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Year after year, they come in their thousands. All with the same dream. But only a few stand out from the crowd. And now, the dream show has become reality. But who is next?

Tonight, the new search begins. Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Cheryl Cole search for the next big thing. With Danni Minogue away, they’ll be joined by five of the biggest names in music. Geri Haliwell, Natalie Imbruglia, Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and Nicole Scherzinger.

It’s time to face the music! Let the mayhem of the auditions begin!

There are six locations for auditions this year. London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dublin and Glasgow.

First up is house husband Stephen Hunter, 41 from Glasgow who eventually gets to sing Disco Inferno after Simon cut him off during his long intro of dancing. It’s four yeses!

Diva Features are horrible with their performance of Waiting for a Star to Fall. Four definite Noes!

70 year old retired RAF serviceman George Bicknell is not the next Justin Bieber.

Emedy Ecilo is a 21 year old Student who sings Billy Jean. It’s bad. Epically.

18 year old student Gamu Nhengu is a Zimbabwean who wants to do something people talk about. She sings Walking on Sunshine and she’s good. Really good. How could you not love that? Simon hates that song but he really, really likes her. Of course we’ll be seeing more of her.

Geri certainly makes her mark on the auditions. She has plenty to say. So much that the producers have decided to mock her with a segment dedicated to her long critiques.

G&S, or Gay and Straight, sing Don’t top Believing. It’s horrible. Well, he is. She’s not too bad but how she can perform with him is incredible.

The judges want to hear Caroline sing solo. She sings Get here and gets a chance to go through despite Simon saying no.

23 year old Waitress Lynn Frances O’Neil sings True Colors and has Simon telling her that if he owned the restaurant, he’d have her singing every night of the week!

Noir (French for Black) are a quartet who sing Paparazzi among a sea of yeses! 


Mark McGregor is a 21 year old Support Worker who sings If i could turn back the hands of time and has Louie thinking he’s got it while Simon says he’s one of the many reasons why they keep coming back to Scotland. If

That’s it for Scotland. It’s time to head south to the capital and see what London has to offer. Cheryl is looking for an amazing group.

First up is Jham. They sing Bad Romance. Perhaps it should be retitled Bad Perfromance. Simon thinks they’re the worst group they’ve ever had on The X Factor.


Girl band Dice don’t offend or annoy the judges with In My Head. Cheryl asks them to lay off the fake tan and lets them through. 


Electralytes sing Pop but Cheryl thinks they should be auditioning for a kids program. Offended much? Pop

Ladybird sing Parachute, one of Cheryl’s songs.


Simon upsets Cheryl with all his comments about her having her claws out. He pours out some milk into a saucer which Louis finds funny. Strangely enough, Cheryl doesn’t.

24 year old Katie Waissel loves her 80’s music and looks like she’s stepped out of a time machine. She’s a star without even hearing her sing. She wants to sing Etta James At Last but Simon doesn’t want to hear her sing it. He asks her to sing something else so she sings We Are the Champions. She’s so likable. They don’t like her performance but give her 20 seconds to sing At Last. Louie says no but Cheryl and Simon are with her. Love her! 


Shirlena Johnson is a 30 year old full-time mum and volunteer worker who has been getting vocal coaching from someone who has also worked with Shirley Bassey. She’s singing Mercy. She’s gonna need lots of it after this. Excrutiating. Simon describes it as a musical exorcism. It’s amazing that she makes it through. Simon just wants to hear her do it again. Why? I’m not too sure. 


Who was your favourite from the Glasgow and London auditions?

Miquita Oliver greets the final 13 for this week’s task.

Task: Create the best Vintage outfit in five minutes
Location: Rocket Warehouse
Winner: Amba
Reward: Extra 5 minutes at next photoshoot
Person whose time those 5 minutes are coming off: Kirsty

Location: Daniel Galvin
James Galvin – Celebrity Hairdresser
Louise Galvin – Colour Director

Client: Elizabeth Galton – Creative Director Links of London
Style: Couture collection
Theme: Urban Warrior look

Guest Judge: Noemie Lenoir

Photographs: (In the order received)

Nicola Wright

Amba Hudson-Skye

Kirsty Parsons

Tiffany Pisani

Charlotte Holmes

Delita Cole

Alisha White

Susan Loughanne

Joy McLaren

Harleen Kaur Nottay

Ameliea Thomas

Olivia Oldham Stevens

Rachelle Harry

So here it is.  Reality Television’s latest singing and dancing competition. Don’t Stop Believing. It’s kinda like Britain’s Got Talent but without the auditions and a whole lot like Glee.

The enormous stage comes to life with a combined performance from all six acts that features about a hundred performers singing and dancing to I I Gotta Feeling. It’s a pretty good opening introduction to the show.


Performing to: Do Do Your Thing

My Thoughts: So that’s what an act on Don’t Stop Believing looks like.

Judges Comments:
Chuckie – I want to be all of your friends
Duncan – Your energy to open the show was fantastic
Anastacia – Your vocals were spot on. Thumbs up. Good job
Tamsin – You really know how to put a number across

09015 22 22 01

The Classix
Performing to: Video Video Killed the Radio Star

My Thoughts: I really liked the stage set

Judges Comments:
Chuckie – You came rockstar ready for this stage
Anastacia – I’m very into the Classics right now. I loved everything you did
Duncan – You guys were spot on.
Tamsin – It was inventive and really unique

09015 22 22 02

Step Up

Performing to: Think / Love Man – Single – Aretha Franklin & Otis Redding/Signed, Sealed & Delivered (Remastered) – Stevie Wonder

My Thoughts: I quite liked the mash-up of the two songs

Judges Comments:
Duncan – I really loved the swagger you bought to that. Spot on.
Anastacia – Hats off to you because you bought it just now
Chucky – Don’t settle for what you just did
Tamsin – We wanted to find a group that you’d want to be a part of, and I want to be a part of that

09015 22 22 03

Manchester Show Choir

Performing to: Bad Romance – Single – Lady GaGa

My thoughts: Has to be the most bland version of a GaGa song ever!

Judges Comments:
Chucky – It’s hard to keep a group that big together and I don’t know if it quite matched for me
Duncan – You weren’t my favourite tonight
Anastacia – I would have liked to have heard more harmonies
Tamsin – It was vocal variety that was missing for me

09015 22 22 04

Singer Station

Performing to: True Colors – Cyndi Lauper

My thoughts: These guys sound horrible.

Judges Comments:
Tamsin – It moved me. You should be very proud of yourselves
Chucky – That was perfect for you.  Feel it and enjoy it

09015 22 22 05


Performing to: Sex On Fire – Single – Kings of Leon

My Thoughts: I quite liked that as a performance

Judges Comments:
Anastacia – You definitely got the sex across
Duncan – It felt a little bit uncomfortable for me

09015 22 22 06

Only twelve minutes to vote for your favourite though.

The first five members of The Super Group perform:

Lewis Codling, Nicola Ward, Laura Broad, Nataylia Roni and Mikhil Kalidas

You can buy their version of Don’t Stop Believing Supergroup (Episode One) – Don’t Stop Believing Supergroup

Performing again: 
Dice & Manchester Show Choir

Through to the final:
Singer Station

Task: Catwalk
Winners: Kirsty & Amelia
Reward: Walk the runway at a fashion event

Photoshoot: Lingerie (Fred & Ginger)
Photographer: Shane Woodward

Tiffany Pisani - Lingerie
Tiffany Pisani

Susan Loughanne - Lingerie
Susan Loughanne

Rachelle Harry - Lingerie
Rachelle Harry

Olivia Oldham Stevens - Lingerie
Olivia Oldham Stevens

Nicola Wright - Lingerie
Nicola Wright

Kirsty Parsons - Lingerie
Kirsty Parsons

Joy McLaren - Lingerie
Joy McLaren

Harleen Kaur Nottay - Lingerie
Harleen Kaur Nottay

Hannah Goodeve - Lingerie
Hannah Goodeve

Delita Cole - Lingerie
Delita Cole

Charlotte Holmes - Lingerie
Charlotte Holmes

Amelia Thomas - Lingerie
Amelia Thomas

Amba Hudson Skye - Lingerie
Amba Hudson-Skye

Aleisha White - Lingerie
Alisha White

Bottom two: Hannah & Delita
Leaving: Hannah (quit)

Sunshine chimes off at Ben – again

Ben’s been having a busy 24 hours, what with Sunshine whining at him – again – and worrying over how the public will receive him when he leave.

He told Mario before last night’s eviction, “I know that at some point this week, next week, I’ll have to go, we all will.

“I kind of deceived myself people would see the good side of myself. “In this kind of environment it’s hard. All the fights I get in, [I] don’t know if I’m coming or going, don’t know if I’m Arthur or Martha…

“They’ll think I wind up Sunshine, bully Shabby.”

Mario replied, “But they might display you as being really funny with it. All you can do is enjoy every minute in here and not worry about what people think of you.”

My god, they say the same things every year don’t they?

In other news, Shabby was in full celebratory mode last night having survived the eviction. She told the others, “I just so didn’t want to go. Now hearing them cheering me its like, ‘Wow people are liking me’. Now I’m glad I was up for [eviction] this week.”

Erm, who cheered her?? I’m pretty sure nobody did… and if YOU did, don’t make me come round and kick your as*!!

She yapped on, saying, “This has been really good for me and Sunshine ‘cos we’re both part of the oddballs of the group, people could easily hate us.

“If the house hate me that’s their problem, if the public are alright with me well… I didn’t come in here to make friends with everyone.”

That’s handy then.

Anyway, getting back to Ben, and he’s managed to upset the permanently upset Sunshine, again.

Late last night, Sunshine cornered Ben and asked why he’d been “snapping” at her all day… Maybe you just had the same cards as him Sunshine?

She whinged on for a considerable amount of time about things he’d said about her, which apparently – according to her – include calling her uncaring, a bitch and joking about her battles with eating disorders.

On hearing all these accusations, Ben said, “Have I looked at you and said, ‘You’re not caring’, or said that you’re bad at whatever you’re meant to do?”

“You point out every flaw I have” she whined, adding, “I know I’m not perfect but I have my enemies to point out these things to me continually…

“I don’t think it’s very nice these things you say because you say them to me in very insulting ways.”

After yet more whining and yapping in general, and saying he could jeopardize her medical career – yawn and omg get over yourself – Ben went off to talk to Dave in the nest.

He said, “I feel sad I’ve upset her, but I don’t feel guilty because I made those comments in good humour and if she can’t accept that humour, that’s her problem.”

Well said old chap! Tally ho. More BB news soon.

BB11: Day 8 & 9 News Round Up

Our little ants-under-a-magnifying-glass have had yet another busy 24 hours, full of tasks, secrets, rows and tears. Oh happy day!

First up, Sunshine has yet again been one of the main topics of conversation, and when I say conversation, I do of course mean bitching.

But she’s her own worst enemy most of the time, and she made the rookie error of asking Mario, Ben and John James why they thought she’d been nominated.

They couldn’t wait to reply, with John telling her, “You’re a bit of a whiner.”

Ben eagerly joined in and said, “You talk about yourself a lot.”

But Mario, a gentle soul to be sure, said, “I still love you Sunshine, everyone has their flaws.” Altogether now… awwwwwwww!

In other news, it seems that Rachael and John James have decided to put an end to their feud. Although to be fair, it’s all been from John – not much input has come from Rachael.

Anyway, in a heart to heart, John said of the pair’s argument earlier in the day – one of many – “I didn’t mean to turn it into an argument.”

Erm… righteo… Probably the wrong tactic to yell, swear and tell her you hate her then JJ!

Anyway, he added, “If I disliked you and didn’t want us to come to an agreement, I wouldn’t have come to you.

“It’s not your fault, you think I hate you and I don’t. There’s just certain things that annoy me.”

Such as the fact that Rachael’s breathing one assumes. But will the peace between them last? Nah, I don’t think so either!

More news includes the fact that Nathan flashed his willy at Josie, and according to her, “it’s huge!”

It all started when Josie told Nathan – who was in the pool – that his trunks were slipping down. He proceeded to pull them down, hence flashing his apparently not so little Nathan.

As I say, Josie ran off into the house at lightening speed yelling, “Oh my god! It’s huge!”

As far as I’m aware, it wasn’t chasing her, but hey, I assume her fast 180 outta there meant there was some clear and present danger from it.

Anywho, later on, Ben told John James that he shouldn’t “trust” Govan. Personally, I wouldn’t trust the irksome little git as far as I could throw him, so I’m glad Ben agrees.

He told JJ, “He wants to be head of the cool group. He’s into you because you’re a good looking guy and people like you.”

I’m guessing Rachael’s not included in that “people like you” thing.

Ben went on to say, “He loves being where all the bitching and gossiping is.”

See! Yet more proof that he is in fact gayer than Christmas, were it needed.

And finally, Chest of Drawers – the artist formerly known as The Tree of Temptation – gave Corin a task, which if she passed, would win Rachael her clothes back.

COD told the Jordan lookeylikey that she had to tell “13 lies” which she promptly did in record time.

And one lie was that you can get pregnant by having lesbian sex…

Well, if someone doesn’t wear the Marigolds, it’s gonna happen…

On returning to the bathroom to tell COD that it was mission accomplished, he replied, “Corin, that was awesome. That’s what I call lying!

“Just a question though; how on earth could you become pregnant with a girl?”

Read above COD…

More BB news soon, and don’t forget – as if you would – that it’s eviction night!!! Yeah baby!

BB11 Housemates – My opinion!

Well I’m sure you’re just gagging to know what I think of the new HMs… No? Oh well, I’m gonna tell you anyway!

Let’s start with who I dislike, because let’s face it, bitching is more fun than being nice.

I think of all the planks, cretins and general tools who went in last night, I disliked Shabby the most. Why? Well I’ll tell ya…

First because anyone who takes on a silly nickname as being their actual name needs a slap. Second because if she gets any more in love with herself, it could take incest to a whole new level.

I also can’t be doing with this pseudo ‘eccentricity’. It’s clearly put on. Nobody acts like that outside of asylums.

And she’s so non-conformist, she’s conforming.

Next on my Don’t Like Very Much list was Dave, but only because of his fake laugh. It’s annoying.

If a thing’s not funny, don’t pretend to laugh at it. Grrrrr.

DLVM number 3 is Rachael simply because she obviously thinks she’s something special, and I gotta say, on first glance, she’s really, really not.

Yes she’s pretty-ish, but she’s what my mum would’ve called mutton dressed as lamb.

Then there’s Sunshine. Who the hell calls their kid Sunshine??

So far, other than being jealous because she’s clearly rich and has brains, that’s my main gripe about her.

Ben I’m on the fence about.

Yes at first glance he seems to be a chinless wonder and a hooray Henry, but I suspect under that smug veneer, he might actually be an ok guy.

But what’s going on with his head?? Why would anyone voluntarily make their hair look that frickin’ stupid? And it’s creepy that he like mannequins. Shudders.

So moving onto the Don’t Know If I Like ‘Em Or Not brigade, and first up would be Corin.

Yes she’s loud, yes she wants to be like Jordan – so clearly needs a frontal lobotomy – but there’s something kind of endearing about her… so far.

Govan and Caoimhe I’m on the fence about too, but Caoimhe is rather annoying to type, so I may have to refer to her as Unpronouncable Woman in future.

Other on the fencers are Ife – again, questionable name – and Josie. Ife – though she has an awesome head of skin – seemed a tad vanilla, but of course that could change rapidly, while Josie may become annoying fast. But so far, she seems ok.

Which leaves Mario, John James, Nathan and Steve in the I Like ‘Em category.

I fancy John James a lot, Mario seems like a sweet kid, while Steve and Nathan seem like the kind of blokes you’d go for a pint with.

So what’s your take on the newbies? Love ‘em, loathe ‘em or couldn’t give a toss about ‘em? Let us know!!

  • Kris calls in professional help for Martin
  • Lauren tells Theresa that she was never pregnant
  • Newt and Rae decide to move in with Darren

Kris, Martin, Ricky, and Duncan

Having been asked by Martin to assist in his suicide, Kris finds himself backed into a corner as he wonders what to do for the best.

Whilst Ricky and Duncan remain blissfully unaware of Martin’s plans to end his life, Kris is clearly troubled and turns to Malachy as he begins to wonder about illness and the way that it affects people.

In order to try and take Ricky’s mind off his father, Duncan arranges for him to go on a date with India, and Ricky is highly impressed as he shows up for his date and discovers who he’s going to be seeing.

Although Ricky is pleased to have a date with India, he’s not so impressed when Duncan decides to stick about, and ultimately ends up sending Duncan away as Duncan doesn’t allow Ricky to answer any of the questions that India’s asking him; once Duncan disappears, India and Ricky are able to begin chatting properly.

India and Ricky get along well as friends, and as India discovers that Duncan told Ricky to tell him all the gory details of the date when he gets back, the two of them decide to make up a story about what happened between the two of them.

Duncan is impressed as Ricky gets back and starts enthusing about how brilliant his date has been with India; the buoyant mood is soon disturbed however as Kris shows up at the door.

Although Kris seriously considers helping Martin out in his request, he ultimately decides that he can’t go through with it, and realising that Martin is in serious need of help; Kris decides to bring in the medical professionals, much to the disbelief and anger of both Ricky and Duncan as they feel that Kris has betrayed them.


Theresa and Lauren

With Jacqui having booked a termination for her, Theresa is unsure who to turn to and so decides to pay Lauren a visit so that she can have a chat with her about the prospect of having a baby.

When Lauren tells Theresa that there is no baby, Theresa begins giving her sympathy as she believes that Lauren has lost a child, Theresa is sickened however when she discovers the truth that there never actually was a baby and Lauren made it all up in a quest to scam Spencer.

Disgusted with Lauren’s behaviour, Theresa leaves immediately and heads back home in disbelief of just how evil and manipulative Lauren has been.


Newt and Rae

With Rae struggling to revise, Newt attempts to come up with a solution to her problems as he asks Frankie if Rae can move in for a while; Frankie is quick to tell Newt no, this doesn’t stop him from asking again a little later though, ultimately receiving the same response.

Hoping to find somewhere else for the two of them to stay together, Newt decides to have a talk with Darren, and before Darren knows it Newt is making plans for he and Rae to move in without really giving Darren the option to say no.

  • Josh is hungover as his court appearance looms large
  • Martin asks Kris to help him kill himself
  • Ste rescues Amy from Olly

Josh, Dave, and Darren

Josh is due to appear in court, when Dave and Josh arrive at Darren’s door however, Darren is unimpressed to discover that Josh is incredibly hungover and currently in no fit state to appear in court.

Hoping to make Josh a little more presentable, Darren and Dave rally around to make sure that Josh gets some food down his neck and gets dressed up in a suit for his appearance.

Although he’s cutting it fine and Rhys, Neville, and Suzanne are beginning to worry, Josh does finally make it to the court just in time and informs his family that he doesn’t want them to be there in court when he gets sent down; Josh wants to do this alone and his family respect his wishes.


Ricky, Kris, and Martin

As Ricky struggles to keep taking care of his father, he has a chat with Kris about the way that he’s feeling, and Kris is incredibly understanding of just how difficult things must be for Ricky right now.

Speaking with Martin, Kris tells him that he can’t go on lying to Ricky about the way that he is and sooner or later he needs to admit to Ricky that his condition is worsening.

Taking Kris’s words onboard and feeling guilty for the strain that he’s putting on Ricky, Martin feels that perhaps it would be for the best if he was no longer burdening Ricky and asks Kris to help assist in his suicide.


Amy, Ste, and Olly

As Olly refuses to back off and listen to Amy as she tells him that she doesn’t want to have sex; Olly begins to get angered.

With Amy incredibly scared, she’s relieved as Ste returns and is able to get Olly off her and make sure he leaves.

Amy feels stupid to have let someone like that into the house, Ste meanwhile is just pleased that he got back just in time to save Amy.

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