AGE: 19

Scott was born in Manchester and lives with his parents, two brothers and one sister. Scott used to want to be an actor but music soon became his passion when he got on stage at 11 yrs old and sang karaoke for the first time. Karaoke soon became an obsession and Scott entered numerous talent shows and singing competitions at school – winning them all. Scott started performing on the pubs and clubs circuit from the age 14 yrs old but after dropping out of drama college due to lack of funds, Scott started a job at Pontins.

Scott had been working as a Bluecoat since January this year but even though he enjoyed it, when Scott got to the Bootcamp stage of The X Factor, Scott packed it in to pursue his life-long ambition.

Scott has never had a singing lesson although two years ago he was among 14 others who sang on a charity single for Wish Upon A Star, released in Manchester. They recorded the song in a studio and he felt like a star for a day.

Scott’s friends and family are behind Scott and the local pub is covered in banners showing support for Scott’s dream.


AGE: 16

Eoghan grew up in Derry, Northern Ireland and is currently studying for his GCSE’s. He lives at home with his two younger brothers and his parents who are really supportive of his dream and believe he has got The X Factor.

Singing since the age of two along to Disney cartoons, Eoghan would love to be the male equivalent of Irish Leona Lewis. He found his voice whilst singing with the school choir and from then on, sang all the lead roles in the school musicals. Justin Timberlake is Eoghan’s idol and he got to the finals of Irish School Stars in their Eyes two years ago.

Eoghan enjoys school but constantly thinks about music and is determined to put the small town where he lives on the map!


AGE: 21

Essex born, Austin first starting singing when he was very young and at school, he enjoyed taking part in musical theatre and amateur dramatics. After leaving school, Austin found an agent and has had appearances in Snatch, The Bill, Casualty and other TV programmes.

At 17 yrs old, Austin was part of a boyband called Five Boys . During this time, they supported Lemar, Westlife, Shola Ama, Girls Aloud and the Blazing Squad. The band unfortunately didn’t get anywhere so they split and when Austin auditioned for Mc Fly, he was upset to be told he was too ugly. After another failed attempt with another band, Austin took part in Boys will be Girls E4 TV show. They released one song which was released on the E4 website.

Most recently, Austin has been a member of a glam rock band called The Revamps who have been performing locally and taking part in charity events.

Last year, Austin made it through to the Bootcamp stage of the competition and this year, he wants to prove to Simon that he can go all the way.



JLS is a four member boy band featuring Marvin Humes, Jonathan Gill, Oritse Williams and Aston Merrygold

Marvin Humes
AGE: 23

Marvin was born in South-East London and started singing at the age of five. He attended a professional performance school 3 times a week as well as attending a regular school for his education. After finishing school, a chance meeting with Simon Webb gave Marvin the opportunity to hand over one of his demo tapes. Weeks later Marvin audition for Simon and was asked if he wanted to join VS (a group Simon Webb was putting together). After six months of rehearsing and recording, VS were signed to Innocent Records and they went to support Blue on two national tours. Their first release went to number 7, the second went to number 11 and their third release went to 23. Unfortunately VS lost their deal and Marvin contemplated leaving the music industry and started selling property and land abroad. Marvin looks back on this time as a massive reality check, “I had to swallow my pride” Marvin understands that the pain he felt back then is something that has made him stronger. He’s always looking to move forward and was ecstatic to receive a call from Oritse inviting him to start up JLS.

Jonathan Gill (JB)
AGE: 21

JB grew up in Croydon and fell in love with music at the age of seven when he played the recorder, piano, flute and guitar. At the age of nine, he joined the choir and went onto perform at the local church. Singing was a past-time and JB concentrated his music and began studying at The Centre for Young Musicians (CYB). After leaving the CYM, JB stayed involved with the school music scene. He play Mercado in the play Mercado and was involved with the choir at school. He continued this until he was 15 but had to give it up due to the pressures from the school to concentrate on his promising Rugby career. At the age of 17, JB decided that he wanted to sing more and took up vocal coaching during a year out before attending university. During this period, JB was contacted by Oritse to try out for the band.

Oritse Williams
AGE: 21

Oritse has been singing since he was at school and at 15 yrs old, he would even perform on his school bus! Oritse studied for his A’ Levels in Nigeria with his father and would also spend time teaching the children in the villages to sing. It was in Nigeria that Oritse first sang in a recording studio when he was asked to lay some vocals down for a track he had written called Soul Woman. However, due to competition from another male solo artist, Oritse’s track was pulled from the stations playlist and his dream came to a standstill. Oritse was the school’s head-boy and was also involved in local charity group, Motherless Baby Home. Oritse loved being involved with his community and most of all singing with the villagers. After two years he moved back to the UK to live back with his mother in London. Oritse was introduced to a variety of different mentors when he joined a vocal academy whilst he was studying at university and Malcolm Connell trained him vocally and was the person who encouraged him to form JLS.

Aston Merrygold
AGE: 20

Aston grew up in Peterborough dreamed of being a footballer. At secondary school, he represented England for the European Youth Games in 2004 but soon after discovered he had a nerve disorder in his left foot and had to give up sport. When Aston was 14, his mother applied for him enter Kids Stars in their Eyes and appeared as Michael Jackson in 2002 singing Rockin’ Robin. Aston performed in all of his school productions and after finishing school in 2004, he was cast in a new TV show called Fun Song Factory. Aston met Marvin whilst auditioning for a TV advert and he was invited to come along and try out for JLS. Since joining the band, Aston moved to London to be closer to the other members of JLS.

Mentored by: Louie Walsh

Girlband are a four piece girl group featuring Tita Lau, Marisa Billitteri, Layla Manoochehri and Phoebe Jay Lau.

Tita Lau
AGE: 19

Tita from Bristol is one of the founder members of Girlband. For years she tried to make it in the music industry and often bumped into (or auditioned against) Layla. After a while they both decided to form a group and see if they stood a better chance as a girlband (as opposed to solo artists), they also recruited Tita’s younger sister and a local friend Marisa and Girlband was born.
Before Girlband Tita spent numerous years trying to break into the music industry and had semi success with a band called Glitzzi Girlz (they supported Blue in a few concerts). Tita claims her mum’s support has always helped her determination to follow her dream.

Marisa Billitteri
AGE: 19

Marisa from Bristol claims to be the quietest member of the group and still lives with her family (including older sister)
Whilst at school between the ages of 16-17 years old, she was badly bullied by a gang of girls.
She has been singing for over 12 years and tried out for many singing competitions including local events and a Disney Channel event called Star Ticket in 2003. After meeting the girls at various music auditions over the years she joined them to form Girlband and The X Factor was their first audition together.

Layla Manoochehri
AGE: 22

Layla from Birmingham has been singing for over 20 years and has the most musical experience of the girls within the group. She’s been a song writer (co written a song for Lisa Stansfield), recorded a rock album in Germany, supported Blue on tour and entered the first series of Pop Idol and reached the final 50.
She, like Tita had enough of never getting any major success as solo artists in the music industry so decided to form a girlband together to see what they could achieve together.
Layla is close to her family and both her brothers are football players, she claims to be the small cute one of the band!

Phoebe Jay Lau
AGE: 17

Phoebe from Bristol is the youngest member of the group and Tita’s younger sister, she claims to be the excitable/giggly one!
She was due to start a Business course at University in October but has decided she will defer for now and concentrate on the band and their X Factor journey.

Mentored by: Louie Walsh

Bad Lashes is a four piece girl group featuring Stacey Lincoln, Sophie Wilson Emily McNamee and Sam Bennett.

Stacey Lincoln
AGE: 20

Stacey auditioned as a solo artist for The X Factor during it’s very first series when she was 16 yrs old but was told her nerves got the better of her and that she was too young. After this knock back she decided she wouldn’t apply again and it wasn’t until Bad Lashes formed that the girls managed to persuade her to audition again but this time as group. Stacey is so glad she did as her confidence has come back and she’s really excited about their possible X Factor journey and what it may hold. As well as music Stacey used to be a keen horse show jumper which she competed in nationally, reaching 9th in the country. Her family are hugely supportive of her and the group and she singles out her mum as being ‘her rock’. Stacey is known as the sweet one of the group, the rest of the girls call her posh spice!

Age: 23

Sophie from Hartlepool met the girls at theatre school and bonded with them straight away. For years she’s tried to break into the music world, auditioning, cold calling etc but never had any success, she believes as a strong girl group they might stand a better chance. Her granddad was a singer years ago and Sophie claims he’s her inspiration and whom she thinks she gets her talent from. She currently sings in clubs in her local area and would call herself a Jazz style singer, a few years ago she sang in a Memorial Day choir in front of The Queen at the Royal Albert Hall which is something she’s very proud of. Sophie would describe herself as the chatty one of the group. Like the others girls, Sophie comes from a close knit family and all her family (inc brother and sister) are very proud of her including her boyfriend of 6 years.

AGE: 19

Emily from Durham prides herself on coming from a really close family who are really supportive of her musical dreams. She has always been interested in music and has auditioned for various music events over the years. Two years ago she auditioned for The X Factor as a solo artist and made the final 30 but felt she was a little out of her league and didn’t progress any further.
It was Emily’s idea to put the band together and she immediately enlisted fellow best mate Sam to join her, they met Stacey through friends and went to theatre school with Sophie. The other girls claim she’s the flirty, pretty one of the group.
To gain life experience Emily applied for a business bank loan a few years ago to start up her own café in her home town and currently runs a successful coffee shop – her mum has promised to help run the shop whilst Emily is on her X Factor journey!

AGE: 21

Sam from Durham never felt she had a good singing voice until her mum and fellow girlband friends persuaded her to join the group. Although the other girls claim she’s the loud one of the group Sam feels she’s the person who lacks the most confidence. Sam calls herself a toilet singer but her family are very proud of her and her confidence and voice is growing every time she performs with the girls in Bad Lashes. Although they were all friends before Sam feels that the group is making them a stronger unit together and their friendship is flourishing.

Mentored by: LOUIS WALSH

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