A Place by the Sea

11:00am Tuesday, April 12 on

This brand new series of the popular property search show begins in the south west of England. West Dorset is a property hotspot, so it’s a tough challenge for Seetha Hallett to find Stephen and Diane Cabon a holiday hideaway on a very tight budget.

Monday 15 December 2008 at 3:15pm on C4

The ever-popular daytime property show returns. Born-and-bred East Enders Jacquie and Laird Challis want to swap the sound of Bow bells for the sound of seashells, by trading in their East Ham home for a new life on the Essex coast, where there’s something for everyone, from candyfloss and kiss-me-quick hats to sleepy villages and nature reserves. This cockney couple are looking for peace and quiet and a period property, and have £285,000 to spend. Is this an EastEnders storyline with a happy ending?

Monday 28 July 2008

Opening episode of the brand new series of the daytime show in which house-hunters seek to relocate to a new property on the British coast. Twelve months ago Peter Clapham and Linda Swallow retired to France but after just one year they realised that they miss family and friends so much, that they want to sell up and head home. Property expert Seetha Hallett shows Linda and Peter the best they can get for their budget of ?275,000 in Dorset’s Poole Bay area.

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