The executive producer of EastEnders, Bryan Kirkwood, has defended the forthcoming Christmas and New Year storyline in which Ronnie Branning’s baby dies of cot death.

It seems that in the episode where the baby dies, we’ll see Ronnie holding her baby’s hand, which will be blue, and she’ll also be seen stroking the dead baby’s face.

The scenes are set to cause outrage and upset to some viewers, yet it seems Kirkwood believes it’s a valid and plausible plotline.

He said, “It’s high drama, which EastEnders has a 25-year history of delivering.

“We deliver big, big gritty stories that chime with the audience, and I think that’s what these stories do.

“It’s undoubtedly a bold storyline. I’m very proud of the episodes.

“We went to great pains to see that the babies are born in different circumstances and we took advice from a maternity nurse on how the story could come about in real life.

“We started the story-planning by asking, ‘How could this happen?’ I think there is an absolute believability to how the events unfold.

“We took great pains to make sure the rest of the episode showed a community with a lot of love.

“We see a lot of friendships, fun and festivities, and we hope these counter the inevitable darkness of this story.”

What do you think? Is this storyline just too miserable and morbid for the festive season? Or do you think it’s valid to air it as of course, these tragedies do happen in real life?

Let us know!

The controversy surrounding various newspapers alleging that last weekend’s phone vote and judges vote was “a fix”, yet more stories in the media today.

However, Simon Cowell has announced that there’s no question that any part of the show is fixed, and he told The Sun that neither he or the show’s producers have done anything wrong.

He added that he doesn’t know “the exact placings of the artists” in the phone votes until the end of each series.

And while discussing the sing-off between Mary Byrne and Cher Lloyd, he added, “There has always been a sing-off when there are five people left in the competition.

“This is a lot of nonsense about nothing.”

But the Daily Mirror claims that Mary told them the show is in fact “fixed.”

She said, “It’s not the show the public think it is. I knew the public had voted for me to stay on…

“And I actually thought the result would be based just on their vote.

“It was only on Saturday I discovered that there would be a sing-off where the judges decided.

“It’s obvious Simon didn’t want me in the final and I get that. I’m not as marketable to him as Cher so he was never going to put me through.

“They fixed it for me to lose. It didn’t matter what the public think.”

More X Factor news soon.

The News of the World today reports that Rebecca Ferguson is so sick of Cher Lloyd “throwing tantrums” that she put in a formal complaint about her to the show’s bosses.

The revelation came from an ex-boyfriend of Rebecca’s, Karl Dures, who’s also the father of her two children.

He claims that Rebecca first approached Simon Cowell to complain about Cher’s backstage dramatics.

He told the paper, “Becky’s tried her best with Cher. But enough is enough.

“She had to speak out as things were getting out of hand.

“Becky’s been going nuts over it and says Cher’s turned into a ‘right little mare’.

“Cher’s just a little devil. She freaks out about everything.

“Something upsets her and she just goes into one.

“Becky had a word with Cher but in the end had to take it to the top and appeal to Simon and Cheryl [Cole], telling them it was affecting the other contestants’ performances.

“Simon promised to read the riot act and sort Cher out. And Cheryl’s lectured her, telling her she must change.

“But Becky’s now decided the best way to deal with Cher’s antics is simply to leave the room.”

The paper also reports that Cher fell out with the show’s producers earlier in the week when she repeatedly forgot the words to her song.

Personally, I’m hoping Cher goes tonight. She gets more annoying week in week out!

Who do you want to see leave tonight?

The Daily Star today reports that The X Factor is in “meltdown” because two of the show’s semi-finalists, Mary and Matt, both have throat infections that may mean they have to pull out of this weekend’s shows…

And if that happens, then of course, the rest of the competition will be thrown into chaos, especially if the show’s bosses are forced to cancel this weekend’s shows.

The paper adds that Matt had to pull out of performing at “a secret gig”, and told the audience, “Sorry, I can’t sing tonight. I just have to hope my voice gets better for the weekend.

“There is not much else I can do.”

And though Mary did perform, she lost her voice afterwards.

Also, One Direction singer Zain Malik missed the gig – which was held for sponsors TalkTalk competition winners in London – after rushing home to Bradford “for personal reasons”.

An X Factor source told the paper, “Matt is putting a brave face on things but his voice is in bad shape and he could miss the semi-final.

“He’s really low because he’s desperate to be at his best for such a vital show.

“Mary and Matt have both been struggling with their throats for the past week.

“Matt was advised to rest his voice by doctors and so didn’t perform. Mary did sing but complained of a bad throat afterwards.

“At the moment we’re hoping they will be fit to appear but we just don’t know.

“It will be a disaster if they have to pull out.”

An X Factor spokesman added, “Matt and Mary have been told to rest their voices. We’re hoping they will both be fit for tomorrow night.”

On the subject of why Zain rushed home, the source wouldn’t reveal the reason, saying only it was because of a “family health matter”.

She added, “We are hoping he will be back to perform with One Direction tomorrow night.”

More X Factor news soon!

In an upcoming Corrie special of Come Dine with Me, The Sun reports that former Street actor Ken Morley shocked his fellow diners with his appalling behaviour.

Ken, who recently starred again as Reg Holdsworth for a Corrie spin-off DVD, stars in the special alongside Julie Goodyear, Tupele Dorgu and Phil Middlemiss.

The show was filmed as part of Corrie’s 50th anniversary celebrations, but it seems Ken managed to offend pretty much all of the other celebs.

The Sun reports that he broke wind, burped, spat and insulted various guests, including Tupele when he told her, “We thought you were from the escort agency!”

Tupele, not unreasonably, was furious at the remark, and told the paper, “He’s dribbled, I’ve been spat at and he’s farted.

“I never thought anybody could be so rude, offensive, insulting or inappropriate as Ken.”

Ken however said that his behaviour was “quite normal” but a show source said, “There’s been all sorts of behaviour on Come Dine With Me, but this beats the lot.”

You can see some of his outlandish behaviour for yourself when Come Dine With Me: Coronation Street Special airs on December 6 at 9pm on Channel 4…

Some people will do anything to get on telly won’t they?

As I predicted within days of Gillian McKeith’s screaming antics on I’m A Celeb, now she’s out, she’s going on tour with Lembit Opik to perform a stage show in which he’ll “attempt to cure her of her phobias” on stage.

You can read my article predicting that she would do exactly this here.

The Sun revealed the ridiculously un-cunning plan today, and Lembit told the paper, “She’s a lovely woman and it would be great to do something with her.

“Going on tour would be a great idea. I’d be very happy to do that – I do have to find work after all.”

He also revealed that he and Gillian plan to co-write a book about insects, so yet again, I was right on that score too.

He said, “We’ve been talking about writing a book called Insects Are My Friends.

“It would be a children’s book – but it could also help Gillian!”

But despite the fact that it was perfectly obvious that Gillian was faking all her panic attacks and fainting episodes just to line herself up with a new careers, she told the paper, “It was all real.”

I personally think she’s insulting the intelligence of the British public by doing this, because it was obvious from the get go what she was doing.

The Sun today reports that a fake Twitter “leak” about the results of the weekend’s phone vote – which said Cher was in the bottom three – caused the youngster to go into “meltdown” ahead of last night’s show.

The fake post stated that Cher and Rebecca were in the bottom three, along with Mary, and of course as it turned out, only Mary had to face the sing off.

A show source said, “Cher began worrying she’d be in the sing-off – something she didn’t want to go through again. Until last week she felt fearless and confident.”

And an X Factor spokesman insisted, “There is not a leak.”

In other news, after reports in a tabloid paper yesterday that Wagner Carrilho had bought cannabis at The X Factor studios, the police will apparently now want to question the singer.

And The Sun reports that as soon as the show’s furious bosses read the claims yesterday, they hauled Wagner into their headquarters’ offices for a “grilling.”

However Wagner denied the claims made by the paper, but a police spokesperson told the paper, “We take all allegations of drug dealing seriously.

“We’re monitoring the situation very closely.”

The police will reportedly be requesting evidence from The X Factor, Wagner and the journalists involved in order to track down the alleged dealer and another man who was seen in photographs which were taken outside the singer’s hotel in Elstree, Herts.

A police source told The Sun, “We need to talk to everyone involved and we’re keeping a close eye on things as they happen.

“It’s important for us to collect the evidence and decide what to do from there.”

A show source added, “The bosses called him in to explain himself as soon as he arrived at the studio. “He admitted he is no angel but fiercely denied taking drugs and claimed he had been set up.

“They took him at his word – but insisted if there was any truth in the allegations they would drop him like a stone.”

More X Factor news soon!

The Sunday Mirror today claims to have taken photographs of Wagner scoring weed minutes after the live results show last week.

And in a claim that’s sure to put his time on the show in jeopardy, the paper claims he bought the cannabis outside The X Factor studios.

One of the fundamental rules of X Factor is that drug taking won’t be tolerated, so if true, this report could well mean that he’ll be thrown off the show.

The report adds that Wagner’s “dealer” was then brought into the studios where he was introduced to stars of the show.

The dealer, who the paper states, “we are not identifying” said, “The first time I met Wagner I had one of my friends with me and he had been smoking earlier on in the day.

“The next night Wagner said to me, ‘Your friend smokes, doesn’t he? I can see it in his eyes.’

“Then he asked me if I could get him any. He said he was getting really stressed out by the show and cannabis helped him relax.

“He also said it gave him extra creativity when he performed. He even said he liked to have a spliff when he went on his morning jog.

“I don’t really smoke that much, but I know where to get my hands on weed so I said I could.

“The first time I gave it to him, which was outside the hotel the next night, I only got a bit and I gave it to him for free.

“He said in return he’d get me and my mate tickets to the next show.

“The next Sunday I went with one of my friend’s girlfriends and we waited backstage for all the acts to come off after their performances.

“From the first moment I met Wagner he didn’t like any of the other contestants.

“Out of all of them Wagner told me he couldn’t stand One Direction and Matt.

“He said One Direction were always disrespecting him and trying to wind him up and he said Matt annoyed him because he sang like a girl.”

The fact that Wagner was buying cannabis inside The X Factor studio and was allegedly using the show’s drivers – who weren’t aware of what Wagner was buying when they drove him around – is likely to anger Simon Cowell the most.

An X Factor spokesman told the paper, “We take allegations of drug-taking extremely seriously, and we will be speaking to Wagner.”

More X Factor news soon!

The Sun today reports that family members and friends of contestants starring on I’m A Celeb have branded it the Gillian McKeith show since she seems to be getting the most focus on the show.

Many think that Gillian is being unfairly advantaged in the contest via her whining and fainting.

Aggro Santos’s mum, Christina Lessa, said, “I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Aggro on the show.

“It’s become The Gillian McKeith Show, but I think they should be fair and let us see everyone in the jungle.”

And Lembit Opik’s girlfriend Merily McGiven, agreed. She said, “The trouble is people like to watch people suffering.

“It’s cruel, but that’s what TV is all about. These people are creating a programme and she’s making the show.”

And former stars of the show have likewise slammed Gillian, and while on ITV2’s Get Me Out of Here Now, Nicola McLean and Janet Street Porter criticised Gillian for her “antics”.

Nicola discussed Gillian’s trial with Dom Jolly and said, “She was so unsupportive of Dom, it was really bad. She gave him nothing.

“[But] it’s not about her then. If she was supporting him, it would take the attention of her and she is that manipulative. She is that awful – she can’t do it for a second.

“She thinks that she has close relationship with Stacey [Solomon]. But if that’s how she treats people who she’s close to, then that just shows how nasty she really is.”

And Janet added, “She thinks she’s the person that has suffered more than everyone else and that the whole show revolves around her.

“Get a life! Her only close relationship is with her ego.”

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 8pm on ITV1.

In last night’s I’m A Celeb, after being downright rude to Stacey Solomon, Gillian took her aside to – sort of – apologise, and she said, “The only person I want to see when I get out of here is Katie Price…

“She’s the only one who knows how I feel.”

Now previously,Gillian has maintained that she’s never watched the show, which of course nobody believed, but having made that statement, it’s clear that she has because how else would she know that Katie Price was voted to do the bushtucker trials nearly every day?

Granted, someone in camp could have told her about Katie, but the way she spoke to Stacey over it was in the context of having first-hand experience of it. She didn’t say, “Oh such and such told me how Katie had to do trials every day…”

It was said as though she was fully and personally aware of it.

She also told Stacey, “Well, she did her trials, she won the stars…” so will she still claim she’s never seen the show?

And I might add, it looks like my prediction about Gillian was spot on right. I wrote in an article a couple of days ago that I suspected she was going on and on about her phobias – and fainting all the time – so that she could ‘conquer’ them and get a new TV show or book about doing just that…

In my earlier post, which you can read here, I said that in a few days, Gillian would start to proudly state how she was getting over her fears, and sure enough, last night, she proudly made a big deal of how she could now walk over the bridge instead of crawling along it.

She also went underwater for what she says was the first time ever to “conquer my water phobia.”

Oh puhlease!

But in being so nasty to Stacey, who was only saying what the rest of the UK is thinking – that is, if your so scared and so ill, why don’t you leave – she sealed the deal on being utterly dislikable for me.

Stacey’s a lovely girl and I thought it was perfectly reasonable to ask that question. Any sane person would do what she suggested and just go if it was that bad, but Gillian bit her head off and told her to go away!

I suspect too it’s only a matter of time before Shaun blows his top at her because she keeps on and on at him doesn’t she? Perhaps that’s what she’s hoping for?

After all, Gillian is well aware that rows and her behaviour are keeping the cameras firmly on her.

I’m hoping she goes, and soon!

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