05_12_EMMERDALE_03The following article contains spoilers about episodes of Emmerdale that will air from December 2nd to the 6th…

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Yorkshire, don’t read on!

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11_11_CORO_ROY_HAYLEY_FUNERAL_02The following article contains spoilers about episodes of Coronation Street that will air from November 11th to the 14th…

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Weatherfield, don’t read on!

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EastEndersThe following article contains spoilers about episodes of EastEnders that will air from November 11th to 14th…

So if you don’t want to know what’s in store for the residents of Walford, don’t read on!

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Coming up next week in Corrie, it’s the day of Peter and Leanne’s wedding blessing – on Valentine’s Day – but as a blissfully unaware Leanne meets her groom at the altar, she has no idea what he’s got planned…

He has revenge on his mind, having found out about Leanne and Nick’s affair, and as Nick’s his best man, there’s going to be fireworks!

So Peter asks Lloyd to take Simon outside, then he unleashes his anger on Nick, Leanne and even Deirdre, Ken and Carla, who of course knew all about the affair.

Peter then vows a violent revenge on Nick, but will he go through with it? What he does go through with though is throwing Leanne out of the flat and telling her he never wants to lay eyes on her again.

Elsewhere, Sally’s overjoyed when Jeff brings a huge bunch of roses to the factory for her, so she invites him over for a candlelit dinner…

But when Kevin gets wind of it, he determines to ruin it for her by showing people round the house as Sally and Jeff are midway through dinner.

And finally, Tina invites her friend Xin to stay with her and Graeme when she’s evicted from her own flat, but it’s not going to be plain sailing as Dev’s not happy about a third lodger, and neither is Graeme!

More Corrie news soon!

In the New Year’s Eve episode of EastEnders, we’ll see Ronnie (Samantha Womack) finding her newborn baby James dead in his cot, and that sets off a chain of events that could devastate many lives…

Things begin when Kat – having given birth to baby Tommy – begins to bleed heavily so has to be rushed into hospital, leaving the baby in the flat at the Vic.

But when that night Ronnie finds baby James dead, she rushes with him to the pub, desperate for help for the baby, but as she hears Tommy stirring, she makes the decision to swap her child and she takes Tommy home, leaving James in Tommy’s cot.

When the baby is discovered, an ambulance is called but there’s nothing that can be done to save the baby. When Kat returns from hospital, she has no idea that the dead baby isn’t hers. Ronnie meanwhile is back at her own flat, putting baby Tommy into James’ clothes and cot.

The following day, the midwife calls to check on baby James, and she’s puzzled to note that the baby’s lost weight and has a clubfoot.

A panicking Ronnie thinks she’s been discovered, but the midwife leaves without guessing that ‘James’ is in fact Tommy.

Her anguish is made worse when Max organises a party to welcome baby James into the family, but Ronnie refuses to go, worried that someone will spot that James isn’t James.

Will Ronnie get away with her deception and will she tell Jack what she’s done? Tune in next week to find out!

Actress Natalie Cassidy is set to make a return to Eastenders.

She will make her return as Sonia Fowler who will return to screens for a New Year Christmas special who reappears when her sister Bianca, played by Patsy Palmer, goes missing.

Sonia goes back to help her family find Bianca who has gone missing after an argument.  A soup insider says that Bianca disappears after a “huge confrontation” on the show before adding that, “True to form, Bianca has got herself into big trouble while trying to protect her family and, scared about what might happen, she does a runner.  Sonia then turns up unannounced – and drops the bombshell that she knows where Bianca is and what she is going to do next.  But while Sonia is there other truths start to surface and viewers will find out what she and her husband Martin have been up to.”

Natalie, who left the soap four years ago, had also returned briefly earlier this year.  She became a mother earlier this year and has appeared in a reality show about having her baby.


Neighbours will hit its 6000th episode this year and its finally been revealed what and who will be the star of the show.

To mark Neighbours’ 6000th episode, baddie Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) will be at the centre of an attempted murder.  Yes, attempted, meaning that Paul’s life is left hanging in the balance after he is pushed from the roof of Lassiters.
The story will air on Channel Five from 11th October after Paul’s dodgy dealings (again) are revealed.  If you’re a keen watcher, you’ll know that the wheels are already being set in motion for his downfall.  The 6000th episode is on Friday 15th October however each day that week, a new suspect will be revealed – I’m guessing we could already name these.
But don’t worry those Neighbours peeps have thrown in a soap wedding for you.  Donna and Ringo will tie the knot in between Paul’s freefall.  In true Neighbours and soap style, we wonder if they will make it down the aisle safely!

Neighbours airs on Channel Five, weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.

Glee has been a TV juggernaut… one that is showing no sign of slowing at any point. It’s the High School Musical it’s okay to like. It’s turned grown-ups into gibbering wrecks, pie-eyed and stir-crazy when needing a fix of the show. And now, it’s going to go even more camp… with added vamp.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has unveiled details of an episode based on Richard O’Brien’s iconic Rocky Horror Show musical.

Reports from Comic-Con say that the executive producer is planning a prom date for Kurt Hummel in the musical comedy’s second season, which starts from September.

Murphy teased: “People think we’re going to get bigger and bigger, but we’re doing it in a different direction. I want to see a whole episode of Brittany, I want to see more about Artie and Tina.

“The second season is designed to be a little more intimate. It’s feedback from the fans – they want more of the people they’ve grown to love. We’re going to do a couple tribute episodes.

“Also we’re going to do five musical numbers per episode on average, as opposed to eight, because I think that got a little too much.”

EastEnders spoilers!

Coming up in EastEnders next week, it’s Ben’s day in court, and Phil’s worried that his son’s just too ‘soft’, so he takes him boxing with Jamie to try to toughen him up…

However, although the Mitchell’s are expecting Ben to get a few weeks in Youth Detention, they’re not too worried and spend Ben’s last day of freedom with a party.

But when the day in court arrives, and despite the fact that Jordan’s told Ben he forgives him, the judge decides to make an example of Ben and sentences him to 12 months detention!

The family are devastated and Ian doesn’t make things any better when he tells Phil what a bad parent he is!

Elsewhere on the Square, Syed tells Christian that he does want to be with him, but will Christian take him back after everything that’s gone on?

A much happier couple are Jack and Ronnie who announce to the Square that they’re engaged. But is it all going to go smoothly? I very much doubt it!

Also, Jean angers Stacey by taking baby Lily out without asking Stacey’s permission, so of course when Stacey finds her daughter missing, she’s frantic…

And furious with Jean! Finally, the police turn up and inform Lucas that they’ve found a body in the canal, and he later confirms that it is Denise!!

More EastEnders spoilers soon!

It’s been reported today that actress and former model, Lysette Anthony, is to make a guest appearance in Corrie as part of Nigel Havers’ exit storyline.

Nigel, who of course plays escort Lewis has already filmed his final scenes for the show, and Lysette plays the part of Lydia Radcliffe, a businesswoman who he meets as the pair wait for a flight to Barbados.

What’s Lewis doing going to Barbados?? Well, he’s running away from Audrey, and I suspect he may have the contents of her bank account in his suitcase, and she’s not the only one who he’s scammed!

A Corrie insider told the Daily Mail, “These are the last scenes Havers is filming and will mark his exit.

“His exit also sees him fleece bookie Peter Barlow out of several thousands of pounds in a betting scam.

“He’s feeling guilty, but when Lydia comes along it comes as a welcome distraction for him.

“The next thing, he’s off on a plane with her to start a new life in Barbados. But it’s going to leave Audrey in a right state.”

A Coronation Street spokeswoman confirmed Lysette’s guest role, saying, “This is not a long-term role for her, she just appears in one episode.

“The scenes will be shown in eight weeks’ time.”

Poor Audrey… More Corrie news soon.

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