What did you think of The Singing Souls on Britain’s Got Talent?

NAME Fabia Cerra
Age: 35
FROM: Oxford
JOB: Homemaker/ Author/ Beauty Therapist/ Dancer
TALENT Burlesque dancing

Fabia got into burlesque last October when she took a 4 week taster course. Having been a disco dancer as a child, she wanted to dance again and also try to lose some weight. She absolutely loved it; it made her feel sexy and fun and really boosted her confidence. Since the course she has been teaching herself at home, dancing around the living room. She applied to the show because she wants to go out there and show everyone what she’s got. She wants to prove that you don’t have to be a size 8 to do burlesque and that big girls can be just as sexy. She would like to inspire other girls to gain the confidence she has.

Fabia lives in Oxford with her partner of 8 years Dougie and their son Leone (4).

Simon– YES Oh my God! ; I absolutely adore you!
Amanda – YES for curvaceous woman everywhere, you made a point!
Piers – YES Come to Daddy! You are my type of woman

MEMBERS AND AGES: Estelle Evans 38, Giles Evan 42, Elliot Evans 13, Georgia Evans 7, Olivia Evans 6.
FROM: Coventry
TALENT: Singers

There is never a quiet moment with this family, each of them a performer and not afraid to prove it! Giles & Estelle both have been gigging with function bands for the last 15 years meaning the kids have always grown up with them singing and it’s rubbed off on all three who would individually all love to be professional singers.

Simon – YES. You are fantastic! (to little boy Elliott); Here’s the bad news – Mum and Dad; mum and dad you need to take a back seat role; the family collectively cant win – he can!
Amanda – YES. The whole family raised the roof; should do it altogether, but obviously mum and dad step back
Piers – YES. You should go on own (to Elliott), get rid of family; I don’t just think he’s good he’s incredible

AGE: 48
FROM: Blackburn, West Lothian Scotland
JOB: Church volunteer
TALENT: Singer

48 year old church volunteer Susan Boyle comes from West Lothian in Scotland. She lives at home with her cat Pebbles and has never been married, or kissed! Susan has been singing since she was 12 years old and regularly attends her local church and helps them out however and whenever she can.  For her audition on BGT she chose to sing I Dream A Dream from Les Miserables.

Simon – YES I knew the minute you walked on the stage – something amazing – I’m always right; head held high
Amanda – YES everybody was against you, biggest wake up call! I love doing this show
Piers – YES Biggest surprise I’ve had on the history of the show; going see a lot more

NAMES: Demetrios and Michalakis Andreas (aka Lagi) Demetriou
AGE: 41 and 12
FROM: North London
JOB: Electrical Company Director and student
TALENT: Comedy dancers

Demetrios and Michalakis are father and son and describe their act as two fat versions of Michael Flatly with a Greek element. This act originates from when Demetrios owned a Greek restaurant 7 years ago. In the restaurant he would provide entertainment to his customers after their meal. He took centre stage and would perform acts such as Stavros Flatly. His son occasionally visited the restaurant, however he had only heard what his dad did, he had never saw the act.

Demetrios noticed an advert for the show and thought it would be funny to enter. Michalakis said that “if you enter dad I’ll do it with you”. Demetrios has been teaching Micalakis their routine and he’s picked up all the moves extremely quickly, considering he’s only ever danced at weddings & parties! This will be their first big performance and Demetrios is extremely proud of his son. They both love it and think it’s the funniest thing they have ever done together.

Demetrios 40 and Michalakis 12 live in Enfield with wife Karen 39 and daughter Elle 11.

Simon– YES. This is one of my favourite ever dance acts, fantastic!
Amanda– YES. I can actually see you winning this show;
Piers – YES. That was one of the best acts on the show this year

What did you think of Manjit Singh on Britain’s Got Talent?

MEMBERS AND AGES: x10 in total:
Marlon Wallen 24, Anthony Duncan 27, Nathan Kabongo 20, Paul Samuels 20, Allan Kabeja 23, Christian Alozie 24, Leroy Dias Dos Santos 24, Simon Smith 21, Paul Steadman 32, Nathan Gordon 23.
FROM: London
TALENT: Street Dancing

Flawless aged 20 – 30 have 11 members and are currently one of the biggest dance troupes in the UK and were formed 4 years ago by Marlon the choreographer and main dancer. They have entered the competition to show that Britain has got talent and does have talented dance groups that are better than the Americans. And the guys want to inspire children from problem communities to channel their aggression and energy into something positive.

Their main moto is ‘chase the dream, not the competition’. The group themselves come from North London that houses a lot of crime and negativity so they want to show that through dance they have managed to stay focused and followed their dreams. The group would love to become a brand and believe there are no limits in what they can achieve. In 2005 they won UK dance championships and in 2006 won the World Championships and said it was their proudest moment to date. Marlon and the rest of the lads would love to win the £100,000 and set up their own little dancing empire where they could teach children and help build there confidence in day to day situations.

Simon – YES. You have made this competition worthwhile, one of the best thing I’ve seen in my life;
Amanda – YES A jaw-dropping performance, best group of the last three years;
Piers – YES I have never felt as excited as I have right now about you lot

Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly met at the age of thirteen on the set of the hit BBC children’s drama, Byker Grove. Their characters, PJ and Duncan, were mates in the show and Ant & Dec soon became firm friends in real life.

In 1993 the series led to the guys signing a record contract and over the course of four years notching up fourteen top twenty hits including ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’, Stepping Stone’ and ‘Shout’, not to mention three multi platinum albums and a shelf full of awards. British, European then World tours followed until they called time on their music career in 1997.

Alongside their music career the guys continued making TV shows. The BAFTA award winning ‘Ant & Dec Show’ ran on BBC1 for two series before they crossed to Channel 4 to make ‘Ant & Dec Unzipped’ which also won a British Academy Award.

In Autumn ’98 their own company, Ant & Dec Productions, launched SM:TV Live and CD:UK, mixing music, comedy and cartoons and co-hosted with Cat Deeley. The show won over fifteen awards, was a massive ratings hit and became the first Saturday morning show to beat the BBC in six years.

In December 2000 Ant & Dec signed an exclusive contract with ITV1 and went on to host a variety of shows alongside SM:TV & CD:UK including ‘The BRIT Awards’ and ‘Comic Relief’.

After leaving SM:TV and CD:UK at the end of 2001, the following year saw them present the BAFTA award-winning ‘Pop Idol’, the format that went on to become a world wide hit. They also returned to acting and filmed a special episode of one of Britain’s best loved sitcoms, ‘A Tribute To The Likely Lads’. In addition to this they re-wrote and recorded the official World Cup anthem for the England Football team, ‘We’re On The Ball’, which reached No.3 in the UK single charts.

In June of 2002 the lads returned to Saturday night TV when they launched a brand new prime time ITV1 show – ‘Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’, where viewers were asked not to just watch the advert breaks but also win them! The series has since gone from strength to strength – running for nine series and picking up every award going.

Another major project was ‘I’m a Celebrity…. Get Me Out Of Here’. Launched in 2002 and based in the Australian rain forest, the two week programme proved another runaway success with Ant & Dec earning critical acclaim for their observational comedy and presentation. This has run for eight series and continues to be a major annual event in the TV calendar.

Autumn 2005 saw the lads host ‘Ant and Dec’s Gameshow Marathon’ as part of ITV’s 50th birthday celebrations. They also formed a new production company, Gallowgate, which co-produced the hugely successful ‘All- Star Cup’ for Sky One, a celebrity version of golf’s Ryder Cup that featured among others, Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.

In summer 2005, Ant & Dec took time out from television to make their first feature film ‘Alien Autopsy’. The film, which launched in April 2006, took well over £2 million at the box office and also hit number one in the DVD/video chart in its opening week.

Following the film’s release Ant & Dec were asked to exclusively interview Princes Charles, William and Harry for the ‘50th Anniversary celebrations of the Princes Trust’. This interview went out in over 20 countries worldwide. May 2006 saw the lads present another new format, ‘Soccer-Aid’, where a celebrity and Legend England team lead by Robbie Williams took on a ‘Rest of the World Team’ lead by Gordon Ramsey. A week long build up culminated in a three hour live final at a packed Old Trafford, which rated over a 30% share on ITV1.

2006 saw their production company Gallowgate grow from strength to strength with the appointment of ex-Planet 24 boss Ed Forsdick as Managing Director. This appointment coincided with the commissioning of the ‘All-Star Cup’ for a 2nd run, but this time on ITV1 and with the boys presenting. The company was also commissioned by ITV to produce ‘Pokerface’, an entertainment gameshow show made by talkbackTHAMES in association with Gallowgate. The show, an original idea from Ant and Dec, ran in a primetime slot and was stripped across a week in July to fantastic critical acclaim with the eventual winner taking home a staggering £1million.

The second series of ‘Pokerface’ ran on seven consecutive Saturday nights throughout February and March 2007, once again winning plaudits from all areas of the industry. The show is currently being sold around the world through Fremantle Media.

June 2007 saw the duo launch another giant entertainment format for ITV1, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. The show was billed as Britain’s search for the country’s best amateur talent act, featuring singers, dancers, comedians, variety acts, and other talents of all ages, with the eventual winner receiving the opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance in front of The Queen. The first series ran for nine consecutive nights drawing in massive ratings and huge praise for Ant & Dec, with the final peaking at 11.2 million viewers.  In 2008 Ant & Dec hosted a second series of the hit format, with the final peaking at 60% of the viewing audience, becoming the highest rated entertainment programme of the decade alongside ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”.

July saw the duo’s US television debut on the ABC show ‘Wanna Bet’, a new game show based on the massive German TV hit ‘Wetten Das’.

Since their move into peak time entertainment, Ant and Dec and their shows have won a staggering twelve National Television Awards (including Most Popular Entertainment Presenters for the last eight years in a row), six British Comedy Awards, two BAFTA’s and a variety of other industry accolades.

Ant & Dec have been signed exclusively to ITV1 in the UK for the last eight years. In 2007 the duo re-signed to the channel until the end of 2009. The pair were also found to be the most watched television presenters of 2008 in the UK. Media agency MPG found that Ant & Dec were seen at least once by 51% of the UK population.

The rest of 2009 will see Ant & Dec host a third series of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, release of their first autobiography in September and return to the jungle for the ninth series of ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’.

Thursday 23rd April 3.10pm

Drama about a trio of media figures who attempt to rock the fashion industry with an incriminating exposé. A prominent gossip columnist enlists the help of a boutique owner and a TV reporter as she plans to reveal the illegal inner dealings of the rag trade. When the columnist is found dead, the suspicious boutique owner investigates, following a trail that leads her to the Mafia underworld.

Jorge Montesi
Connie Sellecca, Beau Starr, Frank Pellegrino

Dear Simon,  I just saw the “Banged Up Abroad” about you and my husband and I immediately got out our laptops to see if we could find out anything further on-line.  My search led me here and if I’m doing things correctly it looks as though you’ve been allowed to go home.  I pray this is true because you appear to be a solid person who never deserved what happened to you.  Just know that there are many people out here who are thinking of you and want so badly to help Please let me know if you there is anything further that needs to be done.  Be well.  Peace.   NancyJ


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