The Sun today reports that controversial Katie Waissel has secretly signed a recording contract in the States and has already sung a duet with a US singer that’s been released on his album.

The paper also claims that Katie’s planning on leaving the UK as public hatred for her grew in the wake of Aiden Grimshaw leaving the show last night as Katie was saved.

It seems that before appearing on the show, Katie was contracted to US label Chamberlain Records, but Simon Cowell’s lawyers reportedly “spent thousands” on getting Katie out of the deal…

However, it seems she’s continued to have discussions with the company without the knowledge of X Factor bosses, and has sung a duet with David Reed on his album The Private Life Of David Reed.

Show insiders claims that Katie plans to leave the UK to pursue her American career using the stage name Lola Fontaine.

A show source said, “Katie is supposed to have severed all ties with Chamberlain – but it’s nonsense.

“She’s still in contact with them and they’re still releasing music by her.

“She might have hoped this would slip under the radar, but it’s a bit foolish.

“Katie is really fed up. All she wants is a music career and she feels that won’t happen in the UK as people won’t buy her records.

“She thinks it might be wise to cut her losses and go back to the States.

“She liked living in LA when she had a reality show there and her reputation isn’t tarnished there.

“But it won’t please Simon Cowell because he likes her quirkiness and wants to work with her.”

And an X Factor spokesman said of Katie’s US track, “We were unaware of this until today.

“As it’s simply a duet on another person’s album there is no reason it would affect Katie’s place in the show.”

More X Factor news soon!

The Sun today claims that X Factor host Dermot O’Leary admitted to them that the vote on Sunday, which saw Treyc Cohen leaving the contest, was deliberately rigged by the show’s producers.

However, having read what the paper wrote and heard audio of what Dermot actually said, all he did was explain what happened.

I certainly didn’t interpret what he said as being an allegation of ‘fixing’ the show.

But what he did say was that the show’s producers told him just minutes before the judges had to vote that he should go to Cheryl second…

Traditionally, the mentor with two acts in the bottom two is asked to vote last, and Cheryl clearly thought that would be the case on Sunday.

If you watched the show, you’ll have seen her surprise when Dermot asked for her vote right after Simon’s.

The paper’s article goes on to state that the show’s producers told him that if Cheryl opted out of the vote, he had to take the majority decision. He wasn’t permitted to return to Cheryl after Dannii and Louis had cast their votes.

So while one might speculate that the producers deliberately put Cheryl on the spot, nonetheless, Dermot didn’t accuse them – or anyone else – of rigging the outcome.

Dermot told the paper about the events on Sunday, saying, “We [the producers and I] talked about it in the break, because you find out two or three minutes before what’s going to happen.

“My producer said, ‘Look, if Cheryl decides to opt out we go to majority vote’.

“She did decide to opt out – and then she said, ‘Come back to me and we’ll do deadlock’.

“You can’t do that because then it kind of devalues the other two judges’ votes, so that wouldn’t have made sense.

“It would have been a lot easier for me for Cheryl to be last.

“There’s no precedent to it so it’s tricky [but] Cheryl was well within her rights to do what she did.

“There are no official rules on X Factor.”

You can hear some of what Dermot had to say here.

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: Wagner tried to “headbutt” 16 year old Harry Styles. NOW can we stop this support campaign??

The Daily Star reports today that 54 year old Wagner Carrilho had to be dragged away from a “scuffle” with One Direction teenager Harry Styles because Wagner tried to headbutt Harry.

The paper reports that the trouble flared during a video shoot, and Wagner told Harry, “Don’t mess with a man who knows martial arts.”

A show insider told the paper, “Trouble flared towards the end of a video session, when tensions were already running high.

“Wagner, One Direction, Nicolo Festa, Storm Lee and John Adeleye had all sung a line together and immediately after it, Harry was told to jokingly rugby tackle Wagner as he walked out of shot.

“Unfortunately no one had told Wagner what was in store.

“The next thing he knew, Harry was play fighting him to the ground and Wagner didn’t realise the camera was still rolling.

“Incensed, he shook Harry off and squared up to him, locking foreheads. He looked pretty scary as he snarled at Harry, warning him he was a karate expert.

“He then made as if to do an elaborate karate chopping movement, and shoved Harry, before staff stepped in and separated them.

“It was all pretty hostile and the atmosphere afterwards was terrible.”

The article adds, “When the band and video directors later explained Harry’s tackle had all been part of the scene, Wagner was said to be mortified.

“X Factor bosses immediately warned him about his future conduct and demanded he apologise to both cast and crew.”

The fuss happened Tuesday during a recording of the show’s new charity single – David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’.

I’m hoping that this latest incident in a fairly long line of Wagner incidents – his groping the dancers, his saying the show’s a fix etc – will perhaps put an end to all these internet campaigns to keep him in the show…

Yes, I too thought he was a likable joker at first, and yes, I get that he’s just a figure-head for the greater issue of highlighting flaws in The X Factor voting system and so on, but when Jedward were similarly kept in by fans who just liked them, as far as I’m aware, none of them tried to headbutt someone considerably younger than them…

So please, let’s stop this Keep Wagner In bo**ocks and get rid of him! He can’t sing, he can’t dance, he’s not even that nice a person – by the sounds of it – so please let this campaign die.

X Factor 2010: Brian Friedman says Wagner’s “difficult,” Cher Lloyd on “payback” song, and will Katie Waissel be asked to leave?

The X Factor’s choreographer Brian Friedman has told AOL that he finds Wagner Carrilho “difficult” to work with.

He told the website, “Wagner is kinda difficult. He’s very touchy.

“He doesn’t really remember a lot of his staging so that causes a problem.

“He doesn’t remember his lyrics so that causes a problem.

“He can’t dance very well so that also causes a problem.”

In other news, Cher Lloyd has told X magazine that singing Shakespeare’s Sister song, Stay, last week was to “payback” critics who’d said she can’t really sing.

She also added that the song was her tribute to her uncle Edward who died recently.

Cher said, “Vocally, I thought it was my best so far. It was very, very emotional.

“It was also a bit of payback to people who have been nasty to me, and also to show people I can sing.

“I think I’ve proved my point now.”

Our final piece of news today is that many media outlets are reporting that X Factor bosses are considering whether they should axe Katie Waissel from the show since she’s suffered repeated panic attacks in the last fortnight.

However, Katie used her Twitter page to send a message to fans which read, “I have a lot of hard work to do for this weekend and that’s my main focus right now, to give you the best performance I can possibly give xxx (sic).”

And a show spokesperson told Metro, “Katie is absolutely fine and will be performing this weekend.”

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: Wagner Carrilho has the Sleaze Factor

There have been several reports in the media over the past few days alleging that Wagner Carrilho has been “banned” from groping the show’s dancers, and a variety of other reports that his sleaziness is becoming an issue in the X Factor house…

Today, the Sunday Mirror reports that an ITV employee – who was assigned to look after Wagner – Helen Banhoa, claims Wagner threatened to get her sacked if she didn’t sleep with him.

Though she wouldn’t speak directly to the journalist who wrote the story, she gave her permission for an unnamed source to give her side of the story.

She claims that Wagner became “obsessed” with her and bombarded her with love letters, despite the fact that she repeatedly told him theirs was nothing more than a professional relationship.

However, as Wagner became annoyed with her rejections, Helen claims he approached her bosses at ITV alleging she was acting unprofessionally towards him. The paper states that he “demanded her dismissal.”

The article goes on to say, “But senior production staff, who had already been alerted to Wagner’s over-friendly behaviour, assured Helen her job was safe.”

A meeting with Wagner was called for by the show’s bosses and it seems he explained away his “obsession” with Helen as “Brazilian exuberance”, but he was told that if he didn’t refrain from making advances to staff, he would be thrown off the show.

The show source said, “Wagner’s behaviour was out of order. Helen has never been anything other than professional.

“These claims left her upset and saddened that someone she thought a friend and colleague could turn on her so viciously and threaten her career because of his hurt pride.

“Fortunately, Wagner’s behaviour had been known about for some time. It’s the talk of the set, but after this latest incident it’s starting to cast a shadow over the show.”

Last week, the show’s choreographer, Brian Freedman, told the paper that Wagner had been ordered not to “grope” the female dancers.

He said, “Last week he got too touchy with them and they weren’t happy. There’s no interaction with the dancers now.”

And apparently, other contestants have voiced their concerns about Wagner’s behaviour in the X Factor house in Mill Hill, north London, but have not complained officially.

A show insider claims that one of the female contestants said, “He keeps touching my legs. I really don’t like it.”

An X Factor spokeswoman told the paper last night, “We have a duty of care to all our contestants and staff which we take very seriously.

“Wagner was spoken to and this matter has now been resolved.”

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: Jay Kay’s “rant” at Cheryl and Dannii, and Glee cast for X Factor??

Even though Jamiroquai frontman, Jay Kay, is due to appear on the show this weekend, he’s launched a “foul mouthed rant” at judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole.

The Sun quotes Jay Kay as saying that Dannii and Cheryl are “f****** useless.”

He added, “What are they going to tell me about f****** music?

“What the f***. When have you ever done anything? You’re useless. The pair of you.

“I mean you look great and I’d like to f****** s**g you but that’s all.”

40 year old Jay Kay is due to perform his new single ‘White Knuckle Ride’ on the show this week, but despite that, he continued, “I just don’t like the w**** stuff I have to do.

“F****** X Factor and that. I’m going to have to sing in front of f****** amateurs.

“Do you know what I mean?”

Yikes! So you really have no strong feelings either way then Jay? Lols.

In other news, the Daily Star reports that Simon Cowell is trying to broker a deal which would see the cast of Glee performing on the show this year.

The paper quotes a show insider as saying, “Simon Cowell is in talks with FOX TV…

“There are slight teething problems. Both X Factor and Glee’s production teams want to be in charge of the set.”

The insider added, “Glee doesn’t want [us] in charge – their brand is too strong to allow someone else to make decisions.”

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: Mary Byrne says she’ll leave X Factor house, plus other news!

Irish singer Mary Byrne is reportedly “at breaking point” because of tensions in the X Factor finalists’ house.

She’s also fed up with the noise day and night from the younger contestants, so her mentor Louis Walsh is apparently considering moving her into a hotel.

Louis told The Sun, “There’s lots of noise there and she can’t sleep properly.

“It’s starting to affect her singing.

“If things continue, I’m going to have to move her into a hotel.”

In other news, John Adeleye – who of course controversially left the competition on Saturday – has been telling The Sun that he was surprised Cheryl Cole mimed on stage during her performance on Sunday, and also that he thinks he was unfairly dismissed from the show.

You can see the interview here, during which, John said, “In a singing contest, miming might not be the best decision. “For performers like Cher, that’s not such a good example.”

John also accused Cheryl and Simon Cowell of ruining his chances last week by “ganging up” on his mentor Louis Walsh.

He said, “After my song I’m expecting feedback but they’re talking about distractions.

“How’s it fair to me and Louis?”

And finally, Aiden Grimshaw has been telling the Daily Mirror that he doesn’t care what Cheryl thought of his performance of Diamonds Are Forever last week.

Cheryl of course told Aiden after he’d sung that he was “too intense” on stage.

She said, “What I would say is that you’re a very, very intense performer – really intense to watch, which for me personally I would love, but I’m not sure everyone would get it.

“I don’t think I could watch on tour 22 songs of that intensity.”

Speaking backstage afterwards, Aiden said, “It was really good. I really enjoyed it.”

He then added, as he shrugged his shoulders: “It was a bit too intense for Cheryl she said but, oh well.”

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: Judges engaged in “open warfare” with each other

The Sun reports today that hostilities between the X Factor judges have become “open warfare” and that their traditional sniping at each other has become much more venomous.

Viewers saw on Saturday that Louis Walsh accused Simon Cowell of ignoring Belle Amie in order to focus all his attention on boyband One Direction, a claim which Simon strongly denied.

Louis told the members of Belle Amie, “You’ve got a problem because you’re on your own in this competition.

“Simon is putting all his energies into One Direction and it’s not fair.

“You have no mentor. It’s not right.”

Also this weekend, Dannii Minogue had a pop a Cheryl Cole over how she’d styled her acts, and even went as far as to have a supposedly jokey dig at Cheryl’s change of hair colour.

The paper reports today that the judges sniping and backstage bickering has become so bad, the show’s executive producers have “ordered them” to stop getting at each other and focus on their acts.

An insider told the paper, “Backstage the contestants are baffled – saying they don’t know whether they’ve done something wrong or whether their mentor has.”

And on the subject of Louis’s criticism of Simon, the source added, “Simon thinks One Direction is a band that will take the world by storm.

“But Louis really does think Belle Amie could be the next Girls Aloud, with the right guidance, which in his mind is not Simon.”

Then last night, Simon retaliated after Louis’s act, John Adeleye, was voted off the show.

Simon told the disappointed singer, “I just don’t think you’ve been looked after properly.”

And as to Dannii’s comments about Cheryl’s styling of her acts and her own new hair colour, she was apparently fuming when Dannii told Rebecca that the wig Cheryl had asked her to wear “made you look older than you are.”

Dannii went on to say, “You’re a young funky chick and it aged you a bit.”

The show source said, “It was obvious that it was a sideways swipe at Cheryl.

“She was grimacing trying to bite her tongue but her expression said it all.”

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: Are the mentors this year getting it all horribly wrong? I think so…

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding that though the stage shows accompanying the singers in this year’s competition are very well choreographed and staged, there’s simply too much of them…

It’s detracting from the finalists doing what they’re there to do; that is, just sing. I’ve also found this year’s song choices – with a few exceptions – as made by the contestants’ mentors to be pretty goddamn awful.

I get the feeling the judges/mentors are treating this year’s acts like they’re puppets or living dolls…

I was especially surprised to see that Cheryl Cole had treated Rebecca Ferguson like a Barbie doll – again – for last night’s show.

What the hell was that hideous wig about??

Rebecca’s beautiful and she has a great figure, so why ‘adorn’ her with a dress that looked like a cut out from Cosmo and that awful rug?

And last week, all I could do was stare at Rebecca’s lipstick. I barely heard what she was singing, so dominating was the dark vampy slap.

Then this week, as all the judges pointed out to Louis, the focus of John Adeleye’s performance was on the copulating dancers! Seriously, do they really need to be so OTT in the stage productions??

Cher had a daft wig on as well, but I always hate what she wears because I’m allergic to anything that screams ‘chav’, which Cher’s outfits always do.

On the subject of Cher though, her song last night was the ONLY one of her performances so far that I’ve enjoyed, and – in my opinion – the only time she’s truly sung rather than just rapping or making throaty gruntings.

I’m afraid I still won’t vote for Cher though because she broke into a segment of rapping halfway through ‘Shout’, and I’m not down with that.

And on the subject of the song choices foist upon the acts, what possessed Cheryl to give Katie a song from Jungle Book?? Yes, she sang it very well, and we really did get to hear Katie’s lovely voice, but really, Jungle Book??

It seems the contestants were all pretty unhappy with what they were given to sing this week – Mary, as we reported yesterday, had a bit of a flip out about her song – and even Matt, who did a fantastic job of covering Britney Spears’ song, was worried about the song choice.

The Daily Star had reported that Katie, Aiden and One Direction all asked for last-minute song changes because they are uncomfortable with their mentors’ choices for Guilty Pleasures week.

A show source said, “They want a change even though time is running out. They’re threatening all sorts if the bosses don’t back down.”

The source added: “Katie is at her wits’ end [over the Jungle Book song].

“It’s a terrible choice. She thinks someone on high wants her out because they know the song is the kiss of death.”

My main issue with the songs so far is that they’re all pretty much old songs. I don’t think we’ve heard anything – other than Matt’s song last week – that’s less than a decade old.

What do you think? Are the stage productions totally OTT and the song choices horrific? Or are you happy with the added dimension of the wigs, dancers etc., and enjoying the songs?

X Factor 2010: Mary Byrne’s “breakdown” and Katie’s parents furious with producers

The Sun reports today that Mary Byrne became the latest X Factor hopeful to “breakdown” as the pressure of competing overwhelmed her.

Apparently, Louis chose Aint No Mountain High Enough for Mary this week, but during rehearsals yesterday, Mary burst into tears and told him, “This isn’t me. I can’t do this. I really can’t.”

And reportedly shocked by how upset Mary was, Louis promised her that she can change the song choice for this week to something she’s more comfortable with.

Louis told the paper, “Mary just freaked out. She didn’t like the song.

“She was in tears and I was really worried about her.

“I sat her down and said, ‘Look, we should change the song. You have to be comfortable doing this’.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of her leaving. She has a huge talent and the public love her. She’ll get through this.

“It was touch and go though.”

After she’d down, Mary chose to sing the Ben E King classic, I Who Have Nothing.

In other news, Katie Waissel’s parents have apparently had a “showdown” with X Factor producers because they claim the show is turning Katie into “a hate figure.”

Their angry meeting with the show’s bosses comes after reports emerged that Katie wanted to quit the show following sniping and bitching between the contestants.

However, it seems her parents calmed down after begin assured that Talkback Thames – the company behind X Factor – are doing their best to take care of Katie’s interests and wellbeing.

Personally, I don’t believe Katie would leave the show voluntarily. Do you?

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