Big Brother 11: Is Sam the most obnoxious HM ever??

He’s only been in the house for a couple of days, but new housemate Sam has managed to pee everyone off royally, and last night, he accused Josie of hoping to profit from her relationship with John James.

It all began when John asked the other housemates how the press covered BB here in the UK. Dave and Steve told him that there’s something in the tabloid papers every day, and Mario said that romances are always covered.

He said, “The slightest sniff of romance in here and they go crazy for it.”

Andrew then pointed out that a house romance would increase the amount of money that a housemate could make after the show. John James seemed amused and shocked and said, “People would honestly pay? Bullsh*t! No f**king way!”

Josie then walked in and Mario told her what they’d been discussing, and added, “You could make yourselves a nice little cash earner when you get out of here.”

Josie testily replied, “F**k off. It’s not about the money.”

Sam then sarcastically remarked, “Oh yeah, it’s all about the love, isn’t it?”

Josie replied, “I don’t really look that far into it, to be quite honest. It is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t.

“Everybody can think what they want. Something like that wouldn’t even cross my mind.”

Sam reiterated that he thinks she’d “sell her story” to a newspaper if they offered her money, to which Josie replied, “Well, you’re totally, totally wrong.”

Getting defensive, Sam said, “Whether I’m wrong or right, that’s my opinion.”

Furious, Josie told him to just mind his own business and stormed off. A few of the other housemates decided to challenge him for upsetting Josie, to which Sam said, “I didn’t say Josie’s love towards John James is fake.”

Rachel then told him, “But it sounded like you said she was only doing that to get a magazine deal.”

Sam then said, “I just think she’ll want to tell [the media] what’s happened and I think she’d like to appear on the TV.”

That row rumbled on a bit longer with Dave and Andrew pointing out that Sam had offended Josie a few times now – for instance, calling her Miss Piggy – and that he should think before he speaks. None of which Sam took on board at all, and later on, he caused more annoyance…

As a prize for winning yesterday’s task, Andrew and Corin had an Arabian date in the Nest, and Sam was supposed to “fan” them during the date.

However, while Andrew and Corin were outside – so Corin could have a cigarette – Sam drank their champagne and substituted it for water, and ate some of their meal.

He then sat outside the Nest with a horn that was part of the ‘dressing’ in the room, and kept blowing it loudly, making Corin jump several times.

I suspect Sam will be offski as soon as he can be nominated, and I for one can’t wait to see the back of him!

Big Brother 11: How annoying were Jedward?! And Sam’s a tool, is he not?

Last night’s eviction night show was awesome on many levels, and specifically because Davina went into the house and messed with the housemates. I love that woman.

But what wasn’t brill were Jedward. First off – and no quelle surprise here – they mimed a cover version of All The Small Things, then, one of them pretty much slammed Andrew and nearly knocked him flying.

I don’t know if Andrew just hates Jedward or if he was trying to pretend to be ignoring them, as per the Ignore the Obvious task, but he looked rather like he’d just shat himself as he scowled at the lads…

Maybe that’s why one of them smacked into him, but then, not content with giving one of the HMs whiplash, he careened into the living area and kicked over the coffee table that was full of mugs and glasses. Totally uncalled for.

Then when it was time for the dopey duo to leave, they couldn’t figure out that the doors opened automatically – when BB’s good and ready to open them – so they began fiddling with a console by the door which set the fire alarm off.

So once they’d bogged off, new housemate Sam Pepper came in, and I took a pretty much instant dislike to him. My first impression can be summed up in one word – tw*t.

And he’s been irritating everyone all day apparently. He got on everyone’s wick during the shopping list writing by stating the glaringly obvious about what they should get and not get.

He then took the mick out of Dave’s workout regime, John James’ preening and Josie in general. Not cool ma man, not cool at all.

What do you think of Sam?

It may have had 1.46million viewers but Five’s new talent show, a Britain’s Got Talent meets Glee, is utter rubbish.

While the open moments were impressive as all six acts of the night took to the stage to open the show in one giant combined number, it was all just a matter of “ok, that’s cool… but who are these people?”

Unlike most other talent formats, there are no audition episodes.  It’s straight into the competition.  Acts perform and then at the end of the show, people vote.  For 12 minutes!  For 12 minutes?  Are these people crazy?  I’m introduced to 6 acts, get a short intro, see them perform once and am then asked to decide who I want to see in the final.  It’s all just a bit quick, really.

And then there’s this super group thing. Say what?  So there are another 5 people who the producers have chosen to start a super group with and then each week, from people who audition in some Mall box, 5 more will be added.

This show is nothing more than an attempt at trying to ride the wave of success that Glee has generated.  It’s only real draw card is curiosity around who the acts are that will be performing on the night.  There is nothing about this show that encourages the development of a fan base which means that it’s longevity is going to be short lived.  It’s purely a quick financial shot in the arm.

There is certainly space for a show that combines singing and dancing but this just isn’t it.

Big Brother 11: John James tells Josie “I think I’m in love with you”!

After days and days of “nah I don’t think of Josie that way” denial, last night, John James cuddled up to Josie in the bedroom and uttered those words we’ve all been waiting to hear…

“I think I love you Jose” he said, but an embarrassed Josie didn’t know what to say, so she didn’t say anything! Omigod!

He made the revelation while the rest of the house were enjoying a party as a reward for passing yesterday’s Tug of War task, and after he’d come out with his confession, and Josie ignored it, they both went back into the living area and carried on as normal…

However, later, John told Caoimhe that he couldn’t get Josie out of his head and he thinks he’s been in denial about how he feels about her, and how she feels about him.

So is the whole will-they-won’t-they thing now over and they in fact, will?

Well, apparently not, because later on, Mario asked John if he fancied Josie, and he went back to his usual refrain of, “No, she’s like a sister to me.”


Big Brother 11: John James, Keeley and Caoimhe row!

Yesterday, Caoimhe told BB that she wants to go… again!

Speaking to John James and Corin in the garden, she once again claimed she “can’t do it anymore” and that “my head’s wrecked.”

It seems BB told her that if she still wants to go in the morning – as in, today – then they would arrange it.

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of her doing this now. I wish she would just leave. I don’t think there’s been one day when she hasn’t said she’s going!

Click here to see her talking to John and Corin about it.

Then, overnight, tensions in the already wound up house got even worse when Keeley interrupted a nighttime chat between John James and Caoimhe and told Caoimhe to stop “slagging people off” or leave the room so she couldn’t hear it.

Caoimhe was talking to John about going – I don’t know how John James listens to it day in day out with a straight face – and Keeley believed that Caoimhe was having a bitch.

Click here to see video of her telling Caoimhe and John off!

Later on, while in the garden, Caoimhe and John were busy recounting the story to Josie, who had a decidedly bored look on her face while John and Caoimhe ranted.

John ended up asking Josie if she agreed that he was right to tell Keeley to mind her own business and stop listening in on other people’s conversations…

Josie replied, “I don’t really care to be honest.”

In fact, I would think that given how Josie feels about Caoimhe – and her jealousy of Caoimhe and John’s friendship – she’d most likely go and give Keeley a medal!

Click here to see John and Caoimhe’s garden rant.

We’ll keep you posted if Caoimhe actually carries out her threat to leave today!

Shabby and Caoimhe “We’re leaving the house” As if!

Well today’s Oh Yeah Like That’s Going To Happen story is that Shabby and Caoimhe have told BB that they both want to walk…

It all started at a party last night thrown by BB as a reward. Ife apparently was dancing around like a nutter, and Shabby and Caoimhe had a good bitch about it.

From their vantage point/bitch spot, Shabby and Caoimhe watched through the windows as Ife threw herself around the living area. Shabby – while banging her head on a wall, as you do – yelled “This is like a GCSE party” to which Caoimhe added, “It’s like a church group get together.”

Their bitching continued, and soon, Ife had heard some of it. Immediately bursting into tears, she declared that in her prior befriending of Shabby and Caoimhe, she’s been “naïve.”

She cried, “I feel really stupid, I’ve been so blind. So many times people have taken the p**s out of me.”

Later, Shabby and Caoimhe tried to speak to Ife, but she was having none of it and stormed off, leaving Caoimhe muttering, “That’s so unfair.”

Ife meanwhile cornered Mario and told him, “They are so wrapped up in themselves. They’re not my friends. They’re the mean girls at school! They have no social awareness.”

Then, when Ife went outside for a cigarette, Shabby and Caoimhe approached her again. She said, “I don’t want to talk to either of you right now. I don’t want to talk right now. Can you give me that respect?

“I don’t want to talk to you. We’re not going to have a conversation so let’s just leave it.”

“I did actually apologise to you Ife” yelled Shabby, and Caoimhe said she’d apologised too.

“Caoimhe! I do not want to talk to you!” shouted Ife, which further inflamed things and Caoimhe yelled back, “Don’t you dare raise your voice at me! Don’t you dare!”

Caoimhe then stomped off and was soon followed by her lapdog Shabby.

As the evening rolled into the early hours, and the row refused to die, Shabby and Caoimhe spent about ten years in the Diary Room claiming they wanted out.

So will they go? Personally, I very much doubt it. The pair of them are just all talk, all the time. And they’re both uber competitive, so I don’t see either of them walking. But if they do, I’ll let you know!

BB Dave: “I’m in a house full of sinners”

“I’m dousin’ you with imaginary holy water, you sinner…”

BB housemate, Dave, has told Shabby during a heart-to-heart that the BB house is full of sinners.

He made the comment as he and Shabby moaned about the fact that they’re pretty much always up for eviction.

Shabby told Dave that she’s missing home and friends, and added, “I’m just tired of these people, Dave.”

Never one to miss out on a good whine, Dave said, “How do you think I feel? I don’t want to hang around with sinners.”

He went on to explain that he’d been sitting in the living area when a few of the others launched into a conversation about their “most bad sexual experiences.”

He told Shabby that sitting through the convo was “on of the biggest tests” for him. Which makes me wonder, why didn’t you leave the room Dave? Were you stapled to the chair? No, I don’t think so…

As his moan dragged on, he added, “I have to look at the people in here through the eyes of the Lord and see them in the image of God; beautiful.”

Oh ffs… He is sooooo two faced it actually angers me! In every highlights show for days, he and Ben are draped all over each other, and Dave’s forever cuddling or stroking someone…

But he can’t stand them? Is bored by them? Thinks they’re all “sinners”? Then leave Dave!

Shabby wants Caoimhe to go tonight!

Yes, the love has gone. Packed its little pink case and bogged off, for Shabby has told Josie that in a choice between herself leaving, or Caoimhe leaving, she wants her Irish pal to do one.

That little crush didn’t last long did it? I think it was Hat-gate that caused the untimely death of that.

Anyway, Shabby made her comments late last night when she and Josie were outside having a cigarette, but she reckons that she only feels that way because Caoimhe “wants” to go. Yeah, sure she does…

She said, “In a way I want Caoimhe to go more than me, because she wants to go.

“And I only sometimes want to go.”

Josie said, “You’ll feel so lost without her in here.”

Shabby replied, “I don’t think I will. I’ll have a shit week, but I have started speaking to people a lot more.

“Had she gone in week two I’d have been f**ked.” Yeah, you wish…

Anyway, Shabby went on, “I was gonna go if she was evicted.” Again, yeah sure you were. But then a little later, as Shabby clambered into bed with Caoimhe, she told her, “This could be our last night together, I’m scared.”

How many faces??

Feeling that nothing’s adding up about Loretta’s leukaemia, Jake decides to do a bit of digging as he phones up the strip club where Loretta used to work. Discovering that Loretta didn’t take a day off the whole time she was there even though that’s when she’s told him she had leukaemia, Jake realises for certain that Loretta has lied and confronts her about it. No longer wanting anything to do with Loretta, Jake orders her to leave, with Loretta left absolutely distraught to have had her lies found out and lost her boyfriend. 

Whilst Loretta clearly wants to keep the relationship going, Jake definitely seems to have made his mind up already and it doesn’t seem as though there’ll be any way back for Loretta in her relationship with Jake.

Not wanting a fuss to be made, Steph tells her family that she’s going on holiday as she goes into hospital for a hysterectomy, Gilly doesn’t feel right about the situation however and takes things into his own hands as he calls up Frankie from the hospital and tells her what’s happening. Gilly doesn’t look sure about what he’s just done as he’s gone against Steph’s word, he feels it’s for the best that Steph has her family around her however and it seems that the decision will prove to be the correct one. Steph and Gilly love each other and Steph will no doubt know that Gilly had her best intentions at heart when he made the decision to tell her family what was really going on.

With one relationship ending here, one could be about to get even stronger as Gilly and Steph look to tackle Steph’s cancer together as a team. Steph and Gilly spent a long time loving each other before finally getting together as a couple, and it would seem that their bond will never be easily broken.


With Gilly now aware of the true reason behind Steph’s recent behaviour, the two of them are able to have a chat as Gilly attempts to get their relationship back on track. Steph is adamant that she wants to fight this alone, Gilly doesn’t give up on her that easily though and it’s clear that he very much intends to stand by Steph as she battles against her cancer.

As Loretta keeps a close eye on Jake she is absolutely appalled to spot him flirting with Jem in MOBs, and with Steph also currently receiving a lot of attention from Jake because of the news of her cancer, Loretta resorts to lies in order to try and win back some of Jake’s focus. Jake is shocked as Loretta tells him that she had leukaemia a couple of years ago, with the facts not adding up about it though it’s only a matter of time before Jake realises that she never truly had leukaemia. Jake isn’t stupid and it’s going to be incredibly hard to Loretta to keep up the pretence.

Michaela is in a spot of bother as Carmel discovers her attempting to record a conversation with her about Calvin, with Michaela still in need of a story though and Carmel wanting to help her sister out, Carmel agrees to the interview so long as Michaela agrees to certain conditions about how the article must be carried out. Michaela is pleased to have her article in the pipeline, and Carmel also is grateful at the opportunity to get her side of the story across about Calvin.

Gilly and Steph’s relationship looks as though it’s going to remain extremely strong, Loretta is clearly struggling to cope with the pressure of the enormity of her lie however and it’s only a matter of time before Jake begins to start figuring things out.



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