The Sunday Mirror today reports that EastEnders actor Neil McDermott – who plays Ryan Malloy – has apologised to his wife Michelle for having had a one night stand with a 16 year old girl.

The paper states that Neil slept with the girl “just weeks” after Michelle gave birth to their daughter in January.

In a statement issued via the paper, Neil said, “I am so sorry: To my wife, daughter and our family for this betrayal.

“I love my wife and family dearly and I’m distraught that my life is now in tatters due to a stupid mistake.

“I’ve caused heartache to those I love most which I deeply regret. This was a one-off incident but I’ve let myself down as well as my wife and everyone who knows me.

“Now I just need privacy and time to do all I can to rebuild my family.”

It seems that his one night stand with the girl happened after he made a personal appearance at Glam nightclub in Teeside. And a friend of Neil’s told the paper, “Neil is absolutely devastated. He cannot believe he has been so stupid.

“This is not the way he usually behaves and he won’t make a mistake like this again.”

McDermott’s agent was apparently “not available for comment today”.

More EastEnders news soon.

The Daily Star Sunday reports today that Cheryl Cole’s dream of being on the judging panel for the US X Factor is in “tatters” after being told that her accent is too strong to be understood by American audiences.

The paper adds that she simply isn’t “well known enough” in the States to take on such a high profile role on the new show.

It goes on to state that Cheryl has been offered a “Sinitta role” in as much as she would help Simon choose which acts to put through to the live rounds after the auditions stage is complete.

A source told the paper, “Simon really wanted Cheryl on the panel with him but it’s been an unwinnable battle.

“People just don’t know who she is over there and people struggle to understand what she’s saying.

“Simon is consoling her with the offer of helping him win the first series, which would give her profile a massive boost.

“The fact is she’s got a decision to make.”

Cheryl has reportedly been attending meetings with executives from Fox – who will host The X Factor in America – while spending her free time with Derek Hough at a villa the pair have rented.

More US X Factor news soon!

Upsetting news from EastEnders this morning is that Sid Owen – who of course plays Ricky Butcher – has revealed that he’s to “take a break” from the show and has given notice to the show’s execs.

I’m gutted! Mostly because I have quite a crush on Sid 😉

He will apparently leave in the summer, and though a BBC spokesperson told the Mirror that the break would be “short” there was no information forthcoming about Sid’s return.

The spokesperson said, “Sid will be taking a short break from filming but we fully expect to see Ricky and Bianca return to Albert Square in 2012, when Patsy also returns.”

In a statement, Sid explained that he wants to focus on his charity work for the next few months.

He said, “I will be taking a break from EastEnders so that I can dedicate more time to Drop 4 Drop, a charity to help alleviate the global water crisis in the developing world.

“Ricky will definitely be returning to Walford at some point next year.”

But before he goes, Ricky has several storylines to play out, including being caught by police in a red light district as he searches for runaway Whitney.

Whitney – played by Shona McGarty – has of course been befriended by newcomer Rob – Jody Latham – and he’ll force Whitney into a life of prostitution and drug taking, from which Ricky is desperate to save her.

The police will let him go when they discover he’s telling the truth, with the storyline reaching a conclusion around the time of the annual Comic Relief telethon.

More ‘Enders news soon!

The Sun reports today that the schedule for this year’s X Factor auditions is in “chaos” after it was revealed that auditions have been planned at London’s O2 arena on April 29th, which is of course the day of the Royal wedding.

The wedding venue – and crowds – will be just five miles away from the arena, and as part of the wedding security, airspace around London will be restricted and the use of two-way radios prohibited.

A show source told the paper that X Factor bosses had “a massive headache” over the clash.

In other news, Cheryl Cole has been criticised for the fact that she hasn’t continued to mentor her three acts this year, while Dannii and Louie have maintained contact with their protégés.

The Sun reports that Rebecca Ferguson, Katie Waissel and semi-finalist Cher Lloyd haven’t heard from Cheryl at all since last year’s X Factor ended.

The paper adds, “Simon Cowell has been guiding boyband One Direction. Dannii Minogue still advises champ Matt Cardle, and Louis Walsh has helped Irish singer Mary Byrne make an album, Mine & Yours, out next month.”

And speaking to the paper, Mary Byrne said, “Matt has heard from Dannii, I’m sure the boys have been in touch with Simon, but I know Cheryl hasn’t been in touch with any of the girls.”

More X Factor news soon!

Sherrie Hewson, who starred in Corrie as Maureen Holdsworth from 1993 to 1997, has accused one of her co-stars of attacking her and sustaining a campaign of fear against her during her time on the show.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Sherrie didn’t name the Corrie star who she says “lunged” at her in one incident, but it was apparently a “well known” member of the cast.

In explaining what happened, Sherrie said that when she went to the canteen at the show’s studios, the man in question terrified her.

She said, “This man suddenly jumped up and lunged at me. He started shouting – ranting at me that I had been spreading lies about him.

“I managed to stutter, ‘I haven’t, I haven’t’ – but then he grabbed me round the throat.

“Before I knew what was happening he had me up against the wall, almost throttling me, and getting hysterical.

“I was terrified. I couldn’t move and couldn’t have screamed because his hand was round my neck.

“His face was right up against mine and his eyes were full of hatred. I was starting to panic but at that moment someone else came into the room.

“He heard their footsteps, loosened his grip and then leaned in and kissed me. He made it look as if we were in a lovers’ clinch.”

Sherrie went on to say that after she rejected the man’s sexual advances, he became “angry and unpredictable.”

She added, “After he attacked me, he cooled towards me. I think he realised he’d gone too far but I was still scared if he was anywhere near me.

“I never said a thing to anyone about it. It might sound strange but it was a different era.

“I was being harassed behind-the-scenes in the world’s most famous soap but I did nothing.

“I know if I’d ever reported it to my bosses at Coronation Street, they would have immediately taken action, but I never said a word.

“My self-esteem was very low and I thought I’d brought it all on myself. I’m sure they’ll be horrified to read about it now because they would never have condoned it.”

Sherrie is currently promoting her autobiography which is entitled, ‘Sherrie: Behind The Laughter’. The book goes on general sale on March 3rd, and in it, Sherrie recalls many memories from her time on Corrie, and she writers fondly about working with Ken Morley, who played her on-screen husband Reg.

Do you have any ideas about who the “attacker” is?

More Corrie news soon!

It’s been reported today that both Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell will be leaving the UK X Factor this year in order to concentrate on the US version…

However, some media outlets are questioning the report in light of Simon’s appearance on a US talk show in which he dismissed the reports of his leaving the show.

The News of the World reported that he and Cheryl were leaving the show, and quoted a show insider as saying, “Simon would have to produce two big shows at the same time and he and Cheryl would have to mentor and judge acts in both countries.

“It would just be too much for them.”

However, while on the talk show, Simon said that he will still star in both shows. And Simon’s spokesperson also dismissed the paper’s report as “complete speculation.”

Meanwhile, it’s also being reported that both Dannii Minogue and Louie Walsh fear for their job on the show in light of the issue of whether Simon and Cheryl may no longer be a part of it.

Female First magazine reports Louie told a friend, “He’s [Simon] driving me insane! The show is going to crumble to pieces.

“I am meant to have a two-year contract but the way things are going I could be gone, too. “None of us have a clue if we’re going to be back for the new series or if the new series will even go ahead. We’re in total limbo.”

And another source said to be close to Walsh said, “Louis is really uptight about the whole thing.

“So is Dannii. Neither of them are happy with what’s happening.

“They feel Simon is obsessed with the American project now and he has no passion for what’s going on in the UK.

“It’s like there’s a big axe hanging over all their heads. Louis thinks the show could be ruined here.

“As if that wasn’t bad enough, Simon is only communicating with Cheryl over the whole thing.

“She’s the only one who seems to know what’s going on and that’s driving Louis and Dannii mad.”

More X Factor news soon.

Corrie star Brooke Vincent has angrily denied that she’s dating her co-star Ryan Thomas’ younger brother Scott.

Over the weekend, the Sunday Mirror reported that Brooke and Scott were an item, which is a rumour largely started by Ryan – who plays Jason Grimshaw – after he posted a video of the pair together on Twitter.

When he posted the video – which showed Brooke and Scott cuddling – Ryan commented, “Why can’t @tweedypie_b (Brooke) & @scottyspecial (his brother, Scott) just admit there a couple…..watch scotts hand on brookes arm in this video.”

A Corrie source told the Mirror, “Scott’s involved in the party scene in Manchester and Brooke bumped into him on a night out.

“It was obvious they fancied each other and they soon got together.

“And as Ryan is older than Scott he thinks it’s only natural that he gives his younger brother a bit of stick about it.

“They were a little bit annoyed when Ryan first posted the video on Twitter, but at least now there’s no point in them trying to hide things and they can start going out together openly as couple.”

And a friend of both Brooke and Scott added, “It’s early days at the moment but it’s obvious they really like each other.”

However, yesterday, Brooke used her Twitter account to deny that there is any romance between her and 22 year old Scott.

She tweeted, “Why Do Papers Chat So Much Shizzzleee!!!!! (sic). #sundaymirror Running Another Stupid Story About Me & [Scott] THAT’S NOT TRUE …..

“Its Called Avin Banter! Get OVER IT!!!!! Fools. I’m nt dating scott!!!!!!!!!! And as for jack…

“If the rumours about @jack_wilshere and @BrookeLVincent dating are true then I’m happy for them both they would make a cute couple.

“All People Need To Know Is The Sunday Mirror Is Chatting Rubbish…

“I’m Not Going Out With Scott Thomas Its All Jst Banter With Ryan [Thomas]! WOW.”

More Corrie news soon!

It’s been reported today that Corrie stars Vicky Entwistle and Katy Cavanagh were injured while filming a fight scene.

The Daily Mirror reports that the actresses – who play Janice Battersby and Julie Carp – were filming a scene inside the factory, and part of the scene called for Katy to throw a chair…

But it seems things went wrong when parts of the chair cut Vicky’s finger and “split” Katy’s lip.

A show insider told the paper, “She [Katy] sat there looking sorry for herself while Vicky soldiered on after being treated.

“It’s an all-action plotline and will make for terrific TV. Things were calmed down eventually…

“But the scenes will have to be re-filmed and Katy’s lip covered up to make it look normal again.

“Bosses take health and safety issues seriously and this should never have happened. There was a fight co-ordinator watching the action.”

We’ll see the fight scenes next month in the lead up to Janice Battersby’s exit from the Street.

In other news, Kym Marsh – who plays Michelle Connor – has revealed that she has been terrified that she may lose the baby girl she’s carrying.

You may recall that Kym’s baby Archie died in 2009, minutes after being born prematurely. Kym is now 26 weeks into her pregnancy, but she wrote about her fears for her baby in her New magazine column.

After stating that she and fiancé Jamie Lomas had been “scared” and “terrified”, Kym added, “I have been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, which is when your cervix is too weak to stay closed during pregnancy due to the extra weight of the baby.

“It can cause premature birth or late miscarriage.

“This time around I was a high-risk patient and I’ve been monitored closely.”

More Corrie news soon!

Corrie actress Kym Marsh has deleted her Twitter account due to the number of angry tweets she received over her remarks concerning the cast of Waterloo Road winning a National Television Award.

As we reported, on the night of the NTAs, Kym was tweeting live, and when Waterloo Road was revealed as winner of Best Drama, Kym tweeted, “Not being funny! Waterloo road??? X (sic)”

Following her tweet, her page was bombarded by fans of the show who angrily objected to her comments. And it seems the complaints have continued to fill her page, so last night, she decided to delete her account.

Hollyoaks actor Gerard McCarthy explained on his own Twitter page that Kym didn’t want to continue to deal with the “stress” of the fury of fans of the serial.

He tweeted, “Guys, just spoke to Lady Marsh…

“All is fine. She just decided to delete her account due to the NTA fiasco & people being nasty to her (sic).

“She is pregnant & her number one priority is her baby so it’s really not worth letting a handful of idiots cause her unnecessary stress.

“I will miss her Twitter banter.”

More Corrie news soon!

New BGT judge Michael McIntyre reduced a nine year old boy to tears by jokingly buzzing him off when the boy said Harry Hill was his favourite comedian.

Aspiring young comedian David Knight burst into tears after the buzz, and trying to recover himself, he told Michael, “Oh blimey, I was about to say you were my favourite!”

A shamefaced Michael told him, “It was a joke – but it wasn’t one of my best.”

Part of David’s upset was put down to the buzzer being so loud, which made him visibly jump. Michael later said of the dreaded buzzer, “The buzzer is so loud. I hope they edit that out. I don’t want to see him jumping out of his skin.”

However, The Sun reports that once the judges had seen young David’s act, he won them all over.

Michael told him, “I’m sorry. You’re a star in the making” and David Hasselhoff added, “You are not only the best nine-year-old comedian I have seen, you are the best comedian.

“You belong on that stage. I’ve never seen anyone intimidate Michael like that. I love you for it.”

The paper also reports that Michael is “fast becoming the new Simon Cowell” given that he’s quite ruthless with the buzzer.

One act stormed off stage when Michael buzzed him before he’d got to the chorus of the song he was singing.

The wannabe’s angry exit prompted Michael to joke, “He’s not the father of the young comedian, is he? That family hates me.”

More BGT news soon!

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