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The One Show returns to 4.54m

Revamped The One Show returned to BBC One with an opening audience of 4.54 million on Monday night. The nightly show, hosted by newcomers Alex Jones and Jason Manford, pulled a 23.6% audience share from 7pm.

Westwood approached for Dancing On Ice

Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood has announced via Twitter that Dancing On Ice has offered him £50,000 to appear on the BBC One show. Westwood did not confirm whether or not he will look to accept the offer.

More Emmy presenters named

The second wave of presenters for the upcoming Emmy Awards have been announced with 30 Rock’s Tina Fey, Edie Falco, Wil Arnett, Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Colbert joining yesterday’s lineup.

Tim Gunn to guest on Gossip Girl

Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn will make a guest appearance on the latest season of Gossip Girl, playing himself. Gunn is no stranger to the guest appearance on scripted shows, popping up on the likes of Ugly Betty and How I Met Your Mother.

Grenier to feature on 90210

Entourage actor Adrian Grenier will appear in an episode of teen drama 90210 later this year. The actor will feature on the show with his band The Honey Brothers as they play at an 18th birthday party.

Despite all the trouble Charlie Sheen has been in recently, he still has one thing going for him: he earns more that anyone else on TV.

The Two and a Half Men star has been named the highest-earning TV star, finishing ahead of the likes of House actor Hugh Laurie and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

Sheen pulls a whopping $1.25m per episode of the sitcom, which he recently resigned on to for more seasons. Why wouldn’t you?

His co-star Jon Cryer earns a mild $550,000 for the same amount of work- coming in at second place on the list.

Hugh Laurie is the highest-paid drama actor, earning over $400,000 per episode of House, with Law & Order: SVU actors Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay tied at second on $395,000.

Comedy stars Tina Fey pulls $350,000 per episode for 30 Rock while The Office boss Steve Carell’s pay cheque reads $297,000 per outing.

Source: Digital Spy

Matt Damon will walk the halls at 30 Rock once again with news the actor will return to the show next season.

Cast member Katrina Bowden, who plays the role of Cerie Xerox on the show, confirmed that Damon will be back for the show’s upcoming fifth season.

Bowden confirmed to Life & Style that the actor will return as the love interest of Tina Fey’s character after making a cameo appearance last season.

“We don’t know what all of the surprises are going to be, but I can tell you that Matt is coming back this season for some appearances,” she said.

30 Rock returns later this year.

Source: Digital Spy

Over The Rainbow runner-up to understudy

Sophie Evans, runner-up in BBC’s Over The Rainbow reality series will take the understudy position under series winner Danielle Hope. The pair battled it out in the finale of the Andrew Lloyd Webber show earlier in the year and will debut on the West End in March 2011.

Just Williams cast announced

Outnumbered actor Daniel Roche has landed the lead role in the BBC’s new series Just William. Roche will be joined by Rebecca Front, Daniel Ryan, Warren Clarke and Caroline Quentin in the BBC One series.

Sons of Anarchy filming in Ireland

American drama series Sons of Anarchy will travel to the emerald isle to shoot scenes for its new season. The cast will film in Ireland to match the show’s storyline where characters travel in search of a kidnapped boy.

Peaches Geldof in talk show pilot?

There is talk that Peaches Geldof will be taking on the hosting role for an ITV show described as Jeremy Kyle for teenagers. The 21-year-old is said to be shooting a pilot for th

e series with ITV having a view to commissioning a series if successful.

30 Rock actor heading to Glee

30 Rock actor Cheyenne Jackson has been linked to a role on the second season of Glee. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jackson will take on the role of Shelby Corcoran, a rival glee club coach.

Concluding tonight is the first season of the Golden Globe- and Emmy award-winning sitcom set behind the scenes of a late-night comedy sketch show. Tonight, Tracy goes into hiding with Kenneth’s cousin, Jesse. Jack’s mother shows up ahead of his wedding to Phoebe; and Liz struggles to sustain a long-distance relationship with Floyd.

The cast and crew of TGS face the prospect of having to do their final show of the season without their star, as Tracy has mysteriously disappeared. Believing that a group of influential black celebrities called the ‘Black Crusaders’ are trying to ruin his career (see last week’s episode, ‘Cleveland’), the paranoid movie star has gone into hiding. He fetches up in a small town in Pennsylvania, where he is taken in by Kenneth’s hillbilly cousin Jesse (Sean Hayes, ‘Will & Grace’).

With an assumed name and a thick pair of glasses, Tracy struggles to adjust to life in Jesse’s remote cabin. “You need to forget about New York,” Jesse drawls. “You live in Needlemore, Pennsylvania, where we don’t go out at night ’cos of the wolves.” It is not long before Tracy reconsiders his position and calls Kenneth to pick him up. “I’d rather die famous than live for 100 years like this,” he says. Unfortunately, Jesse is rather keen to keep hold of his movie-star friend, so he knocks him out and ties him up. When
Kenneth arrives to collect Tracy, Jesse tells him he has already gone. Will Kenneth see through his cousin’s lie, or is Tracy doomed to a life of captivity at the hands of the deranged Jesse?

Back in New York, Tracy’s disappearance is doing little to help Jack’s blood pressure. He is due to marry brittle auctioneer Phoebe (Emily Mortimer) in just a few days’ time, and his anxiety only mounts when his mother Colleen (stage actress Elaine Stritch in an Emmy Award-winning role) turns up unannounced. Colleen takes an instant dislike to Phoebe, but is rather taken with Liz – so much so that Jack invites her to dinner with the three of them in the hope that she can change his mother’s mind. “Try to get her to like Phoebe, just a little,” Jack tells Liz.

Colleen fails to be impressed, however, and Jack’s stress soon gets the better of him. He is in bed with Phoebe when he is seized by pain and clutches at his chest. “Here it comes – the big one! Ride it, Donaghy – ride it straight to hell!” he cries, before toppling off the bed. Jack is rushed to hospital suffering from a “pretty serious cardiac episode”, as his somewhat unreliable doctor puts it. Liz is summoned to his bedside, and Jack tells her that he saw his life flash before his eyes, leading him to realise his only regret: “I should have worked more.”

Confined to bed, Jack is visited by Phoebe and Colleen, who quickly realises that his EKG monitor speeds up every time he is forced to lie. Not one to miss an opportunity, Colleen decides to interrogate her son. “Did you take $20 out of my pocket book in the summer of 1970?” she asks. “No I did not,” Jack replies, his pulse racing. “Do you love me?” Colleen counters, and is pleased to receive a positive response. However, when Phoebe asks Jack the same question, she is disappointed to see his pulse shoot off the scale. Will their wedding still go ahead, now that Phoebe knows the truth?

Also this week, Liz finds it hard to maintain a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Floyd, who has moved to Cleveland. After several excruciating phone conversations and webcam chats, she starts avoiding his calls, and throws herself into her work. Can she salvage the show’s season finale without Jack and Tracy by her side?

Thursday 14 February / 11:45pm

30 rock
corporate crush (19/21);
cleveland (20/21)

Continuing tonight is the Golden Globe- and Emmy award-winning sitcom set behind the scenes of a late-night comedy sketch show. In the first episode of tonight’s double bill, Jack takes an unhealthy interest in Liz’s relationship with Floyd. In the second episode, Floyd asks Liz to move to Cleveland with him, while Tracy fears his career is being ruined by a group of powerful AfricanAmericans led by Bill Cosby.

Today, Liz manages to surprise and alarm her colleagues by arriving at work in a good mood. Her relationship with lawyer Floyd (‘Saturday Night Live’ regular Jason Sudeikis) is going exceptionally well. “He just gets me,” she says. Elsewhere, Jack is less sanguine, having received a visit from his boss, Don Geiss (Rip Torn, ‘The Larry Sanders Show’, ‘Men in Black’). Jack is still recovering from the fiasco of his Rockefeller Centre fireworks show, which was abandoned after being mistaken for a terrorist attack (see last week’s episode, ‘Fireworks’). “I just want you to know we all still have a lot of faith in you, Jack,” Geiss tells him. “But I’m taking the microwave division away from you.” Geiss also suggests that Jack consider getting married again. “Everyone in this division is married except you,” he points out.

Depressed by Geiss’s visit, Jack retreats to Christie’s auction rooms and ponders buying an equestrian painting from oddball auctioneer Phoebe (Emily Mortimer, ‘Match Point’). He summons Liz to join him and accuses her of leaving him in the lurch over the fireworks debacle. When he hears that she has been spending time with Floyd, he suggests having dinner with them. “I’d like to meet the man that made Liz Lemon shirk her responsibilities,” he says.

Over dinner, Floyd flatters Jack by talking about his book, “Jack Attack: The Art of Aggression in Business”. Before long, Jack and Floyd are spending every free moment together, prompting Liz to remark, “It’s kind of like you two are dating.” But when Jack starts to rule their personal lives, Liz is forced to put her foot down. “You can’t use Floyd to make you feel better about yourself!” she tells him.

Also in this episode, Tracy struggles to convince Don Geiss to finance his feature film based on the life of Thomas Jefferson. And Jack appears to take Geiss’s advice to heart when he rashly proposes marriage to Phoebe.

In tonight’s second episode, Floyd’s hopes of a promotion at NBC are dashed when his rival turns out to be both disabled and black. “You’re not gonna beat that,” Jack tells him. Floyd ponders moving back to his hometown of Cleveland, and manages to convince Liz to join him on a visit. Cleveland proves to a clean and friendly place far removed from the hassles of New York – but is Liz ready to start a new life?

Meanwhile, Jack is excited about his forthcoming nuptials with Phoebe and encourages Liz to get to know her better. Unfortunately, Liz finds the humourless Phoebe hard work and grows suspicious of her intentions when she sees her dining with another man. However, when she finally warns Jack not to marry her, he misreads her motives. “Phoebe was right,” he says. “You are infatuated with me!”

Also in this episode, Tracy’s plan for a series of comeback shows is derailed when Bill Cosby calls him “an embarrassment to African Americans” in an interview. With the negative publicity that ensues, Tracy suspects he is being targeted by the “Black Crusaders” –a cabal of influential African Americans headed by Cosby and Oprah Winfrey, who have the power to snuff out the careers of people they do not like. Tracy’s response is to quit the show and flee New York – but is his imagination running away with him?

30 rock
the fighting irish (17/21);
fireworks (18/21)

Continuing tonight is the Golden Globe- and Emmy award-winning sitcom set behind the scenes of a late night comedy sketch show. In the first episode of tonight’s double bill, Liz resorts to underhand measures to get the man she wants; while Jack’s brother Eddie (guest star Nathan Lane, ‘The Birdcage’) appears with some bad news. The second episode sees Liz’s crush intensify; while Jack uses Kenneth as ‘gay bait’ to ruin a rival (guest star Will Arnett, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Blades of Glory’).

After summoning her to his office, ostensibly to watch a hilarious internet video of a baby panda sneezing, Jack throws Liz a curveball by informing her that she has to fire ten per cent of her staff. “We have to synergise backward overflow,” he explains, ignoring her protests. With 140 people working on the show, her job is now to “go out there and make 126 of them very happy.”

While Liz anguishes over who to fire, Jack gets an unpleasant surprise when his no-good, estranged brother Eddie (Nathan Lane) turns up with some bad news. Apparently, their father has died and Eddie has spent all his money on hospital fees. The two make up, along with the rest of their hard-drinking, hard-fighting siblings (including ‘Saturday Night Live’ regulars Molly Shannon and Siobhan Fallon) who have come to the office for a reunion. Eddie says that all he wants from his highflying brother is a donation to the Chicago All Saints Hospital, which cared for their dad at the end. With the threat of unemployment hanging over their heads, the rest of the workers are also eager to donate to this good cause –but is Eddie really as altruistic as he seems?

Also in this episode, Tracy attempts to find religion after realising that juries are suspicious of stars who do so afterthey get into trouble; and Liz’s crush on a charming man who works in the building causes her to behave very badly – at one point she even considers firing the man’s girlfriend (Anna Chlumsky, ‘My Girl’). “You’re a better person than this,” insists Pete when Liz tells him what she is up to – but can Liz resist the temptation to prove him wrong?

Tonight’s second episode sees Jack recruiting Kenneth to bring down his Californian rival, Devon Banks (Will Arnett). “Banks is no slouch,” Jack explains to Liz. “He pioneered the concept of tensecond internet sitcoms.” Jack is convinced that Banks is out to ruin him, so when he finds out that his nemesis is gay, he decides to use Kenneth as ‘gay bait’ to distract Banks from coming to an important pitch meeting. “Just like Sydney Bristow in ‘Alias’, I will use my sexuality as a weapon!” says Kenneth, cheerfully. “To the wig shop!” Will Jack’s dastardly plot work?

Elsewhere in this concluding part of tonight’s double bill, Liz’s obsession with her latest crush takes an unfortunate turn when she follows him into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and decides to stay. “It was like eavesdropping on somebody else’s therapy,” she tells a mortified Pete. “It was great!” “Yeah,” replies Pete gently. “That’s not OK.” Meanwhile, Tracy is surprised when he discovers that he is a direct descendent of Thomas Jefferson; and Jack’s explosive idea for an NBC special proves to be slightly misguided.

30 rock
hard ball (15/21)

Continuing tonight is the Golden Globe- and Emmy award-winning sitcom following the fortunes of long-suffering TV comedy writer Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). In this episode, Jenna lands herself in hot water with her comments in a magazine interview; Liz upsets Jack’s negotiations over Josh’s new contract; and Tracy recruits Kenneth to be a member of his entourage.

Ditzy actress Jenna has been named number four on Maxim’s list of the sexiest women in comedy, and to mark the occasion, she agrees to a photo shoot and interview for the magazine. Unfortunately, when she is asked for her view on the “troops”, she thinks the question is about “theatre troupes”, and proceeds to shock the interviewer with her candid opinions: “They think what they do is so important but it’s just a bunch of gay guys that like to get in silly costumes and prance around.”

Jenna’s words are splashed across the media and she is demonised for her “un-American” attack on the armed forces. With demonstrators picketing the building and demanding a boycott of NBC, Jack orders Jenna to make a public apology on heavyweight political show, ‘Hard Ball’.

Liz prepares Jenna for her interview by encouraging her to say that the US should redouble its efforts to find Osama bin Laden and that she supports Barack Obama for president. But Jenna gets her wires crossed once again and shocks the nation on live TV. “If the president is so serious about the war on terror, why doesn’t he hunt down Barack Obama before he strikes again?” she says. “It’s time for a change, America, that’s why I’m voting for Osama in 2008.”

While Liz is contending with Jenna’s mishaps, she is called upon by Jack to help negotiate Josh’s new contract for the show. Jack wants to take a tough stance, but Liz is keen to protect her friend’s interests. “He’s not your friend now, he’s your opponent,” Jack reminds her. Liz warns Josh that Jack is gunning for him, but accidentally leaks privileged information in the process. Josh’s agent uses this in negotiations to weaken Jack’s stance – leaving the executive fuming.

When Josh phones in sick, Jack declares it a tactic to pile on the pressure – but Liz jumps to Josh’s defence. “He’s probably just sick because he’s stressed out about his job,” she says. Jack’s response is forthright: “Lemon, what happened in your childhood to make you believe that people are good?” Determined to prove him wrong, Liz takes some soup to Josh on his sick bed – only to see the wayward actor in the canteen, locked in negotiations with a rival show. A furious Liz returns to the negotiating table determined to make Josh suffer for his lie.

Also this week, Tracy offers Kenneth a spot alongside Grizz and Dot Com as part of his entourage. Kenneth is delighted to join the gang but soon makes a fatal error when he fails to laugh at Tracy’s jokes and beats him at computer games. Gradually, dim-witted Tracy realises that his mates have been letting him win all along. “Have you two been treating me like this all this time – like a child?” he says. “I won’t stand for this – entourage disbanded!” Can Kenneth find a way to patch things up between Tracy and his crew?

30 rock
the ‘c’ word (14/21)

Continuing tonight is the Golden Globe- and Emmy award-winning sitcom following the fortunes of long-suffering TV comedy writer Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). In this episode, Liz is horrified to discover what the writers really think of her when she overhears Lutz calling her an extremely offensive name; and Tracy embarrasses Jack at a prestigious charity golf tournament.

Heading up the team of writers at TGS is no easy task, and Liz often has trouble keeping her staff in line. Frank is falling asleep after being up all night watching a marathon of the sitcom ‘Designing Women’; Twofer’s phone keeps ringing; and Lutz is insisting on presenting yet another variation on his rubbish hobo sketch: “Deal or No Hobo?”. When Liz snaps at Lutz for his slack attitude, he is taken aback – and later vents his frustrations outside the meeting. When Liz hears him describe her as the offensive word of the title, she is mortified – do her staff really hate her?

Liz decides to try win the writers round by baking them cupcakes. “I’m not trying to be nice, I amnice!” she insists to Pete. “I’m a nice person, you bald, gangly – I’m gonna try harder.” Pleased at the reception the cakes get, Liz continues to be benevolent and lenient – to the extent of letting everyone go home for spurious ‘personal reasons’ and staying late herself to finish their work. When Pete finds out what she has done, he tells her that this is not the right tactic. “Sometimes people hate their bosses,” he explains. “Big deal.” Pete tells Liz that she needs to stand up for herself – but will she do it if it means nobody likes her?

Meanwhile, Jack has invited Tracy to join him at a charity golf tournament hosted by Don Geiss (guest star Rip Torn, ‘Dodgeball’, ‘Men in Black’). “Is that the gay guy from ‘Project Runway’?” asks Tracy. “No,” replies Jack calmly. “He’s the CEO of this corporation. The big man.” He wants Tracy to come along so that he can use the star to get extra ‘face-time’ with the boss, whose grandchildren happen to be big Tracy fans.

At the tournament, Tracy proves to be a big hit. However, things soon change when Tracy pointedly asks Geiss why he has no black employees. The embarrassed CEO mutters something about the company’s “award-winning diversity programme” before making his excuses and leaving – taking with him Jack’s hopes of a round of golf and face-time. “I wanted you to entertain these people, not publically humiliate them,” he tells Tracy angrily. “I’m supposed to just be your funny black man who says funny things?” replies Tracy sarcastically. When Jack asks him to keep his voice down because he is embarrassing himself, Tracy snaps back: “I’m not embarrassing myself. I’m embarrassing you. And guess what, Jack? I’m just getting started…”

Making good on his threat, Tracy entertains himself by continuing to wind Jack up in front of important people until Jack takes him aside. “I didn’t useyou,” he hisses. “I created a situation that could have been mutually beneficial and you blew it.” Can Tracy redeem himself by getting him and Jack back into Geiss’s good books?

Also this week, Kenneth is mortified when he is forced to work with Grace (Charlyne Yi, ‘Knocked Up’) – a fellow NBC page with whom he shares a “romantic past”. For once, Kenneth’s professionalism is challenged –but he soon manages to pull himself together…

30 rock
up all night (13/21)

Continuing tonight is the Golden Globe- and Emmy award-winning sitcom following the fortunes of long-suffering TV comedy writer Liz Lemon (Tina Fey). In this episode, Liz and the team have to stay up all night writing the next show; Frank tells Jenna what he thinks of her; Jack celebrates finally securing a divorce from Bianca; and Kenneth shares a moment with Cerie.

The TGS crew have a Valentine’s Day to forget as they are forced to pull an all-nighter to produce the next episode. The writers procrastinate by playing a game of ‘marry, boff or kill’ about people in the office. When Frank declares he would marry Liz, boff Cerie and kill Jenna, the offended actress demands to know why he does not like her. “What’s your problem with me?” she asks. Frank responds by calling her a “big phony”. “You’ve never done or said anything real or genuine the whole time I’ve known you,” he says. Frank’s devastating honesty prompts Jenna to consider revealing something of her true self.

Jack, meanwhile, is celebrating the finalisation of his divorce with Bianca (Isabella Rossellini). His wife is so keen to be rid of him that she accedes to all his demands. “I don’t care anymore,” she says. “I want to move on.” Jack is desperate to break open the champagne, but struggles to find anyone who will join him. Eventually, Tracy agrees to go for a drink – but he cannot stay long as he has an appointment with his wife at a hotel, where they have planned a saucy night of role-play games. “I’ve got to be downtown dressed as a ninja by ten,” he says.

Tracy leaves Jack in a bar surrounded by women, and it is not long before the bonkers executive is droning on about his ex-wife to anyone who will listen. At length, Jack finds himself walking the streets, where he picks up a gaptoothed foreign prostitute and tries to take her to a hotel. When he finds all the rooms nearby are booked, he hits on the idea of taking his lady friend up to Tracy’s hotel – ruining his night in process. Desperate to placate his furious wife, Tracy calls Liz and gets her to escort Jack from his room.

As Liz helps her boss carry his drunken hooker down the street, she tells him that he needs to get a grip on his “sick” relationship with Bianca. “Let me ask you a question,” she says. “Marry, boff, kill: Bianca. Which do you want to do?” “All of them,” is Jack’s response.

Elsewhere, the ‘marry, boff, kill’ game causes more trouble when Cerie admits that she would “boff” Kenneth. The delighted writers report this to Kenneth and encourage him to make a move when they send the two of them out for food. A nervous Kenneth finds himself in a romantic spot in front of the Rockefeller Centre ice rink – but his misplaced kiss goes badly wrong. “If you want to tell those other guys that we made out, it’s okay with me,” Cerie tells him.

Also in this episode, Pete forgets to give his wife Valentine’s Day flowers for the second year in a row, and Liz is puzzled by a bunch of roses sent by a secret admirer. Elsewhere, Jenna tells her colleagues about her participation in something called ‘Vagina Day’. “Vagina Day is a charity event founded by a group of celebrities who have, for whatever reason, never been asked to participate in the Vagina Monologues,” she explains. “Every February 14th we improvise monologues about our lady parts for the homeless.” The horrified faces of the writers suggest they are unwilling to contribute to Jenna’s efforts.

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