A Touch of Frost

Tuesday, 14 December 2010, 8:00PM – 10:00PM

Sir David Jason is Detective Inspector Jack Frost in a two-part finale of A Touch of Frost. This is a repeat for earlier this year. 

Part one: Tuesday 14 December 

The two-part film entitled If Dogs Run Free follows Frost’s battle to convict Gerry Berland (Adrian Dunbar), a dangerous criminal masquerading as a successful businessman. He’s been evading prison for years and, tenacious as ever, Frost is determined to send him down. Tipped off by RSPCA officer, Christine Moorhead (Phyllis Logan), Frost raids an illegal dogfight organised by Berland, but fails to trap him. Berland is convinced that his son’s classmate is the police’s informant and urges him to teach him a lesson. However, when a scuffle results in the murder of a teenage boy, to which Christine is the only witness, the case against Berland becomes more pressing. As Frost protects Christine from the mounting harassment of Berland’s thugs, he finds himself falling for her. Will Frost find love in this concluding episode? 

The episodes will also see Frost investigating a series of homicides which appear to mirror the crimes that he failed to solve over 16 years ago. It soon becomes clear that the copycat killer has a personal vendetta against Frost, but will he get to the bottom of it before the murderer strikes again? 

Niamh Cusack (A&E, Heartbeat) guest stars as Gerry Berland’s downtrodden wife, Sally. Leah Bracknell (Emmerdale, The Royal Today) and Simon Shepherd (Peak Practice) play the parents of a boy who becomes entangled in Berland’s corrupt world and George Costigan (Emmerdale, Unforgiven, New Tricks) plays Allen Moorhead, Christine’s ex husband. John Lyons returns as Frost’s loyal sidekick, DS Toolan. Bruce Alexander plays Superintendent Mullett and Arthur White returns as Trigg. 

Sir David Jason admits that saying goodbye to Detective Inspector Jack Frost was a highly emotional experience. 

“On the final day of filming there were moments in the script when I had to find tears and let’s just say those tears weren’t hard to find. 

“I think everyone on set had the feeling something really special, which had been a big part of all our lives, was finally coming to an end. You’d have needed a heart of stone not to feel emotional.” 

The decision to say goodbye, not just to Jack but also to the entire Frost family, was not taken lightly, especially by David himself. “In terms of our enjoyment in making A Touch of Frost we probably could have gone on indefinitely,” he says. 

“But we were starting to think, ‘How long can we keep going realistically?’ In the police force these days you can retire at 50 and it’s compulsory by the age of 60 and yet here was Frost being played by me, an actor who is now 70. 

“We thought we’ve got to draw a line in the sand somewhere and if it’s not this year it will be next. So, we took the decision that Frost, unfortunately would be leaving the force…and whether he just hangs up his hat or is carried out feet first remains to be seen,” he smiles. 

It was at Sir David’s own instigation that alternative endings were filmed. “My view is that it would really spoil it for the audience if they get any inkling of what is going to happen before the final episode is shown. Nobody picks up a book and reads the last two pages first, so why would we give away any clues about how we’re going to end the series once and for all?” he says. 


Part Two: Wednesday 15 December 

In the last ever ‘Frost’ the past is catching up in more ways than one as a series of copycat crimes convinces Superintendent Mullett (Bruce Alexander) that Frost’s life is in danger. There are now two killers to bring to justice but that won’t happen until tragedy strikes. 

Guest stars for the final include Niamh Cusack, Adrian Dunbar, Phyllis Logan and George Costigan who appear alongside regulars John Lyons and Bruce Alexander 

Fans of the series will have an opportunity to watch the alternative ending on ITV.com directly after the final episode has been broadcast. 

Playing alongside David Jason as Frost’s love interest, Chrsitine Moorhead, in the final episode was an honour for Phyllis Logan. 

“I felt honoured to be asked because it’s such a great programme and to be involved in the last two episodes made it special for me. It was great working with David Jason and it is such a nice storyline between our characters. I think it’s good for viewers to see Frost happy and in a relationship in the last episode. 

“The cast haven’t been told which alternative ending will be shown so no one knows what happens to Frost in the last moments of episode two. 

On filming the final, long running cast member John Lyons who plays DS Toolan said: “When we filmed the very last take Paul Harrison the director said, ‘ladies and gentleman after 17 years and four months that is the end of A Touch of Frost’. Then David Reynolds, the executive producer, toasted everyone with a glass of champagne. I certainly had a few tears. David was very emotional. He held it in, but when we hugged I could see it in his eyes and he could certainly see it in mine.” 

Niamh Cusack added: “It was lovely working with David Jason. He’s a very gentle man and you sense the family atmosphere steams from him”. 

As ITV3 spends two weeks celebrating the much-loved detective series, A Touch of Frost, David Jason picks out and introduces ten of his favourite episodes in David Jason: Frost and Me. These newly commissioned programmes for ITV3 offer us an insight into the acclaimed actor’s thoughts on one of his best-loved roles. He discusses the moments and memories that make these ten episodes his personal favourites.

On the first night of two special weeks David Jason he introduces Care & Protection, and talks about it being one of his favourites as it was the first ever episode of A Touch of Frost. In the episode we meet Jack Frost, who while investigating the disappearance of a child, inadvertently digs up a 30-year-old skeleton chained to an empty, but locked, strongbox. At the same time as he is working to solve the mystery, Frost is also nursing his terminally ill wife.

Tuesday sees David introduce Not With Kindness, which contains his funniest moment from the long running series. In the episode Denton Police station suffers threats, deaths, arson and a staff shortage but Frost is busy investigating a woman who is receiving threatening phone calls in connection to the murder of a teenage girl.

Wednesday’s episode, No Refuge, sees Frost coming up with a surprising arrest as a result of lateral thinking following four burglaries in four days at the same house. Inspiration is also needed when he and a female Detective Sergeant tackle a team of armed robbers after a robbery and murder at a factory. The owner positively identifies a suspect but a threat on his life forces him into hiding. Frost begins to wonder if the answer may not be closer to home. David Jason has picked it as one of his ten favourites as it contains his favourite leading lady.

On Thursday Frost encounters the world of male escorts in Fun Time For Swingers, an episode David Jason picks as a favourite for the simply reason of it being the most bizarre episode. Frost has a rude introduction to the episode when a woman throws herself from the roof of Denton Church, naked. Frost uncovers a snapshot of a man with whom she had an affair but the next day the man himself is found murdered.

The last night of the first week of the A Touch of Frost Season sees the eponymous detective tackle a two-part mystery in Line of Fire parts 1 and 2. There’s little in the way of Christmas cheer for Jack Frost when a local power station worker plunges to his death in a mysterious accident and on the same day his home is vandalised. To make matters worse, Regional Crime Squad Detective, Tim Fox, is murdered on Frost’s patch all and the evidence points to police corruption. This episode makes it into the top ten as David feels it has the best locations from the series.

For more information on A Touch of Frost, including episode guides and exclusive cast interviews visit www.itv.com/frost

NOTE: David Jason: Frost and Me is on weeknights at 10pm. Episodes of A Touch of Frost follow at 10.05pm.

Monday 3 March 2008 10:00pm – 12:05am on ITV3.

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