Alan Partridge

It doesn’t really matter what Steve Coogan does, Alan Partridge will always be his most famous creation. It’s his Sergeant Pepper. Thankfully for fans of the most toe-curling man ever to be written (well, at least one of the top ten), enough time has passed that Coogan and writer Armando Iannucci are not completely sick of him and are to revisit him, this time, on the silver screen.

In an interview with Armando Iannucci (over at DS), it has been revealed that the Alan Partridge movie is still in the planning stages.

Armando Iannucci is, of course, possibly the greatest comedy writer alive on the planet. He’s the man behind, and contributing writer to, In The Loop, Brass Eye, the massively underrated Armando Iannucci Shows and Time Trumpet.

Despite recent comments from Steve Coogon, Iannucci insists that a story for the film hasn’t yet been decided upon.

“We’re still talking about a story,” he said, adding: “It has to feel up there with the TV show in terms of quality. We’ve got various ideas and they’re making us laugh so that’s the good thing.”

Iannucci added: “He must never know what other what other people think of him because if he did, he’d just crumble. We’re allowed to laugh at him, but he is mostly unaware of that. To get on in life he has to find people who may never have heard of Alan Partridge.”

Thankfully, the film will not be going down the Sacha Baron Cohen trail and forging its own path. Small screen to big screen leaps are often fraught with danger, but now Iannucci has In The Loop under his belt, I can see the Alan Partridge movie being a winner.

Fingers crossed.

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