9:00pm Tuesday 4 September on BBC ONE

Tina Dakin (Anna Maxwell Martin) stands silence and tense in the dock. She has told the truth and now all she can do is await to hear the verdict.

It is some months earlier and Tina, a happily married mother of three young children, is overstretched at home and at work. She and her husband struggle to make ends meet.

On an ominously cold day Tina accompanies a new inmate, Stephen Cartwright (Robert Sheehan), into the young offender’s institution where she works as a prison officer. As she runs through the ground rules with Stephen and shows him into his cell she senses that something isn’t right.

She notifies her senior officer Frank (Ewen Bremner) of her concerns. But an emergency elsewhere demands her attention and when she returns her worst fears have become a very real tragedy. It appears that Stephen has taken his life. Her gallant attempts to resuscitate him fail, and before long she will come to face to face with his father, Peter (John Bishop), in the worst circumstances imaginable.

But Tina’s troubles have only just begun and a series of betrayals and cover-ups result in her becoming the victim of a terrible crime.

Now Tina is on trial for taking the law into her own hands. What will her fate be?

Ep 4/4

9:00pm Tuesday 28 August on BBC ONE

17-year-old teenager Stephen Cartwright (Robert Sheehan) stands charged with a serious offence, as his anxious father Peter (John Bishop) looks on.

It is months earlier and Peter is trying his best to help his sons Stephen and Dom (Josh Bolt) face the imminent death of their beloved mother. When the palliative care nurse Charlotte (Sheridan Smith) arrives Peter is grateful of her help at this most painful and stressful time.

Stephen is less sure of this efficient nurse assigned to see his mother through her final days. When his mum passes on, Stephen becomes more suspicious of Charlotte’s motivations. But is Stephen’s angst and grief clouding his judgment? And why is Alastair Campbell ?(Alistair Campbell) talking to him?

Time passes, but Stephen’s anxieties and depression intensify. His troubling doubts about Charlotte are not helped by the way his father appears to move on after his wife’s demise. Increasingly paranoid, Stephen is worried about the welfare of his younger brother Dom and clashes with his father Peter.

Robert Sheehan plays Stephen, John Bishop plays Peter, Sheridan Smith plays Charlotte, Josh Bolt plays Dom.

Ep 3/4

9:00pm Tuesday 21 August on BBC ONE

Mo Murray (Anne-Marie Duff) has taken a stand against drugs, gangs and gun crime in her community, but now she stands alongside her mother Maureen and her 17-year-old son Jake in the dock. Why?

Today a day unlike any other. It is the funeral of a local gang member and the gang’s leader Cormack (Joe Dempsie) has sent a message to all the local shops: stay closed and show respect, or there will be consequences.

But hairdressing salon owner Mo (Anne-Marie Duff) refuses to be intimidated. Supported by her best friend Sue (Olivia Colman), they take a defiant stand and open up for business on the day of the funeral, ignoring the warnings of their teenage sons, Jake (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Sean (Oliver Lee), and Mo’s mother (Ruth Sheen).

Anne-Marie Duff plays Mo Murray; Ruth Sheen plays Maureen; Thomas Brodie-Sangster plays Jake; Olivia Colman plays Sue; Oliver Lee plays Sean and Joe Dempsie plays Cormack.

Ep 2/4

9:00pm Tuesday 14 August on BBC ONE

Simon Gaskell (Sean Bean) is a college English teacher who specialises in poetry and has a secret. His alter ego is a transvestite called Tracie Tremarco, who is gay, lonely and looking for love. But trawling Manchester’s bars dressed up to the nines has not produced a lasting or truly fulfilling relationship.

Then as fate would have it Tracie falls head over heels in love in unexpected circumstances, following an altercation with some blokes out on a stag night. One of the stag revellers, Tony (Stephen Graham) a satellite and aerial engineer, comes to Tracie’s aid and offers her a lift home.

Tony and Tracie are smitten and hesitatingly their love affair begins. But Tony has a secret too – he’s married to a local beautician, Karen (Rachel Leskovac), and he cares deeply for his wife. Before long Tracie becomes entangled in a triangular love affair that leads inexorably to a terrible crime of passion and the dock.

Simon Gaskall/Tracie Tremarco is played by Sean Bean, Tony is played by Stephen Graham and Karen is played by Rachel Leskovac.

Ep 1

9:00pm Monday 6 December on BBC ONE

Andy Serkis stars as a desperate cab driver in the latest intense drama from Jimmy McGovern, co-written with Danny Brocklehurst

9.00pm Monday 29 November on BBC ONE

Juliet Stevenson and Peter Capaldi star in a heart-rending drama about fortitude and endless love, written by Alice Nutter and Jimmy McGovern, as Accused continues

9.00pm Monday 15 November on BBC ONE

Christopher Eccleston, Mackenzie Crook, Marc Warren, Juliet Stevenson, Naomie Harris, Andy Serkis, Ben Smith and Peter Capaldi star in six new dramas by Jimmy McGovern about crime and punishment; the first episode tells the story of Willy (Eccleston), a man whose life is in turmoil

Christopher Eccleston (Lennon Naked, Doctor Who) and Mackenzie Crook (Pirates Of The Caribbean) are to star in new BBC One six-part drama Accused, by Jimmy McGovern.

Christopher Eccleston and Mackenzie Crook play the leading characters in the first two episodes of Accused; separate stories which open as an ordinary individual is led to the dock to hear his fate.

As each hour-long episode unravels we learn how each man came to be there. But on reflection should they be the accused? Are they innocent or guilty or somewhere in between? And will the jury make the right judgement?

RSJ Films, the independent television and film drama production company founded in August 2009 by Jimmy McGovern, Sita Williams and Roxy Spencer, the creative team responsible for the multi-award winning BBC One hit The Street, begins filming Accused, an unflinching contemporary six-part drama, this month.

Jimmy McGovern says: “In the time it takes to climb the steps to the court we tell the story of how the accused came to be here. We see the crime and we see the punishment. Nothing else. No police procedure, thanks very much, no coppers striding along corridors with coats flapping. Just crime and punishment – the two things that matter most in any crime drama.

“It’s great to work with Chris again and I’ve often tried in the past to get Mackenzie into something of mine. And needless to say, it’s wonderful to reunite the team that made The Street.”

Polly Hill, BBC Commissioning Editor, says: “After three wonderful, award-winning series of The Street, we are thrilled the same team are making Accused for BBC One. The first commission for RSJ Films, Jimmy McGovern, Sita Williams and Roxy Spencer, together with David Blair, continue to make drama that is relevent, challenging and above all moving. I’m sure this will prove to be a real treat for the BBC One audience.”

Accused was commissioned by BBC One Controller Jay Hunt, and Ben Stephenson, Controller of Drama Commissioning, and is executive produced for the BBC by Polly Hill, Commissioning Editor, Independent Drama. Sita Williams is the producer and executive producer for RSJ Films.

Christopher Eccleston stars as a man in turmoil in Willy’s Story by Jimmy McGovern, which starts filming on 30 May. Lapsed Catholic Willy does his best; he’s a good plumber and a loving father, but he fails to be a faithful husband.

Just when Willy is about to confess to his wife Carmel, played by Pooky Quesnel, his daughter announces she’s getting married. Willy’s guilty secret must wait while pressure from all sides keeps growing. He is about to implode when he finds something in the back of a cab and it’s either the answer to his prayers or the beginning of his downfall…

Mackenzie Crook stars as Buckley, a soldier’s soldier – a man you need on your side if you are to survive. The Soldier Story is written by Jimmy McGovern and begins filming on 10 May.

Newcomers Benjamin Smith and Ben Batt play Frankie Nash and Peter McShane respectively, two friends who join the British army. Soon they are on the frontline in Afghanistan where they learn that not obeying orders has deadly consequences, and that the enemy are not necessarily who you think they are. Robert Pugh plays Peter McShane Senior, an army veteran who is proud to have a son in the military keeping the family tradition alive.

A further four episodes of Accused film in and around Manchester until the end of August this year and further casting will be announced shortly.

The directors are David Blair (The Street), (eps 1, 2, 5 & 6) and Richard Laxton (An Englishman In New York), (eps 3 & 4).

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