Accidentally On Purpose

10:00pm Thursday, September 23 on E4

Billie, Zack and Davis have been pulled over by the same officer for speeding but this time Billie really is in labour.

10:00pm Thursday, September 16 on E4

Billie pretends to go into labour to save Zack from getting a traffic ticket after they’re pulled over for speeding.

10:00pm Thursday, September 2 on E4

Zack takes Billie to his high school reunion but he worries that they’ll run into his beautiful ex-girlfriend Melissa who has been in touch on Facebook and who Billie knows nothing about.

10:00pm Thursday, August 26 on E4

Billie and Zack struggle to put together the cot.

10:00pm Thursday, July 15 on E4

Zach feels guilty about not pulling his weight with household chores so buys an energy efficient toilet to help out but ends up doing more harm than good.

10:00pm Thursday, July 8 on E4

Zach dumps the girl he’s dating when she obsessively sending him text messages and going to Billie to seek relationship advice.

10:00pm Thursday, July 1 on E4

Billie and Zach decide that they should date other people. Billie doesn’t get a favourable reaction from her dates when she tells them about being pregnant.

10:00pm Thursday, June 24 on E4

Billie’s libido has increased as a result of her pregnancy. She tries to overturn her ‘golden rule’ not to sleep with Zach with little success.

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