X Factor 2010: Is this phone rant the end for Wagner??

The Sun have released footage of X Factor hopeful Wagner slating the show and branding the whole thing as a “set up” in which Simon Cowell decides who wins, regardless of the public vote.

Wagner ranted on the phone to a ‘friend’ – I use inverted commas as that friend clearly set Wagner up so he could sell the tapes to the papers – about the show, and during the phone conversation, Wagner is heard saying that he’s given “shi* songs” and that “A Brazilian cannot win.”

He added, “They will never let me beat the English. They will not let a Brazilian win.

“Nobody tells Simon Cowell what to do. The public do not decide who is going to win.

“It is Simon Cowell. If he decides Katie will win, she will win. And if he decides a group will win, then they will win.”

Wagner also accused Simon of staging who would be at number one in the charts.

He said, “Simon Cowell can decide who he wants at number one. It is so double glazing, it is so block paving, it’s all sales – it’s bull****.”

Wagner also ranted that Mary Byrne and Storm Lee had been given more attention than him, and he claimed that while at Boot Camp, footage of them singing complete songs was aired, while Wagner claims only snippets of his songs were aired.

He said, “It stinks, I am well p****d off with them. Mary is given full songs and they don’t show me f****** singing.

“If you see me in the finals, I will be getting songs overnight that I cannot sing properly.

“You only sing what you want once or twice and that’s it.”

And in rather odd English, Wagner had a dig at Louis Walsh, saying,

“There is no bread in this place as Louis has shoved a baguette up his a**e.”

A friend of Wagner’s explained to the paper how the tapes came to be.

He said, “He’s [Wagner] pouring out his frustrations. He reckons Simon’s attitude to him is the kiss of death for his chances.

“He wants bigger songs, better songs. Wagner is a natural tenor and he wants to do opera.

“No one has heard his voice properly yet. He has a much better voice than Paul Potts, who won Britain’s Got Talent.

“He is a very emotional man and when he pours his heart out it comes out warts and all, like in these tapes.

“He feels he is destined not to win it, they won’t let him win it. In his mind Simon dictates the result.

“Wagner was beside himself in the phone calls because he thinks he will go out this weekend.

“He has never known anything like this pressure before and it’s obvious it’s getting to him big time.”

Click here to hear footage from the tapes.

What do you think? Is any of what Wagner says true?

And regardless of whether it is true or not, do you think this outburst could see him axed from the show?

X Factor 2010: Storm Lee and Diva Fever blame their mentors for their failure… sad, much?

This weekend saw Diva Fever and Storm Lee leaving the X Factor, and while appearing on Daybreak, both acts blamed their mentors for their failure on the show.

Storm said, “The truth of it is I feel a little bit set up by my mentor, that’s the truth.

“He was really adamant that I change my look and be a little bit more flamboyant. “And I’ve always wanted to be, you know — I just love to sing.

“And so he was really adamant about it so I wasn’t going to start off the show by fighting him, so I went along with it.”

Diva Fever then added that they blamed Simon Cowell’s choice of songs and costumes for them, claiming that was the reason they were booted off the show.

Joe Al-Smadi and Craig Saggers who make up Diva Fever stressed that had they been allowed to choose their own songs, they may well have stayed in the competition.

Joe said, “Sometimes you are afraid to speak up because you think, you know, they might start thinking we’re divas.

“I mean we did express that we didn’t like the song really to start off with.”

Then later, while appearing on This Morning, Joe said that he felt he was “owed something” by Simon.

He said, “I think he needs to sort his act out — get us a bit of money because he’s got enough of it himself.”

I wonder if it has occurred to any of these three that they were booted off because they weren’t very good? And no amount of costume changes or song changes will alter that.

And as to Diva Fever claiming Simon should provide them with an income, I would suggest they a) be thankful they were ever chosen to be on the show in the first place and b) grow up!

X Factor 2010: Bugs and fights: The finalists have not had a good week…

This week has not been a good one in the X Factor finalists’ house. They’ve all been bickering and fighting, and it seems several of them have had a stomach bug too.

The Sun reports that Storm Lee, Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson have all been “knocked for six by the lurgy” as have three of the Belle Amie girls and two of the band members from One Direction.

Storm told the paper, “I’m worried as I’ve missed a lot of rehearsals.”

Treyc Cohen has similarly missed rehearsals this week as she’s suffering from a throat condition.

A show source added, “It’s always the way. When one goes they start falling like dominos.

“Fortunately they’ve all had some rehearsal time so they should all be ready.”

The paper also reports that the much discussed bickering continues unabated with many of the finalists complaining that Katie Waissel and Cher Lloyd are “getting special treatment” by the show’s bosses.

And it seems in order to prove the point, some of the contestants have even been timing the length of each competitors rehearsal time.

A show source said, “It was ridiculous how petty some people were being.

“They’ll all be rushing out to buy stopwatches next week.”

The finalists are apparently also arguing over the line-up each week.

The source added, “People were saying, ‘I can’t go first’, pretending that their nerves would get the better of them.

“In fact, the reality is they reckon it’s the worst slot.”

Deary me… grow up you lot!!

More X Factor news soon.

X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel’s mum fears her daughter is “hated”

Katie Waissel’s mum has spoken of her worries that her daughter will become hated by the public after she was in the bottom two following Saturday’s first live show.

24 year old Katie has increasingly attracted negative attention following reports of her diva-like behaviour and since Gamu Nhengu was ousted in order for Katie and Cher Lloyd to make it through to the live rounds.

And various media reports suggest that Katie’s fallen out with several of the other contestants, including Storm Lee.

Katie’s mum Diana also states that she doesn’t want Katie to become the figure of hatred that Danyl Johnson did last year.

Speaking to The Sun, she said, “There seems to be this thing that Katie has got someone else’s place.

“I don’t know why everyone is blaming her. It happened last year in a way to Danyl and he was a good singer and he was a nice guy and he was pushed out.

“I don’t want that to happen to Katie. She is a team player and a lovely girl.

“She has a very supportive family. We don’t like all these bullying tactics.”

Diana also went on to defend Katie’s emotional performances, saying, “Katie cried during Smile in the audition with Cheryl because that was the song she used to sing with her grandpa who is dead.

“Now I just want to ask the British public to get behind her and give her a chance.”

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: News & Gossip Round Up

It seems that having previously had a record deal is no longer stopping X Factor acts from appearing on the show.

In recent weeks it’s been revealed that Katie Waissel and Treyc Cohen have had record deals – which X Factor rules state would mean the contestant couldn’t be part of the show – and now it seems Mary Byrne has also made a record.

The Daily Star reports that Mary won an Irish talent contest in 2008 and subsequently released a cover version of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

But of course, no mention has been made of that in Mary’s bio on the show and viewers were led to believe she’s never pursued a music career before.

With regard to Katie, several newspapers are reporting today that X Factor bosses ‘bought’ Katie out of an American record deal in order to make sure she fits in with the show’s rules.

In other news, internet forums and message boards have revealed the public’s shocked reaction to Wagner’s sexy stage dancers.

In Saturday’s show, we saw Wagner performing a mix of She Bangs/Love Shack during which the dancers apparently “fondled their bums and breasts”.

Posts on various sites deemed the dancing “inappropriate’’ for a family show, and one even claimed it was “disturbing.”

Finally, Rebecca Ferguson is said to be “furious” after footage of a visit to her home showed her address.

The single mum was shown at home with her two children, and was later horrified to discover that details of her address hadn’t been edited out.

A friend of Rebecca’s told the Daily Star, “She is not happy. She can’t believe X Factor would make such a blunder.”

More X Factor news soon!

X Factor 2010: Gamu Nhengu says firing squad is “waiting for us”

X Factor reject Gamu Nhengu has told the News of the World that she believes she and her family will be murdered if they’re forced to return to Zimbabwe.

In an emotional interview with the paper, Gamu added that appearing on the show was the worst decision she’s ever made.

She wept as she said, “If I hadn’t been on the show, everything would be fine.”

The 18 year old went on to say, “I’ve been in the public eye now and people there [in Zimbabwe] know I’ve fled Mugabe’s regime.

“They will punish us if we go back. They’re going to know where we are.

“We’re going to be very unsafe. People have already been approaching our family members.

“We think they could be working for Mugabe. And we know how brutal he can be. “I would be in danger, it’s blatantly obvious. My family would be in danger.

“There’s a firing squad waiting for us there, and they’re putting me in front of it.”

Gamu also told the paper that she hasn’t heard from Cheryl Cole or Simon Cowell since she left the competition over three weeks ago.

And despite there being a Facebook campaign supported by over a quarter of a million fans to have Gamu reinstated on the show – via the Wild Cards used last night – the show’s bosses have vetoed any such move over concerns about Gamu’s visa.

The Home Office have of course refused to renew the Nhengu family’s visa, so they could be deported any day now.

You can see a video of what Gamu had to say here

More X Factor news soon.

X Factor 2010: Gamu to be deported?

The row over X Factor hopeful Gamu Nhengu deepened yesterday when it was revealed that her family may be deported after reports that her mother is a benefit cheat.

The allegations relate to Nokutula Nhengu receiving around £16,000 in state benefits that The Sun reports she “was not entitled to”.

The paper also states that immigration officials have told the family that they have a few days to leave of their own accord, but if they don’t, then official papers will be served ordering them to return to Zimbabwe.

And it seems that fans of the show and Gamu gathered outside her home to show support for the teenager in the wake of the news that she may be deported.

The Sun also states that the family’s local MP, Labour’s Gordon Banks, has written to Scottish Secretary Michael Moore on Gamu’s behalf.

He said, “The family have yet to be informed of any decision by the UK Border Agency.

“They are understandably distraught.”

And a UK Border Agency spokeswoman confirmed last night, “The applications made by Ms Ngazana and her family were considered in line with the published immigration rules.

“Ms Ngazana’s application was refused as it did not meet all of the conditions for approval. Skilled workers are not allowed recourse to public funds.

“Her family, who had applied as her dependants, were therefore also refused.

“Where people are found to have no right to remain in the UK we expect them to leave voluntarily.”

Nokutula, 38, reportedly received benefits and tax credits for her children, but her visa conditions strictly forbid her from any state funded payouts.

More X Factor news soon.

X Factor 2010: Cheryl what were you thinking? Cher Lloyd makes final 12, and Gamu’s out

I suspect the biggest error ever made by reality TV shows has been committed by allowing Cher Lloyd to go through to the live rounds of this year’s X Factor.

This sweet little girl – she’s only 17 – is evidently unwell; and though this is meant in no derogatory way, as I opined yesterday, I believe she’s mentally unstable.

And I’m not the only one of course who believes Cheryl’s making a very big and potentially extremely costly mistake in putting Cher through to the live shows. As The Sun reports today, mental health experts have expressed their concerns for Cher too.

As a response to the worries about Cher, an X Factor spokesperson told the paper that a counselor is to be made available “24 hours a day” for Cher while she’s in the competition. I don’t think that’s enough, not by a long shot.

Claude Knights, the director of under-18s charity Kidscape, criticised the decision to send Cher through, saying, “It sounds like she’s too vulnerable – further exposure seems quite risky and foolhardy.

“If you’re that fragile, there is no way she can judge the long-term effects. They could be physical and mental problems and very, very concerning.”

However, a spokesman for mental health charity Rethink said Cher SHOULD be allowed to continue with the show.

He said, “It’s entirely possible for people with mental health issues to take part in such shows.

“We’d support anybody who wanted to go on. It’s important people are able to follow their dreams.

“It could be very rewarding and beneficial for them. “There just needs to be the right support.”

I’m afraid I don’t agree. Cher’s weight has plummeted since her first audition, she’s suffering the grief of losing her 34 year old uncle, and she’s having problems with her throat.

A show insider said, “Cher’s close to the edge, constantly in tears. She needs someone there all the time.

“A trained counsellor will be on standby 24/7. Whenever she needs someone to talk to they’ll be there.

“They can’t afford Cher’s well-being to deteriorate any further.

“There are members of production in the house at all times and a counsellor is available.”

However, as to the bigger picture of Cheryl putting through Cher and Katie, but sending Gamu home, I really can’t imagine what she was thinking…

Cheryl noted herself that Katie’s a “drama queen”, and to be honest, there’s an upswell of opinion on forums that Katie’s a) not as vocally talented as Gamu and b) too busy being flamboyant and making her ‘mark’ that she’s not giving time enough to her singing.

After all, she fluffed all the performances that we the public have seen aired.

I just hope that Gamu gets another chance when the ‘Wild Cards’ are used in next week’s live show.

What do you think? Has Cheryl made the right choices or has she made some big errors?

X Factor 2010: Is Cher Lloyd a major meldown just waiting to happen?

It’s been rumoured on the ‘net that Cher Lloyd makes it through to Cheryl Cole’s final 12 after the Judges Houses round…

We’ll find out tonight if that’s true or not, but based on what I’ve seen of Cher so far, I think it would be a huge mistake to put this vulnerable girl through to the live shows.

She’s clearly not well, and I believe she’s mentally unwell as well as physically. I suspect she’s anorexic or suffers from some other eating disorder.

She has the gaunt, sunken features of a girl who is worryingly underweight…

And as close up of her last night showed, her skin and hair don’t look healthy either. Those are also classic signs of a serious eating disorder.

As she tottered out of the room after she failed to sing a whole song in front of Will.i.am and Cheryl, she looked as if she might fall over at any moment.

And she looked like a fancy dress Belsen survivor.

In case you missed last night’s show, here’s a clip showing how poor Cher struggled…

A show insider told the News of the World, “All of the girls were sharing rooms and were coupled up together.

“Cher was supposed to be sharing with Katie Weissel but she spent most of Friday night crying and moaning because she was so nervous.

“There were a lot of tears from all the girls and then Cher started to lose her voice and she got even more hysterical.

“In the end she had to be moved from the others to calm her down.

“But this is just the beginning of the show really, and if Cher wants to win she needs to learn how to cope.”

And contestant Keri Arrindell added, “All the girls think Cher’s going through, but everyone’s worried about her.”

Reports from the boot camp stage were that Cher “didn’t eat much” and seemed “vulnerable and frail”. However, an X Factor spokesman said, “Contestant care is a big priority and we keep a particular eye on the younger ones.”

If that’s true, then I really hope that someone in authority sees to it that Cher doesn’t get through to the live rounds, not because she doesn’t have a beautiful voice, she does, but she’s clearly not going to be able to cope with the pressure and the demands.

Surely anybody can see that, and I think if she does go through, when her ‘meltdown’ comes, it’ll make Susan Boyle’s look like a walk in the park by comparison.

Cher is a very talented and very lovely girl, but her talent will still be there in a couple of years, so I believe it would be in her best interests to send her home in order to give her time to tackle whatever problems she’s having with eating and to mature enough to be able to conquer her nerves…

Let’s not forget, she’s only 17, and dealing with the pressure of singing live to millions and being desperate to win would floor people twice her age with half her problems.

The show’s bosses – and the judges – should do what’s right for Cher, not what’s right for the show.

What do you think?

EastEnders: Kat’s high and dry! And Roxy’s real life pub

The Sun reports that in an upcoming episode of EastEnders, viewers will see a horrified Kat Moon hovering perilously above the Square…

The scenes occur when Zainab Masood hires a crane to shift the caravan Kat and Alfie have been living in. Zainab’s furious about the caravan which she reckons lowers the tone of the Square, but when she hires a crane and driver to move it, she doesn’t realize that Kat’s inside…

We’ll see those scenes next week.

In other show news, Rita Simons who of course plays Roxy Mitchell, is to star in a BBC3 reality show about running a pub.

Entitled, Beyond Walford, the show will feature Rita running the East End pub for a week.

Rita said of the show, “It’s been an insight seeing what it’s like to run a real pub.

“I just hope I don’t get carried away and start barring people – as Roxy does.”

Beyond Walford will air later this year.

Our final EastEnders news snippet is that Barbara Windsor has revealed that Steve McFadden – who plays Phil Mitchell – is worried that now Peggy’s gone, he’ll “inherit” long monologues on the show.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Barbara said, “I created a fast-talking character and had so many long speeches to do.

“Steve McFadden is worried he’ll get them instead now!

“I’ll be happy not to learn all those bitchy lines!”

More EastEnders news soon!

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