The Daily Star today reports that furious viewers have complained to TV regulator Ofcom after Cheryl Cole’s rant at Wagner on Saturday for comments he made to a journalist about her being “from a council estate.”

In case you didn’t see Saturday’s show, after he’d performed, Cheryl said, “I don’t normally have anything constructive to say to you Wagner, but I believe you made some comments this week about me being from a council estate…

“Yes I’m very proud of my roots, and I’m very lucky, but don’t focus on anybody else and how lucky I am, just think about how lucky you are to be on that stage tonight.”

Then later, on the Xtra Factor, Cheryl hinted that there’s a side to Wagner that the public haven’t seen which she dislikes.

However, some viewers contacted Ofcom to claim that Cheryl was trying to turn the public against Wagner and thereby fixing the public vote.

Internet forums and social networking sites immediately filled with messages about her dig at the Brazilian, and one read, “Who does Cheryl Cole think she is? She can’t sing for toffee!”

Another read, “She has been told how wonderful she is for the last two years and assumed everyone would side with her if she attacked Wagner.”

And last night, Wagner claimed that the other contestants are trying to “provoke” him.

He told X magazine, “When they came to insult me in person all they wanted was for me to lose my temper.

“I think what they are expecting, as they can’t physically hurt me, is that I will lose my temper and I will try to physically hurt them.”

What do you think? Was Cheryl wrong to use the show to have a go at him about his remarks to the press?

Well, to answer my own question, for me, yes she is. After her pathetic performance during last night’s show, she’s definitely earned that particular title…

Screaming from the ‘prison’ that she shouldn’t be there was quite simply, sad. But here are three reasons why I dislike her more than Katie Waissel even…

First of all, she cheated in the trial by perching on top of the ‘dock’ when she should’ve been standing in it like everyone else.

Secondly, her rant at Shaun over where he could or couldn’t smoke wasn’t “polite” as she insisted; she just issued orders and expected them to be followed.

And thirdly, she’s got her “contraband” of condiments that she’s not sharing with anyone else.

But if a fourth reason were needed, I’d add that she’s clearly faking her fainting episodes. And evidently everyone at camp thinks so too, even Dom Jolly who shouted “You should be ashamed of yourselves” to the public voters who opted for Gillian to do yet another trial.

And Ant and Dec make so much fun of her, they obviously believe she’s faking too.

What I do find amusing though is that Gillian is of course most famous for her diet plan, but fat lot of good it’s doing her if she is genuinely passing out all the time!

Not exactly a good advert for her way of eating/living is it?

And the woman looks like a shriveled up raisin, so again, and again, if she’s expecting people to follow her diet plan, she may as well yell, “eat this way and you too can look like a hag.”

Time she went surely?

I cannot believe that Paije Richardson left last night, while talentless circus attraction Wagner stayed. It’s beyond a joke now, and of course, though he believes that the public are saving him because we think he’s got talent, he’s actually being saved by voters who just want to annoy Simon Cowell.

But come on. Enough is enough surely? Paije Richardson could sing, properly sing, not strut about on stage enunciating every word while completely out of key and groping the dancers at every opportunity.

It’s utterly ridiculous that he’s gone while Wagner stays, which, if it were genuinely because the public liked him – as they did Jedward last year – then fair enough, but it’s the anti-X Factor campaigns that ensure Wagner’s continued survival…

But the stupidest part of it is that while all these thousands of people vote to keep Wagner in, just to irritate Simon Cowell, does it not occur to them that regardless of which number they use to vote, every single call make Simon that bit richer?

He won’t care who’s being saved and who isn’t in the long run because each and every call is adding nicely to his bank balance.

So to those of you who are voting to save Wagner just to throw the competition, I would say this; try to put yourself in the shoes of people like Paije who are the ones who are being ‘hurt’ by these ridiculous campaigns…

He is talented, he’s a genuinely nice guy and he deserved a shot at staying in, and it was your votes to save Wagner that helped ensure Paije left.

Is it right or fair that petty anti X Factor votes are costing people like him – ordinary people who’ve got extraordinary talent – a chance to change their lives?

No, it isn’t fair. It’s wholly wrong, so please wake up and smell Simon’s bank balance, which isn’t being hurt one bit by your voting to save Wagner. It’s only hurting people like Paije.

As viewers of I’m A Celeb saw last night, drama queen Gillian McKeith ‘fainted’ when told she had been voted by viewers to take part in the Unfairground trial…

As Dom Jolly shouted “You should be ashamed of yourselves” to the viewers, Dr Bob rushed in and gave Gillian oxygen.

This is becoming something of a regular occurrence and in addition, Gillian point blank refused to do the trial the day before…

But if Gillian is genuinely so “frail” and passing out every two minutes, then how come the show’s medical team are allowing her to stay? Surely if they believed for one minute that any of these dramatic fainting episodes were genuine, they’d have her on the first flight home for fear of her suing ITV?

I’m convinced it’s all entirely fake, and done for no reason other than a) to get out of doing trials and b) to get more air time… Because let’s face it, without all this drama, she’d have been the first to go because without her “phobias” and “anxiety attacks”, the woman would be as dull as ditchwater to watch.

But enough is enough now surely? Time she went methinks.

However, after the amateur dramatics, she was then excluded from the task, and for the first time in the show’s history, the person who came second in the public vote did the trial, and that was Linford Christie.

He pretended to faint when he was told the news, which shows how seriously he’s taking Gillian’s fainting, but he did well and won 12 meals for camp.

I’m A Celebrity bosses had anticipated that Gillian would be chosen to do the live trial, and also that she’d refuse, so they had the second place rule hastily brought in so that there wouldn’t be 30 minutes of airtime to fill when Gillian bailed.

A show insider told The Sun, “Bosses were terrified Gillian would ruin the live trial and so hastily decided on the rule change to make sure they had something to fill the air time.”

Do you think it’s time she went now if she’s just going to pull a “panic attack” when she’s got to do a trial? Or do you want her to stay to see what she does?

Clearly, Storm Lee has never embraced the concept of not kissing and telling, because in this week’s News of the World, he claims that he and Katie Waissel slept together. And what’s more, he apparently wants to marry her!

But perhaps most bizarrely, Storm previously ‘came out’ as being gay, so can we assume being with Katie – if he was – has ‘turned’ him, or is this, as I suspect, a desperate attempt to keep his face/name in the press?

Anyway, the pair were friends before they appeared on The X Factor, and apparently they “became close” when they were both in LA trying to secure record deals.

Speaking to the paper about allegedly having slept with Katie, Storm said that they are “soulmates.”

He added, “On our first meeting we had this instant chemistry. We were cuddling and hugging at a pub afterwards and she begged me not to go back to the USA.

“That was the day she said ‘we should do X Factor’. I had no idea what it was.”

Storm says he then returned to LA and claims that Katie followed him. On the subject of when theyslept together, he said, “We drank champagne and took some pictures in a photobooth.

“Suddenly we ended up kissing passionately. “We ended up on the roof of her place, with a blanket watching the sun come up.

“One thing led to another and we started peeling off our clothes and got very intimate, caressing and kissing all over.

“We came close to going all the way, but I didn’t have any condoms.”

Ewww, information overload!!

He continued, “Up there we vowed to look after one another and Katie said to me, ‘I want to marry you now. I have met the man of my dreams’.

“We made a pact to get married if she wasn’t married by 30.”

Storm will be on the X Factor stage again tonight performing the final sixteen’s charity single, and it seems he’s hoping to rekindle his relationship with Katie…

He said, “I have so much to say to Katie and I hope to get some time alone with her. I will tell her my true feelings.”

Yeah, bet she just can’t wait!

More X Factor news soon 😉

The Sun reports today that last night, Matt Cardle and Wagner got into a fight after hurling insults at each other. They apparently had to be dragged apart by the show’s security staff.

The row comes after Wagner was taken out of the house and into a nearby hotel following arguments with the other finalists.

A show source told the paper, “In my years on the show I’ve never seen anything so frightening.”

It seems the row began during rehearsals when Matt “lost his temper” with Wagner over his accusations that some of the other finalists were bullying him.

Matt reportedly yelled at Wagner, “You spiteful f****** t***. You’re a f****** joke.

“Who the f****** hell do you think you are, calling us bullies?

“You’re the f****** bully.

“No one likes you and you’re a pain in the a***.

“That’s why you’ve been booted out of the house. We don’t want you around.

“As far as I’m concerned you can f*** off and never speak to me again.”

In an interview with the paper since he left the house, Wagner said, “I can’t stand it in the house.

“I was living a life of solitude and not mixing with the rest of the singers as we had nothing in common.”

More X Factor news soon!

As regular Throng readers may know, I’m a fully trained psychotherapist as well as – some say, brilliant – writer, and having watched another installment of I’m A Celeb, I’ve come to a conclusion…

Gillian McKeith is nuttier than squirrel poo.

Yes, that is the technical term.

And now it seems she’s told her fellow contestants that she’s hearing voices! A show insider told The Sun that her ‘voices’ tell her if she’s doing well or alternately if she’s doing badly, they tell her she should leave the jungle.

The source added, “Whether she’s making this up too, who knows?”

And it seems Gillian believes that the public are voting for her to do all the bushtucker trials because she’s popular, to which Britt Eckland replied, “I beg to differ.”

Too right.

Her behaviour during the bushtucker trial we saw last night was not only odd, it was also rude. Now I’m not Shaun Ryder’s biggest fan, but he did show he’s got nuts when he ate everything in that trial, while looney tunes would only eat the vomit fruit pizza thing…

She was constantly rude to Shaun, telling him not to speak while he’s eating and generally pulling faces that implied ‘He has the table manners of a goat’, and she may be right but at least he gave it a good go!

And to be honest, on an entirely personal level, everything about her irritates me; that stupid face she pulls when she doesn’t approve, the way she smiles even… it all bugs the bejesus out of me.

So will she be gone at the first opportunity or do you want to keep her in to torture her with trials?

In last night’s I’m A Celeb, Gillian McKeith offered up a seriously flawed – but I believe totally contrived – scene in which she supposedly fainted…

And The Sun today reports that the show’s bosses are so concerned for her health, they’ve put her on “24 hour watch” for when, or rather if, she throws another “panic attack”.

But while she may well be scared of pretty much everything in the world, I do think she’s exaggerating the bejesus out of it.

And I don’t believe for a second that she fainted when the rangers dragged her out of that crate after yesterday’s task.

Doctor Bob lay her on the ground and gave her oxygen while she persisted with the fake fainting routine, but as soon as a fly touched her, she jumped like she’d been touched by a live wire!

Unconscious people don’t do that. Nor do they respond to commands which Gillian did, breathing deeply when Bob told her to. And at no point did she hyperventilate, and most often when people have panic attacks, that’s one of the first things to kick in.

And just as an aside, what the hell’s wrong with her back?? Shots of her leaving the task area wearing her t-shirt and shorts showed that she has some kind of hump on the left side of her back. Anyone got any clues what that was?

Anyway, right at the end of the show last night, we learned that Gillian had been chosen to do the ‘School Dinners’ trial, and I’m sure she’s going to be chosen to do pretty much every trial…

And I think that’s why she’s doing all this. I really don’t believe her phobias are as bad as she claims they are, and what I believe is that she’s hoping to win the show, then release a book on facing your fears.

She is of course a diet ‘guru’ and in her shows, she talks a lot about PMA (positive mental attitude) so yep, I’d say the entire theatrics is just that and laying the groundwork for her next show/book.

If I was a betting woman, and I am, I’d put money on it that if she stays in long enough, day after day she’ll talk about conquering her phobias and how it’s all getting easier now…

I’d also put more money on it that if she does write a book when she comes out, or host a show, it’ll be about the psychological technique known as ‘flooding’ which many therapists use to help people with phobias.

It’s pretty much what it says on the tin; being ‘flooded’ with what scares you until your brain gives in and says ‘Meh, not so bad after all eh?’

Time will tell I guess! Do you think she’s faking it all or is she genuinely scared witless or absolutely everything?

Following Aiden Grimshaw’s departure from the show last Sunday, the tide of public hatred towards Katie became so bad that the show’s bosses have called in security experts to protect Katie after death threats were made against her.

Thousands of fans posted on various forums and social networking sites, with the majority complaining that Katie was saved again on Sunday, but some went much further and messages included one that read, “Katie Waissel deserves to die right at this minute.”

Another said, “All I can say is die Katie Waissel!”

An X Factor spokeswoman told The Sun, “These threats are disgusting and outrageous. “This is cyber bullying and we will not put up with it.

“We are doing what we can to stop it and are contacting police.”

The paper adds that Katie is “disgusted and freaked out” by the hate messages. And after Sunday’s results show, more than 150,000 people signed up for a Facebook page that claimed Katie was “harder to get rid” of than an STD.

Security has now been increased at the X Factor house, and Katie has been told not to go out alone.

Meanwhile, Aiden Grimshaw yesterday accused Katie of being a publicity-seeking drama queen, adding “She doesn’t float my boat.”

When Katie was saved on Sunday, she hugged Aiden on stage and said, “Don’t hate me” but he dismissed her words as histrionics and said, “She’s a drama queen…

“Hate’s a strong word – but she’s not my favourite person.”

More X Factor news soon!

It seems that diet guru Gillian McKeith is driving everyone on I’m A Celeb nuts by screaming her head off every time she sees a bug.

Gillian has admitted that she’s terrified of anything creepy crawlie, especially spiders, which of course begs the question, why the hell did she agree to go on the show??

The Sun reports that everybody on the show is already at breaking point with her screaming and crying whenever she spots an insect, and given that it’s the Australian jungle, that must be about every 30 seconds.

One insider told the paper, “She has been causing lots of bother by screaming every time she sees a bug – and there are a lot of them in the jungle.

“She is really overdoing it with the dramatics.”

Gillian, 51, explained to viewers, “I have a serious phobia to the point I could faint if I see a spider.

“I feel like I’m having a heart attack.”

She went nuts on her first night in the jungle when she saw a spider on her bed, and apparently ran screaming to the Bush Telegraph room where she wept.

The insider added, “When she eventually went to bed she slept like a baby and was last to get up the next morning.

“It just goes to show she can put on the histrionics when she wants to.”

Gillian claims to have never seen the show and therefore says she had no idea of what to expect, but I find that very hard to believe. Would you agree to something you had no clue about??

The show insider went on to say that she thought she’d be able to stay in a hotel at night if she wanted to, and added, “She has been going on about when they will be able to leave and go to a hotel.

“Everyone knows that won’t happen. The other celebs are starting to get annoyed with her and think she is playing up to the cameras.

“They think she is trying to get sympathy from viewers and get more votes – when in fact it will probably just wind them up.

“She is a very odd lady. She is trying to say controversial things for the sake of it in a bid to make an impression.

“She is coming across as a bit grand – which never goes down well with the other contestants or the viewers.”

More I’m A Celeb news soon!

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