Kym Marsh faced an angry “backlash” last night after she tweeted that she was surprised Waterloo Road won an award for Best Drama at the NTAs last night.

Kym tweeted live throughout the show, and when the hit serial won the award, she tweeted, “Not being funny! Waterloo road??? X (sic)”

Her page was bombarded by angry responses from fans of the show, which prompted Kym to reply, “Why are people getting so personal to me cos I don’t like Waterloo road?

“I’m not being personal to them less their in it! Bore off!! Ha x.

She later wrote, “Guys calm yourselves I’m not slagging Waterloo road I was simply saying that of the nominees I was surprised it win please calm down.

“My mates are in it and they ain’t offended so…….”

And in response to one particularly angry tweet, Kym replied “oh grow up! It’s not bitching it’s having an opinion no doubt like you have.”

Kym later concluded that all the Twitter followers who’d left angry tweets were “strange folk”.

Were you as surprised as Kym that Waterloo Road won? Or did you think they deserved the gong?

Following media reports yesterday that suggested Deena Payne was angry at the way her character, Viv Hope, had been written out of the show, she’s now revealed that she wasn’t angry, but rather “sad and disappointed.”

Deena told the Daily Mirror that she’d found the death scenes to be an “anti climax” and seemed angry at how Viv’s death was portrayed on the show.

However, while on This Morning, Deena explained the real story behind a headline that read “Viv’s Fury”.

She said, “Substitute that for ‘sad and disappointed’. I’m not furious or angry at all.

“I’ve loved my 18 years [at Emmerdale]. All good things have to come to an end and I’ve had such support from the viewers and everything.

“But I did think that maybe falling asleep on the sofa was a little bit cheating them of a good storyline.”

Deena went on to say that the news of her character being written out permanently didn’t come as a complete surprise…

She said, “In the last year or so, [Viv’s] character had slightly changed and taken more of a backseat route to it all.

“I was expecting my contract not to be renewed, so I wasn’t surprised. But I was a little bit shocked at how soon – they brought it forward to November.

“I thought maybe I’d have a couple of months in the New Year – that was a surprise.

“But I was told that I’d have a really big storyline, so when I read the script and I didn’t actually have anything to say, that was a surprise as well.

“That was a disappointment, and I was sad to leave everybody.”

Did you think Viv’s death could’ve been a tad more dramatic? I certainly did, especially as we didn’t see how Terry tried to save her!

The scenes ended with his going in to the burning shop, so I do think they could’ve expanded on that, but let us know your thoughts!

It’s been reported by various media outlets that the cast of EastEnders have been expressing their “unrest” at being part of the highly controversial baby death storyline…

However, the show’s bosses deny this and a spokesperson told Digital Spy, “There is no truth whatsoever in claims that there is unrest at EastEnders.

“Although, as we’ve said, some changes are being made to the current storyline.

“This means cast and crew working to tighter deadlines, but this is not out of the ordinary on a big production like EastEnders.

“The show does go on and everyone will be working together to bring this storyline to its rightful conclusion.”

However, some newspapers are still reporting that some of the show’s cast are considering leaving EastEnders by way of protest, and one of those cited was Shane Richie who of course plays Alfie Moon…

However, he’s denied the allegation and further added that rumours of a staff walkout were “nonsense”. Samantha Womack has also insisted that she isn’t leaving the show because of the plotline, and amid

rumours that she’s close to a “breakdown”, she told The Sun that this is not true.

She said, “I’m NOT having a breakdown. Please don’t make me look like I’m having a nervous breakdown.”

The paper also claims that EastEnders bosses plan to end the storyline by having Ronnie hand back Kat’s baby Tommy.

This will apparently happen on the day Kat and Alfie bury Ronnie’s baby James, believing him of course to be their child.

More ‘Enders news soon!

The Telegraph today reports that the founder of Mumsnet, Justine Roberts, has written to BBC bosses requesting a meeting with them to discuss the controversial cot death and baby swap storyline.

The plotline has caused thousands of viewers to complain about the way bereaved mothers are portrayed by the storyline.

Ms Roberts told the paper, “The mums who attend this meeting will probably be people who have suffered bereavement.

“They’re the ones who know how inaccurate this storyline is.

“Mumsnet is just the mouthpiece for mums on our site who have suffered that tragedy.”

The news of the request comes after EastEnders bosses revealed that they plan to conclude the storyline much earlier than was originally planned, and the writers are to end the plot with a “warm and tender” story.

Personally, I think this has got way out of hand and is bordering on the ridiculous. THESE ARE FICTITIOUS CHARACTERS!

I understand how mothers who’ve suffered bereavement themselves would be upset by the storyline, but come on; would any sane person really see this storyline and automatically assume it accurately reflects how a bereaved mother would act??

I think not.

I honestly do not understand how this level of hysteria has been reached over a soap storyline…

Did brunettes everywhere – especially those called Tracy – go nuts when Tracy Barlow clubbed Charlie Stubbs to death for fear they’d be branded murders, just like Tracy on Corrie was??

Is anyone called Andy in Yorkshire looked at funny if he has a box of matches in his hand?

Are all gay Christians called Sophie automatically going to be thought to be gay because Sophie Webster in Corrie is?

No, of course not, and I think parents such as those who’ve complained via Mumsnet should give the rest of us some credit for not being totally moronic and for not actually believing storylines in soaps reflect accurately real life.

We – most of us sane viewers anyway – do not believe real people act like soap characters, and personally, I find it offensive that these mums are assuming we’re all just that stupid.

It’s a soap, fiction, it’s not real. We know that, so please, get past this and stop fixating on what is in actuality NOT REAL!

It seems that Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks could be axed due to falling ratings and low viewing figures. And The Sun today states that when the new head of Channel 4, Jay Hunt, takes up her new role next week, she may make Hollyoaks the first of C4’s show to go.

A Channel 4 insider told the paper, “Jay wants to make her mark on the channel when she arrives and Hollyoaks is a definite target for her.

“There has been unease within Channel 4 for a while about the soap’s direction.”

The show’s bosses and its production company, Lime Pictures, have tried to breathe new life into the show with shock storylines including the return of Warren Fox and India Longford’s murder…

However it seems that these moves haven’t done enough to bring viewers back to the show.

The insider added, “Lime bosses are panicking that Jay Hunt will axe Hollyoaks as it is the biggest show they make.

“They hope that by changing producers and shaking things up it will give the show a new lease of life and prove to Jay that she should keep it.”

Yesterday, a C4 spokeswoman refused to confirm or deny that the show was facing the chop and said, “Hollyoaks remains an important part of the Channel 4 schedule.”

More Oaks news soon!

Auditions for BGT have always been a magnet to the sanity challenged, and it seems this year’s crop of wannabes is no different…

The Sun today reports that a man who was pretending to be a “giant pigeon” hurled himself violently at Amanda Holden – who’s of course pregnant – and had to be tackled to the ground by security staff.

The pigeon impressionist was 39 year old Phil Zimmerman who apparently “spooked” the panel and the audience as he strutted and squawked like a bird on the stage, however, things turned sinister after he received three rejections from the panel. It was then that he lunged at Holden.

A show insider said, “Amanda was really scared. “The guy was very strange and she was worried about what he was going to do when he tried to approach her.

“She was convinced he was going to grab her.”

It seems that nuttier than squirrel poo Phil reckons he was only trying to hand a flyer to the judges about his act.

Does it worry anyone else that nutters like him – and the fruitloop who evidently thinks Sam Womack is actually Ronnie Branning – are walking the streets??

More BGT news soon!

Sam Womack, who of course plays Ronnie Branning, was left shaken and upset when a member of the public yelled obscenities at her in the street over the current baby death storyline.

The Sun states that the unnamed person yelled “You’re a murdering ****” as Sam walked in a London street with her children, Benjamin, nine, and Lily-Rose, five.

As we reported yesterday, Samantha has quit the show amid speculation that she felt so strongly that the storyline was inappropriate and would upset viewers…

And if that’s the case, then she was certainly right as thousands of complaints have flooded into the BBC and Ofcom.

A show insider told the paper, “Samantha’s received such vile abuse this week…

“She was shouted at with her kids.

“Having to act that storyline was bad enough, having it filter into her home life is even more awful.”

The paper also states that a spokesperson for the charity that helped EastEnders’ writers come up with the storyline, FSID, said in a statement yesterday, “Ronnie’s behaviour is in no way endorsed by FSID as a typical, or even likely, reaction of a bereaved parent.”

More ‘Enders news soon!

It’s been revealed today that Samantha Womack – who of course plays Ronnie Branning – has quit EastEnders by way of protest about the cot death storyline that’s currently playing out on the show.

It seems she made her decision back in November when, having read the script and what was to come for Ronnie, she decided she couldn’t stay on with the show.

In her resignation letter, she apparently stated that she made her decision “as a mother first, and an actress second” as, like many thousands of viewers, she felt the cot death and ‘baby swap’ storyline was a step too far.

The Sun states that Sam – who has two children in real life – was offered “happier” plots for Ronnie and a pay rise when she handed her letter of resignation to bosses. She refused to back down though and will leave the show in May.

As was reported late last year, Sam had to call a halt to filming the cot death scenes as she became so upset while filming them. You can click here to read what Sam had to say at the time about the harrowing storyline.

A show insider told the paper, “The last couple of months at work have been awful for Sam.

“The first time she read the script, she thought it was wrong and pushed boundaries too far.

“It was such a sensitive issue, she knew it would cause a huge backlash.

“She wrote a letter on the day she read it and made it clear to bosses she thought it was wrong.

“They persuaded her to stay and film the scenes, but she will leave in May.

“It was draining for her filming the scenes and incredibly difficult emotionally.

“All she could think about was the reaction of parents, especially mothers, who had lost children to cot death.

“She saw the story as a mother first and an actress second, which made her realise things had gone too far.”

What do you think of Sam’s decision to quit?

According to The Sun today, both the BBC and ITV have received thousands of complaints about their respective New Year storylines in EastEnders and Coronation Street.

The BBC received more than two thousand complaints about the cot death storyline, and ITV has been slammed for airing what have been described as “inappropriate” lesbian storylines in Corrie.

Internet forums and chat rooms were inundated by viewers who objected to both the show’s plotlines, and for Corrie, the biggest objection was that the characters of Sophie and Sian were shown kissing passionately before falling into bed together.

But back to EastEnders, and The Sun quotes two of Throng’s readers as saying of the cot death and baby swap plotline, “I can’t believe that the writers would do this to Ronnie…”

“Having been an avid EastEnders fan for years, I will no longer watch it.”

As to the Corrie plotline which showed Sophie and Sian kissing then sleeping together, many viewers believe the storyline is an attempt to “glamorise” lesbianism.

One forum user wrote, “Two pretty teenagers that young girls will look up to”.

What do you think of these storylines?

Mums who’ve lost their babies to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) have branded EastEnders cot death storyline as “ridiculous” and “distressing” and have started several Facebook groups to express their anger at the plotline.

As viewers will no doubt be aware, on New Year’s Eve, Ronnie (Samantha Womack) will find her newborn baby James dead in his cot, and will ‘swap’ him for Kat’s baby Tommy.

The Sun reports that Ailsa Hichens, whose nine-month-old daughter Martha died last New Year’s Eve, said, “This ‘twist’ is ludicrous – and hurtful.

“People who watch it could look at mothers who have lost a child and think that they would snatch their baby. It’s distressing.”

And on one of the Facebook groups established to complain about the plotline, Julie Ann Harris says it will “undoubtedly upset parents and families who have suffered this loss”.

In response to anger about the plotline, EastEnders bosses decided to cut some of the more traumatic scenes, and they’ve also “toned down” the cries we’ll hear from Kat’s baby, Tommy.

An EastEnders insider said, “Bosses are keen to assure viewers that they’re not portraying Ronnie’s behaviour as typical of bereaved mothers.

“Regular viewers know she’s lost two children before this tragedy with James. She acts in a state of grief and shock.”

What do you think? Is this storyline just for the shock value, or will it genuinely reflect the agonies parents endure when their infant dies of SIDS?

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