BBC Radio Solent presenter Jon Cuthill will be the new face of BBC South’s current affairs television programme Inside Out when the show returns in October.

Jon, who currently presents the radio station’s mid-morning programme was born in Christchurch and has been working for the BBC in the south for 10 years. He has hosted Radio Solent’s mid-morning show for four years and has already presented several reports in the last series of Inside Out, as well as working on South Today and BBC Video Nation.

Jon will present two series of the programme, which aims to bring viewers surprising stories from familiar places across the south. The last series regularly attracted audiences of more than 450,000 and will return to BBC One in the south from Monday 18 October at 7.30pm.

Jon said: “I still can’t actually believe it. It’s an amazing opportunity and I am over the moon to be joining such a fantastic team. I had so much fun when I worked with them on a couple of stories in the last series, so to get the gig full time is a real dream come true.

“Of course, I am really going to miss my Radio Solent listeners, they have the best sense of humour and it’s been a pleasure talking to them for the last four years. But, hopefully, I’ll see some of them when I am out about with Inside Out and they’ll enjoy the new series.”

Jon’s new role now means Radio Solent is looking to fill his mid-morning shoes for the next year. Confirming the search is under way, and an announcement would be made in due course, BBC Radio Solent’s Managing Editor, Chris Carnegy, added: “Of course we’re really happy for Jon as this is a fantastic opportunity, but he’ll be sorely missed by his army of Solent fans.

“His quick wit and love for the region have made him a firm favourite, so he leaves big shoes to fill. The good news is that he’s only across the corridor so I know we’ll stay in touch”.

Inside Out executive producer Jane French added: “Jon’s such a genuine, warm presenter – he has a real gift with people. We were really impressed when he presented for us last season, so he seemed the perfect choice when Joe decided to move on.

“We delighted to have him onboard and I know the audiences will enjoy his efforts, too.”

Jon takes over from Joe Crowley, who is moving on to report for BBC’s The One Show.

Praising Joe Crowley, Jane French said: “We always knew Joe is a great talent and we are so pleased he stayed with us for three fantastic years. His commitment, together with his confidence, compassion and sheer determination, has helped deliver some of BBC South Inside Out’s most challenging investigations and we, like our viewers, are going to miss him as he moves onto the next stage of his career.”

And as he looks towards his new challenges on network television, Jon’s predecessor, Joe Crowley, also wished the new presenter well.

Said Joe: “I’m sad to move on but, equally, I know I’ve been fortunate to have had three terrific years with an extremely talented team. I’ll always be grateful the BBC South team took a chance on me at the beginning of my career and over six series I’m proud to have been part of the original journalism and compelling current affairs television we broadcast.

“The variety of Inside Out is always a challenge but having worked with Jon it’s clear to me there’s no one with better wit, experience and energy – he’s perfect for the programme in every way.

“While there are new challenges ahead, I won’t be straying far in the BBC One schedule, appearing regularly as a reporter on the One Show, continuing on Country Tracks and Real Rescues, and I’m currently filming a new BBC One daytime show to be aired in the next year.”

BBC South Inside Out with Jon Cuthill returns to BBC One from Monday 18 October at 7.30pm.

ITV today announced a deal to make the ITV Player available on Sony’s PlayStation®3 (PS3™) consoles by the end of 2010.

The deal, the first of its kind with a UK commercial broadcaster, will see the ITV Player made available to internet connected Sony PS3’s and is part of a wider strategy to roll out the highly successful ITV Player to platforms beyond – including games consoles, TV- and mobile- based devices.

Launched in July 2007 on, the ITV Player gives viewers the opportunity to catch up on favourite ITV programmes which they may have missed or want to watch again, up to 30 days from the original time of transmission.  In 2009, long and short-form video views on, across all programme genres, more than doubled year-on-year reaching 200m.

The ITV Player on PS3 will be free and ad-funded with pre-, mid- and post- roll video ads being sold and served by ITV.   PS3 users will be prompted to implement a software update the first time they turn their consoles on after launch at which point an icon will appear in the TV section of the main navigational menu.  They will then be able to click through to an ITV Player service.

The ITV Player also offers brand owners one of the UK’s leading, measurable, online routes to market around high quality content.

Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director of Commercial and Online, ITV said: “Our viewers want the option to watch their favourite content when and where they choose so distributing the ITV Player, with our rich content, to platforms beyond will allow us to meet that demand. We’re really excited that they will soon be able to access the ITV Player on demand through the PS3 platform.”

Lib Dem leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told GMTV that he believed the coalition Government had “hit the ground running” after 100 days in power.

Speaking on the breakfast TV show, Mr Clegg responded to the results of a GMTV survey which suggested there has been a drop in support for the coalition Government.

Mr Clegg said: “It’s extraordinarily early to start judging whether this coalition has been successful or not. I think we hit the ground running, I think we have actually introduced more reforms in 100 days than the last government did in 13 years – political reforms,  reforms to improve the NHS, to improve your schools, changes to the tax systems, to pensions that we’ve talked about. I think these are things I’m really, really proud of. But do I think it matters what we all think about now? What really matters is how we feel in five years’ time. Have we sorted out the economy? Are there jobs? Do people feel that we’re living in a fairer country? That is the acid test and that is what I am working towards.”

Mr Clegg added there was no choice about the spending cuts to come, remarking: “There’s nothing fair about handing on our debts onto the next generation. So one way or another, you’ve got to try and bring this debt down.”

Watch Nick Clegg’s full interview here –

LIVING TV Group owned entertainment channel LIVING today announces an exciting debut reality series, Party Wars.

The series, due for peak-time transmission in their autumn schedule, promises to build on the smash ratings of its sister show Four Weddings which was LIVING’s break out hit of the year and the most talked about hit of 2009 achieving a peak viewing figure of 555,000. The pilot episode of Party Wars was screened in May 2010 and attracted a promising profile of 50% 16-34s.

Produced by ITV productions, this eight-part series will emulate the format of Four Weddings with each episode promising all the highs and lows, back stabbing and jaw dropping moments that Four Weddings fans are accustomed to – from the bitchy host to the embarrassing relative attending, no expense or good taste will be spared in this the latest format in guilty-pleasure TV.

In each episode viewers will have front row, unedited access to the parties of four contestants who agree to attend and judge each other’s party. The winner and their three friends will then be whisked away by helicopter to holiday of a lifetime.

But how do you measure a good party? And what happens when the inevitable culture, class and personality clashes happen. Well, LIVING invites you to find out and watch the best parties in the UK without having to leaving the comfort of your home to enjoy them.

Each party will be scrutinised and judged by three categories – Host with the Most, Rate My Mates and Night to Remember – with each category being marked out of 10 by each contestant, and with a final score out of 30. Five of the episodes will have an added twist to the format with a celebrity replacing one of the regular contestants.  Celebrities to feature include X-Factor finalist Stacey Solomon, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, glamour model Alicia Douvall, The Apprentice contestant and posh boy entrepreneur Raef Bjayou, and former Steps band member Ian H Watkins.

An impressive array of party themes will be covered in the series and our celebrities will be competing against contestants who have planned the most lavish and outlandish events, including a pole dancing heaven and hell party, a boozy Magaluf themed house party and a racy 1940s Burlesque Marilyn Monroe event.

LIVING TV Group’s Head of Commissioning Mark Sammon said: “After the phenomenal success of Four Weddings we wanted to explore other subjects which would fit in with the winning format. Parties were the obvious route to go down, as like weddings, everyone has an opinion on parties whether they’re a guest or watching from home.”

Executive Producer of Party Wars, Michael Kelpie added: “Four Weddings has been a tremendous success but a wedding is only one of the important events in our lives that we celebrate with a big party. On Party Wars, you’ll be hooked by the extraordinary, unique, imaginative and outrageous party hosts, as they attend and judge each other’s milestone parties. If you thought Four Weddings was good, hold on to your hat ‘cos Party Wars is a whole new game!”.

Party Wars is filmed in HD and produced by ITV Productions. Executive Producer is Michael Kelpie, Amy Walker is Series Producer. Party Wars was commissioned by Mark Sammon, Head of Commissioning for LIVING TV Group.

Throng Media is looking for an experienced digital ad sales person to represent to advertising agencies and direct clients in the UK.

This would not be a full time position but would provide a reasonable income for the right candidate.

Interested applicants can request further information by emailing

DJ Goldie has landed a major guest star for his new talent show – Prince Harry!

Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment will see Goldie scouring the country for musicians who will be mentored by the likes of Catatonia singer and BBC6 music presenter Cerys Matthews and Robbie Williams’ former songwriting collaborator, Guy Chambers.

The group formed will then perform in front of Prince Harry and other notable guests at a concert to be held at Buckingham Palace.

Goldie who has appeared as an actor in EastEnders and a Bond movie says, “This is one of the most inspiring projects I’ve ever been involved with.  It’s all about unearthing musical talent that’s under the radar in Britain – finding young people who’ve faced huge challenges and have never had the opportunities that they deserve.”

The show is expected to air on BBC Two later this year.

The One Show returns to 4.54m

Revamped The One Show returned to BBC One with an opening audience of 4.54 million on Monday night. The nightly show, hosted by newcomers Alex Jones and Jason Manford, pulled a 23.6% audience share from 7pm.

Westwood approached for Dancing On Ice

Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood has announced via Twitter that Dancing On Ice has offered him £50,000 to appear on the BBC One show. Westwood did not confirm whether or not he will look to accept the offer.

More Emmy presenters named

The second wave of presenters for the upcoming Emmy Awards have been announced with 30 Rock’s Tina Fey, Edie Falco, Wil Arnett, Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Colbert joining yesterday’s lineup.

Tim Gunn to guest on Gossip Girl

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn will make a guest appearance on the latest season of Gossip Girl, playing himself. Gunn is no stranger to the guest appearance on scripted shows, popping up on the likes of Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother.

Grenier to feature on 90210

Entourage actor Adrian Grenier will appear in an episode of teen drama 90210 later this year. The actor will feature on the show with his band The Honey Brothers as they play at an 18th birthday party.

Flooding has forced the Big Brother housemates out of the BB house for the time being.

The remaining nine contestants were evacuated from the Elstree property last night after water began to pour into the house in what is being described as a “freak incident”.

The contestants have been taken to a hotel as a precautionary measure.

A Channel 4 spokesperson said: “I can confirm that after some flooding in the Big Brotehr house all the housemates have been evacuated as a precautionary measure.

“They are currently put up in alternative accommodation while we are assessing the situation.”

It is understood the housemates are being supervised in a way that keeps them away from the outside world as much as possible.

The damage to the house is believed to be severe enough to force the housemates out of the house for some time with the possibility of filming having to take place elsewhere a real possibility.

Source: Daily Mail

BBC weatherman Tomas Schafernaker gets caught flipping the one-fingered salute to BBC News anchor Simon McCoy.

Fiona Armstrong finds it hilarious…

Jedward answer a few questions ahead of the launch of their new reality series Jedward: Let Loose.

The Irish pair discuss life away from home and living together in a swanky new apartment in Dublin.

Were you excited to be moving out of home and into your own apartment for a week?

“Yes we were really excited about moving out of our home because we had no bedtime curfew. And we could get a pet monkey.”


Do you do any cooking at home with your mum?  If so, what do you cook?

“Me and John are the worst cooks in the world. Our best cooking is toast and cereal.”


When you moved out of home what was the one thing you were looking forward to the most?

“The thing we were looking forward to most was having a swimming pool in our apartment, but we never got one.”


At home you share a room and in the flat there are two rooms, how do you feel about having your own room for the first time?  Or will you try and stay together in the same room?

“I think me and John as we are brothers have that bond that no one can separate us. We don’t like being in separate rooms as we have no one to talk to, and wake up if we have nightmares.”


Did you stamp your mark on the flat and put up any posters etc?

“We decided to make our own posters, we have a tour coming up so we decided to make a poster for it and decorate the apartment with them.”


Fans soon found out where you lived, did any try and sneak into the apartment?

“Yes fans found out where we lived after just a few days, and they were waiting outside the apartment all day. We bought them pizza and food and they snuck up to our door one night and put stickers on it.”


What did you miss most from home?

“We missed our pets, and doing normal things like looking through our CD collection in our room. We missed our mum and dad but they came to visit us one night.”


What did you enjoy the most about living away from home?

“That we could do whatever we wanted, anytime we wanted. It was all our rules, and we had a lot of fun.”


Edward, you recently hurt your leg, had this meant you’ve been able to get out of doing the chores around the house?

“Yes John had to do all the work for me. I actually was able to do most things but I decided to use it to my advantage and make other people do the work for me.”


Which one of you is the messiest?

“Edward is definitely the messiest. He always throws his clothes everywhere and loses things. I’m way more organised than him.”


Are you both romantic?  What would be your perfect date?

“It wouldn’t be stereotypical. It would be something completely different and something fun, but we haven’t thought of what it would be.”

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