A Mother’s Son

Monday, 3 September 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM


Two-part drama A Mother’s Son is written by Chris Lang and stars Hermione Norris, Martin Clunes, Alexander Arnold and Paul McGann.

The small coastal town of East Lee, in Suffolk, is thrown into turmoil when Lorraine, a teenage girl, goes missing and is found murdered. Shock and horror sweep the inhabitants of the town, including the newly merged family of Rosie (Hermione Norris) and her two children Jamie (Alexander Arnold) and Livvy (Ellie Bamber); and her new partner Ben (Martin Clunes) and his two teenage children Rob (Jake Davies) and Jess (Antonia Clarke) . Their fast approaching family holiday is overshadowed by the threat that a killer might be present in the midst of their ‘safe’ town. When Rosie finds a stained pair of Jamie’s trainers hidden in his room, her instinct suspects it could be blood. A seed is planted – could her son be involved in Lorraine’s murder?

As the police investigation continues, led by DCI McCleish (Charles Daish) and DC Upton (Nicola Walker), the emotional turmoil and stress of the tragedy start to have an effect on the new family’s life and cracks start to form, causing tension between the two families. Jamie seeks solace with his dad David (Paul McGann) but Rosie finds she can’t suppress the feeling that her son is guilty of something terrible. With Rob also acting suspiciously, Rosie finds the need to do her own investigation but soon rules Rob out, leaving Jamie as the prime suspect. In a desperate move, Rosie tests the stain found on his trainers and is sickened to discover that it is indeed blood.

Feeling isolated in her suspicions, Rosie confides in her ex-husband David, who is appalled by what she is insinuating about their son. They realise, however, that they know little about Jamie’s life outside of home and in order to put their minds at rest, they decide to do some more digging and follow him. David learns that Jamie has been hanging out with a violent dropout called Sean (Josef Altin). Could Jamie have fallen under his influence and been forced to cover Sean’s actions?

David and Rosie are conflicted about whether they should go to the police, but are convinced that Jamie wouldn’t hurt anybody. Ben is baffled by Rosie’s increasingly unusual behaviour and she finds she is unable to confide in him, but it’s clear she has concerns about whether their two families are bonding adequately. While David is forced to give an alibi for Jamie, Rosie works up the courage to confront their son who denies having anything to do with the murder. Rosie eventually confides in Ben who is hurt by her secrecy. They have no choice but to cancel the family holiday. Separately, the police arrest Sean and when Ben discovers the victim’s mobile in Jamie’s room, Jamie is forced to explain his and Sean’s connection to her. When Sean is released from custody with a solid alibi, Rosie, David and Ben have to face the possibility that Jamie may have killed Lorraine. The divide between Rosie and Ben’s family appear to split beyond repair, and David and Rosie prepare for an uncertain future with the fate of their son in their hands.

A Mother’s Son is co-executive produced by Chris Lang and Myar Craig-Brown. The drama will be produced by Colin Wratten and directed by Ed Bazalgette.

Hermione Norris says the reason she took the role as Rosie was because of Chris Lang’s script: “It was Chris Lang’s script. I thought it was a really good. There is something very raw about Chris’ writing. The story is fascinating psychologically and emotionally. It’s an interesting dilemma Rosie faces.”

Presented with the same dilemma, Martin Clunes reveals he’d take the same action as his character Ben: “I would like to think I’d be much like Ben and follow a similar route of action, just for simplicity. I do believe that honesty is a good system because at least you know what way up a thing is, for better or for worse. If you try and be honest you can at least have some simplicity in your life.”

Alexander Arnold says he enjoyed the challenge of playing Jamie in A Mother’s Son: “The chance to play Jamie created a different challenge to my last role in Skins…It is different from anything I have done before, and I had to get to the core of his character and ask the question, ‘why’? It is a great role for me as an actor.”

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