Extreme survival series Alive continues with new episodes about human endurance against the odds. In this episode brothers Justin and Jeremy Harris venture into the depths of a Utah canyon. What was meant to be a weekend of brotherly bonding soon turns into a nightmare when a simple mistake leaves one brother badly injured. Soaking, frozen and miles from the canyon’s exit, the other has no choice but to find a way out alone in the dark. But, in such perilous terrain, can he even escape, let alone bring help before the sub-zero conditions kill his injured brother?

Sunday 17 February at 4:40pm on Channel 4

Extreme survival series Alive continues. Two old school friends decide a fishing trip to Mexico would be a great way to repair their rocky relationships with their fathers. What promises to be the ultimate male bonding holiday soon turns into a nightmare as they are forced to ditch their plane in the middle of the Sea of Cortez on their way from Arizona to Loreto in Mexico. As the dads struggle to survive the heavy seas, one son decides to go it alone in search of help, courageously battling the hidden dangers of the sea in order to complete a deeply personal mission.

Sunday 24 February at 4:45pm on Channel 4

Extreme survival series Alive continues, recounting extraordinary experiences of real people facing terrible dilemmas in a bid for survival. A Hollywood camera crew experience engine failure above a live volcano. Their helicopter crash-lands inside the volcano and the three men find themselves hundreds of feet below the crater rim next to deadly pools of lava and suffocating in toxic gases. The three are separated and it’s every man for themselves if they are to survive. In their escape attempts each man must operate at the very limits of human endurance, believing their companions are dead.
contact: Nicola Wilkinson, 020 7306 6942

Sunday 10 February at 4:40pm on Channel 4

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