura has been singing and playing the piano since she was a little girl. She has never had a professional lesson but at the age of 15 yrs old, she started singing in Jazz Bars. Her dad acts as her agent and she has been doing this for the past six years. At 17 yrs old, Laura won a radio competition where she got the chance to sing in front of an audience of 15,000 people when Peter Kay switched on the Bolton Christmas lights.

A year ago, Laura started writing her own music and singing her own songs and after receiving good feedback on her MySpace site, Laura decided to enter The X Factor.

Laura is studying creative writing at university and currently lives at home with her parents, brother and sister. Her dad runs a builders merchant and even though her mother runs a beauty salon, Laura has never been tempted to go down this route. She feels blessed with her family that she has as their huge support, they have always helped her out financially and her dad has been going to gigs with her since she was 15. Her greatest supporter was her uncle but sadly he passed away a few months ago – she wants to do well in The X Factor for him.


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