Agatha Christie’s Marple

Thursday, 1 January 2009, 9:00PM – 11:00PM on ITV1

Miss Marple (Geraldine McEwan) is faced with her greatest challenge yet when she receives instructions from an old friend, the recently deceased Mr Rafiel, to investigate a ‘possible crime’. But there’s a catch – she has not been told what the crime is. Instead, she is booked onto a mystery coach tour to gather clues.

Miss Marple takes her nephew Raymond West (Richard E Grant) to accompany her on the tour as Mr Rafiel warns that danger may threaten. It begins to dawn on them both that all the passengers have been placed there for a reason, as their lives interconnect in various ways. Even more significantly, everyone is connected to a young girl, Verity Hunt, who went missing during the war.

They also realise that every destination on the tour is significant and start to piece together information about Verity, finding out that she fled from a nun’s sanctuary in the dead of night to be with her German lover, Mr Rafiel’s son Michael (Dan Stevens), and was never seen again. Is it mere coincidence that Verity also lodged with Sydney Lumley (Johnny Briggs) before he met his young wife Margaret (Laura Michelle Kelly)?

Margaret’s resemblance to Verity shocks the elderly Mr Raeburn (George Cole), ex-butler to the caustic lady of the manor Amanda Dalrymple (Ronni Ancona), who threw out Verity for ‘stealing’ and is now travelling with an obsequious lawyer, Derek Turnbull (Adrian Rawlins). With the help of young detective Colin Hards (Lee Ingleby), Miss Marple and Raymond piece together the secrets of the past to fulfil a promise to her dear old friend.

Geraldine McEwan returns in two of her final outings as Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple.

In Nemesis, the famous spinster sleuth faces her greatest challenge when she receives instructions from the late Mr Rafiel to investigate a ‘possible crime’. She’s not told what the crime is, but is instead booked on a mystery coach tour to gather clues.

Accompanied by her nephew Raymond West (Richard E Grant), Miss Marple soon realises that everyone on the trip is there for a reason, and is somehow connected to a young girl who went missing during the war. With the help of detective Colin Hards (Lee Ingleby), the pair piece together the secrets of the past to fulfil a promise to a dear friend. Johnny Briggs, Amanda Burton, Anne Reid, Ronni Ancona, George Cole, Will Mellor, Ruth Wilson, and Emily Woof also star.

In Towards Zero – guest starring Tom Barker, Julia Graham, Paul Nicholls, Alan Davies, Saffron Burrows, Greg Wise, Julian Sands, Zoë Tapper and Dame Eileen Atkins – the formidable, wheelchair-bound lady Tressilian (Atkins) hosts a house party on her Devon estate.

Eyebrows are raised when dashing tennis star Neville Strange (Wise) arrives with his attractive, high-maintenance bride Kay (Tapper), even though his first wife Audrey (Burrows) is also attending. While Kay openly flirts with her ex-lover Ted Latimer (Nicholls), Audrey is looked out for by her friend Royde (Sands). Miss Marple, Lady Tressilian’s old school friend, observes the sexual tensions and marital mishaps as the guests holiday by the sea. But it’s not long before a gruesome murder takes place. Local Superintendent Mallard (Davies), assisted by Miss Marple of course, investigates.

Agatha Christie’s Marple is produced by Karen Thrussell. Nemesis is adapted by Stephen Churchett and directed by Nicholas Winding. Towards Zero is adapted by Kevin Elyot and directed by David Grindley.

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