X Factor 2010: Axed Sinitta in “attack” on Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh!

Sinitta, who was dumped from the X Factor earlier this year after leaking the show’s secrets on her website, has launched a scathing attack on her former lover and boss, Simon Cowell.

Speaking to The News of the World, Sinitta said, “He has made a massive mistake in sacking me.”

She added that Simon “humiliated” her and also had a dig at Louis Walsh claiming that he should’ve faced the sack for being “a diva.”

She added, “The show is losing something by not having me there.

“But when I told Simon he just laughed in my face. It was humiliating.

“I’ve put forward every defence I can think of, with reasons why I should come back.

“Simon has had so many dramas and we’ve only just started. I speak to him everyday and harass him but he just hangs up.”

As to her sacking over various X Factor related posts on her personal website, Sinitta said, “I’ve told Simon he was wrong and that he over-reacted.

“It was a very public situation. I was trying to help.

“I said to Simon’s face, ‘Sorry if you took it the wrong way about my website.’

“I explained my position about helping mentoring people and giving them a chance to make it on to X Factor.

“It wasn’t exactly a shouting match, but I felt quite chastised at the time, so I was more humble than I’d normally be.

“I wanted to put my point across and I felt misunderstood. I’m really passionate about the show and have been there since series one.

“Simon and I work well together. I’ll be a bit put out if someone like Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger takes over my role.”

Her final angry rant was saved for Louis Walsh. She said, “Simon should axe Louis and give me his job.

“I’ve got more talent in my little finger than Louis has in his whole body.”

Righteo one hit wonder from the ‘80s… if you say so 😉

Ultimate Big Brother: Nadia hospitalized after suicide attempt

The Sun reports that Nadia was found “slumped” in her bathroom on Wednesday and was believed to have deliberately taken an overdose of prescription drugs and painkillers.

33 year old Nadia warned that she was feeling suicidal shortly after she left the UBB house. She told friends, “I want to end it all.”

A friend who was staying with Nadia called an ambulance when she discovered Nadia unconscious. However, following treatment in hospital, Nadia was released and returned home.

A source told the paper, “This is a cry for help. She is very unhappy.”

It seems that Nadia had been very upset with the negative publicity she’d received both while in the house and after leaving.

Digital Spy state that BB5’s Marco posted on their forum that Nadia had been “devastated” by how she was received by the crowd on leaving the house last week. And Nadia herself recently rebuked Channel 4 for the way she was “presented” during the rows she had with fellow housemate Coolio.

She claimed viewers had been misled by edited footage of her part in the arguments.

Last night, a Big Brother spokesperson reacted to the news of Nadia’s suicide attempt by saying, “We have been in constant touch with Nadia and, like all housemates, she has access to all of our aftercare facilities.”

Let’s hope she can get through this bad time and come out the other side…

None of it’s worth dying for.

Ultimate Big Brother: Michelle Bass – next ‘race’ row?

Yesterday, UBB housemate Michelle Bass was reprimanded by BB for making allegedly racist comments about Victor.

Apparently, Michelle, Victor, Nick and Brian were joking together when Michelle made a remark about “all blacks here tonight”.

Trying to cover the awkwardness of the moment, Brian replied, “Yes, all blacks, gays and divas tonight.”

Nobody seemed to take any issue with what Michelle had said, however, BB called her into the Diary Room and told her that her remarks were offensive and she could be evicted.

Michelle became very upset and was furious with BB when she told her fellow housemates what she’d been told in the Diary Room.

Brian tried to reassure her saying, “Michelle, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

“I wasn’t offended by it because I said it too.”

Brian was also later called to the Diary Room for a similar telling off.

Ulrika later told both Michelle and Brian that BB are just “covering their ar*es” for fear of another race row like that between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty.

A Big Brother spokesman confirmed

to the press, “Brian and Michelle were reminded about the rules regarding unacceptable language.”

What do you think? Personally, I can see why BB would reprimand them, but otherwise, I think it’s a bit of a to-do about nothing!

X Factor 2010: Simon says “prostitute” will not be axed from the show, plus Alex Burke a “diva”?

A report in The Sun recently claimed that an X Factor hopeful, Chloe Mafia, was working as a “£160 per hour prostitute” but Simon Cowell says that she won’t necessarily be axed from the show.

After the report surfaced, it seems that some viewers suggested Chloe – who’s audition hasn’t yet been aired – should be dropped by the show…

However, Simon told the paper that as long as Chloe “isn’t working” while she’s on the X Factor, it shouldn’t make any difference to her staying in the contest.

He said, “We haven’t banned prostitutes. I think you’d want to show the story if we’re allowed.

“I want to see the story.

“We can’t just take people off the show because they might do something that upsets some people.

“If a person applies to be on The X Factor it’s obvious to me that they want to do something better with their life.”

And an X Factor spokeswoman added, “We don’t discriminate. We will look into the matter.”

In other X Factor news, it seems that former winner Alexandra Burke is making herself unpopular in some media circles for apparently acting like “a diva.”

The accusations about her behaviour came in a report by the Daily Star that guests at a party for footballer Jamie Carragher were “shocked” by Alex’s attitude.

A source told the paper, “She acted like a diva. She wouldn’t pose for snaps and made her manager walk 20 minutes for a specific brand of bottled water.”

Oh dear… how quickly the fame can go to the heads of some eh?

Ultimate Big Brother: John’s gone and Coolio & Nadia’s big row!

As was fairly inevitable, John McCririck left the UBB house last night, and I can’t say I’ll miss the sight of him in his baggy pants… shudders violently.

However, just before he left, Nadia and Coolio got into a very big row after Coolio apparently hid Nadia’s clothes by way of a “joke.”

Not unreasonably, Nadia was fumigating – remember how in her original BB appearance she told BB she was “fumigating” that they wouldn’t give her any cigs?

Anyway, she let rip at Coolio while everyone was gathered on the sofas for the eviction. Click here to see their row!

Later on, Coolio told Chantelle – who seems to be the only person in the house who likes him…

“She tried to get into a confrontation with me over nothing, so I went bug ass crazy for her to not do it again.

“All she had to do was say, ‘I don’t like people making fun of me please’ – it was all, ‘F**k you’.

“She started saying like, ‘Are you making fun of me?’ She was getting confrontational with me.”

Chantelle then told Nadia that Coolio was sorry for his actions, but she didn’t want to hear it.

She said, “I don’t want his apologies, seriously.”

Ulrika added, “He doesn’t respect women. He wants to play with the audience then he’ll do nice things so the viewers think, ‘Oh, he’s not that bad’.”

Nick added that Coolio’s behaviour had been “really unnecessary”.

So when Coolio was called to the Diary Room, most of the housemates figured he was getting a telling off for his part in the row.

When he reemerged, he announced, “I was a gangster one time in my life, I’m not a gangster anymore. I just want to say that for the record.”

What do you think of Coolio? Personally, I hate the way he letches over everyone, especially Chantelle. It’s downright icky…

More BB news soon.

Ultimate Big Brother: Josie has left the house!

Josie has left the Ultimate Big Brother house after she walked out of the fire escape in the garden.

And weirdly, she ran right into the arms of John James who was at the studio to record a message for her.

She left so fast, she was still wearing her mic and was heard to tell John, “Thank God you were here when I came out.”

John hugged her and said, “You’re so stupid!” Fortunately, he followed that with, “I love you so much!”

Josie told him, “I just thought f**k this, it’s not worth it.”

Josie also said sorry to the show’s producers for quitting…

“I’m so sorry, guys. They’re all really nice people don’t get me wrong.

“I’m normal, I’m not a celebrity. I’m not like that.”

Josie will explain her decision to leave on this evening’s Big Brother’s Little Brother at 6pm on E4.

Big Brother 11: John James rebels against BB!

John James has told his fellow housemates that when he’s evicted, he will refuse to be interviewed by Davina…

He says this is because BB “f**ked me over” during a Diary Room chat yesterday, during which, John asked to leave but BB tried to talk him out of.

He was even offered a phone call home to make him stay.

John told Josie, “They’ve f**ked me off.

“They’ve done everything in their power, they want me here.

“You should’ve seen them last night, they want me in here more than anything. That’s why they gave me phone calls and stuff.

“I’ve got one more chance to not give them what they want…

“They want to interview me, they do – they know they’re going to get publicity from me, they do. They’re using me.”

Josie then told him that his behaviour towards BB was both “rude and ungrateful” and she added that he should be glad BB took him on the show in the first place.

However, John replied, “They need me more than I need them, that’s the truth.

“They do and they’ve proven it.”

He then said that he didn’t want BB to embarrass him further, like he’d been embarrassed by having to dress like a crab.

Josie replied, “The only person who can make a mockery of yourself is you.”

But John refused to be placated and added, “To be myself is to not do the interview.

“You’ve got different views on the programme than what I do. I don’t think I owe them sh*t.”

I wonder if he’ll go tonight? Join us tonight for bulletins about who’s evicted!

Big Brother 11: Is Sam pushing Corin too far?

Yesterday, the world’s most annoying housemate ever, Sam Pepper, took and hid Corin’s make-up bag, yet again.

The first time it happened, Corin took it fairly well, in that she didn’t smack him upside the head with something heavy – which I would’ve done – but on finding it gone yet again, she got annoyed…

As did Josie who knew it was Sam who’d taken it, so she gave him a warning to stop being such a t*t.

Her warning came as BB told everyone to gather on the sofas to hear about their new task, but Corin, who was outside in the smoking area, point blank refused to go inside until her make-up was returned.

She told Josie, “I’m not coming inside until he gives it me back.”

Sam, being the pillock he is, laughed as he denied he’d taken it, but of course, Josie had seen him take it.

Josie got angry with Sam’s attitude and yelled, “You dish it all out but you can’t take it back. A laugh and a joke is alright but you’re upsetting her!”

John James put his oar in and told Josie, “He’s only messing about; he was alright when we hid his hats.”

However, Josie said, “Let someone take your creams and then see what happens!”

After Corin found her bag, she went inside and confronted Sam, saying, “I’m all up for a laugh and a joke, but I don’t take people’s things, Sam.

“You don’t even know me.”

So will he stop being such a tw*t now? I very much doubt it…

Big Brother 11: Sam hides the tobacco! Too far Pepper, too far…

It seems that Sam has made it his life’s work to be as annoying and irritating as is humanly possible, however last night, he took it just that bit too far…

Josie and Corin hunted high and low for their tobacco, and while they were looking, they noticed that Sam was giggling and taking far too much interest in what they were doing.

So, figuring the missing tobacco was another of Sam’s ‘pranks’, Corin confronted him.

At first, he denied that he’d taken their tobacco, but when it became apparent that Corin was getting annoyed, he told her that he’d tell her which room he’d hidden it in, but after that, they’d have to find it themselves.

Frankly, I think it’s testament to Corin’s good nature that she didn’t beat him to death with his own shoes…

I can take a joke as well as the next man, but hiding my nicotine supply? He’d be in serious trouble if he’d done that to me.

Corin angrily told him that he needed to grow up and that hiding their tobacco was “pathetic.” But undeterred, Sam laughed and promised more pranks later on.

Seriously, he’d be toast…

It seems he kept his word about their being more pranks too, but whatever he was up to, Dave and John James got some revenge on him by brushing his teeth with something apparently rank! Good on you boys! Click here to see video of that…

I hope he goes this week. I mean I get that he’s a good housemate in that he’s causing trouble and riling things up, but he’s so annoying, I can barely stop myself slapping my telly in the face when he’s on…


More BB news soon.

Big Brother 11: Will we ever get rid of Sam?! Do you even want to?

Yesterday, BB punished some of the housemates for talking about nominations, yet again, but there was a twist to the punishment this time…

During the afternoon, BB gathered everyone on the sofas then played to the house some conversations between Dave, Rachel and John James, and they were all about how Sam would be out as soon as the HMs could nominate him.

My god, they never learn do they?

One snippet of the conversation was John James saying, “Of course he’s going to be up…everyone’s going to put him up.”

Dave then added that Sam would be “high on the nominations hit list.”

As a result, Dave, John James and Rachel are forbidden from nominating Sam next week. So that’s three votes he’s been saved from.

The housemates debated Sam’s affect on the house yesterday too, with John James saying that he thought the public would want to keep him in because he causes trouble. That annoyed Josie and the two had a few heated words over it.

John James said of Sam, “I’d definitely vote for him, to keep him in, because he’s winding everyone up.”

Andrew agreed and said, “This house went from being boring on TV to being dead interesting.”

Josie, however, wasn’t impressed and said, “That’s a load of sh*t.”

As John continued to make his point, Josie snapped, “If you want to talk about how great he is, can you do it somewhere else?”

He did and he decided to approach Sam about how he treats Josie. He told him, “You need to pipe it down a bit” and explained that he was upsetting Josie by insulting her.

Sam replied, “When did I insult someone?

“Normally, if I’m insulting someone it’s when we’re having banter…

“I was just ripping Josie, but she was giving it back as much as I was giving it to her.”

But John disagreed and said, “I thought what you said was out of line.”

Sam then went to apologise to Josie, but she wasn’t having any of it. And when John joined her in the kitchen, she said, “You don’t understand what you’ve just done John.”

To which an incredulous John said, “You got an apology out of him!”

Josie shook her head and said, “Do you know how clever he is? He’s just playing a little f**king game.”

I agree with Josie – I think everything Sam does is calculated to cause maximum havoc. But what do you think?

Do you want him to stay or can you, like me, not wait to see the back of him??

Let us know, and don’t forget, if you can’t get to a telly tonight, check back here and we’ll report on who gets the boot!

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