Angela’s Eyes

angela’s eyes
eyes on the prize (13/13)

Concluding tonight on Five is the compelling US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson –an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through lies. In tonight’s season finale, the murder of Angela’s old nemesis sparks a dramatic investigation that leads the agent ever closer to discovering the truth about her parents. Jack Stillman, the enigmatic ‘fixer’ often at the heart of the FBI’s investigations, this week reveals himself to be involved in the conspiracy surrounding Angela’s parents.

Meeting a mysterious man at midnight on a city rooftop, he hands over the papers he purloined from Jerry (see last week’s episode, ‘The Camera’s Eye’), and with them the key to Lydia and Colin’s freedom. “Their future, once so full of possibility, is now irretrievably in my hands,” reflects the anonymous man. Having completed his work, Stillman tries to leave but is met by two heavies who throw him off the building.

When the agents arrive on the scene the following morning, Angela quizzes the security guard at the building and learns that he left his post for an hour the night before because of an anonymous threat to his family. When he returned, all the surveillance tapes had been taken. “This was a professional job,” concludes Leo.

A search of Stillman’s office unearths surveillance equipment and a quantity of encrypted transcripts from various recorded phonecalls, including some involving mob bosses, civic leaders and even Angela herself. With so many people the subject of Stillman’s phone bugs, the list of suspects for his murder is long. Using footage from the security cameras of a building neighbouring the crime scene, Dozer is able to piece together the image of the man talking to the victim just before he was killed. Angela recognises him as Simon Laird – a exCIA agent connected with her parents’ case. But how is he involved with Stillman?

Dozer soon arrives at the answer: decoding the transcript of a conversation on Stillman’s computer, he discovers that Laird paid Stillman $250,000 to steal the papers from Jerry. “The case is about you,” says Leo to Angela, angrily. “Your worlds are colliding!” Also mentioned in the conversation is ‘Ezekiel’ –an unknown kingpin who seems to be at the very top of the conspiracy.

Now dangerously embroiled in international espionage, Angela goes to FBI boss Gene for help and he manages to set up a meeting between Angela, Jerry and their parents. It is the first time the family has been together for many years and emotions run high, but Angela is keen to get straight to business: “We don’t have much time,” she warns.

Colin explains that he and Lydia were assigned to protect Soviet double agents working for the Russian embassy in DC. After the fall of communism, the Russian secret service made a deal with the US: the names of the Russian double agents in exchange for those of their American equivalents. When they refused to reveal the identities of their charges, Colin and Lydia were framed as double agents and thrown in jail.

Simon Laird, Colin goes on to explain, was one of the US agents who worked as a spy for the KGB. On hearing of the exchange programme, he went into hiding and began to hunt and kill all the other spies involved, thus eliminating the evidence proving Colin and Lydia’s innocence. On asking about the identity of Ezekiel, however, Angela finds that her father is unwilling to help. “Don’t ever mention that name again,” says Colin. “You can get killed just knowing the existence of that person!”

At this point, Gene storms into the meeting and tells Angela that her parents are lying. “Do you believe me?” he asks, but Angela’s talent for once lets her down. Are Colin and Lydia inventing the whole plot just to save their own necks, just as Angela has always suspected? Does Gene know more about their case than he is letting on? And who is the mysterious Ezekiel?

angela’s eyes
the camera’s eye (12/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson –an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through lies. In tonight’s episode, a theft at an art gallery leads the team to an international assassin; and Angela and Jerry’s quest to find the truth about their parents becomes ever more convoluted.

Angela, Leo and Dozer are called to a fashionable art gallery from which controversial artist Gus Walker has had his entire collection stolen on the first day of his new exhibition. After analysing the incomplete surveillance footage from the gallery, Dozer concludes that the recording was stopped during the exhibition launch party on the previous night by somebody with a password. “This was an inside job,” says Angela to the artist and the gallery owner, both of whom deny involvement in the theft.

The case takes a dramatic twist when Leo and Angela pay Walker a visit at home, only to find him lying dead in a pool of blood, surrounded by the missing works of art. “I’m guessing stolen art isn’t an issue any more,” observes Leo. The agents note that only nine of the ten stolen photo collages are in the artist’s flat and conclude that the missing piece is key to the case. Since only one piece was taken away, its importance to the thief must lie in its subject, as opposed to its cash value. “So how do we figure out what it looks like?” asks Angela. “That’s where I come in,” says Dozer.

Just at this point, the team is interrupted by the arrival of Jack Stillman –an old adversary of Angela’s. Stillman claims to have a personal interest in Walker’s murder and wants access to the current case files. Believing him to have nothing to offer in exchange for her assistance, however, Angela flatly refuses.

Back at the lab, Dozer sets to work on the surveillance footage to put together an image of the missing piece of art. As the photograph comes into focus, the agents recognise the face of ‘Chameleon’ –an international assassin known for her ability to transform into many guises. As she stares at the image, Angela suddenly remembers seeing Chameleon in disguise at the gallery reception. But would she really kill someone simply for capturing her image on camera? “That’s what we have to find out,” concludes Angela.

Now at a stalemate, Angela receives a lead from the most unlikely of sources. While at home one evening, she gets a call from Stillman, who claims to have new information. They meet at a bar in town, but Angela quickly surmises that he has nothing new to offer. However, while talking about the dead artist’s work, Stillman reveals that one of the subjects of the latest collection was people taking photographs. Can Chameleon have herself been using a camera when Walker captured her image? “I never thought I’d hear myself say this,” says Angela, “but I actually owe you one Jack!”

Further examination of the missing artwork reveals that, sure enough, the assassin was using a small camera to stake out a public building in town. Heading to the building in question, the agents discover that Joseph Dellaman, an expolitical prisoner, is due to give a speech at the building at a human rights celebration on the following day. Angela now knows Chameleon’s intended target, but is she in time to stop the hit?

Also this week, Jerry and Angela continue to attempt to decode the mysterious papers relating to their parents’ imprisonment. During a visit to his father in jail, Jerry is led to an old bookseller who explains that the papers refer to the one man responsible for the whole conspiracy. The bookseller, however, cannot provide the name. Back at Angela’s flat, Jerry is entertaining a new girlfriend who he met in a coffee shop. However, there proves to be more to the girl than meets the eye when she runs off with the coded papers. Have Angela and Jerry lost the last piece of evidence proving their parents’ innocence, just as they were about to discover the truth?

angela’s eyes
eyes wide shut (10/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through lies. In tonight’s episode, an old friend of Leo’s is murdered while working undercover, and Angela suspects that the man was a dishonest cop.

While Leo and Dozer are working surveillance on money-launderers Barone and Jackson, they are both surprised when Angela arrives, having cut short her sick leave after being shot (see last week’s episode, ‘Lyin’ Eyes’). She brushes aside their concerns and joins the surveillance operation, watching Barone and Jackson as they wait for a go-between to arrive.

When the contact turns up, Leo recognises him as Blake Walker, an old friend who is now working as an undercover cop. As Blake leaves Barone and Jackson and meets some known Triad members, Angela wonders if he is using the undercover operation as a cover for some nefarious activities of his own. “Your good friend keeps bad company,” she tells Leo, who is irritated that she doubts Blake and tells her to “let it go”. But when they talk to Blake, Angela can tell that he is keeping something from them.

Leo decides to talk to Blake himself and find out what is going on. When he arrives at the house, Leo is surprised to see Blake’s wife, Anita, rush past him in tears. Blake dismisses it as Anita “having a bad day” and invites Leo in. He explains that the long undercover job is taking its toll on his home life, but Leo wonders if there is something else troubling him.

Angela, meanwhile, has been talking to Blake’s parter, Vic Perretti, to check up on Blake’s story. He tells her that Blake is telling the truth about his undercover work, and agrees to join forces with Angela and Leo so that both the Triad gang and Jackson and Barone can be caught. Angela accepts that Blake is telling the truth about his work, but is still convinced that he is hiding something. It seems she is right when Leo later gets a call from Blake requesting to meet him so they can talk – but when Leo gets to the agreed rendezvous point, he is horrified to find Blake lying dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

At Blake’s funeral, Angela watches Anita as she interacts with Perretti and gets the feeling that something is going on between them. “You have a unique gift,” concedes Leo when she tells him, “but sometimes it borders on paranoia.” Perretti calls soon afterwards to tell them that the Triad suspects have been arrested on counterfeiting charges, but when Angela and Leo confront them about Blake’s death they deny knowing anything about it. “These aren’t the guys we want,” realises Angela, telling Leo that she senses they need to focus on the gang’s bookkeeper, Johnny – she noticed him slip up and say Blake’s real name rather than his undercover alias.

When Angela and Leo question Johnny, he reveals something about Blake that may explain why the undercover cop was shot – and causes Leo to question everything he thought he knew about his old friend.

Also this week, Angela recruits Dozer to help her track down Dylan. Why did her seemingly perfect boyfriend disappear so soon after saying “I love you” – and what will Angela do when she finds him again?

angela’s eyes
lyin’ eyes (9/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through lies. In tonight’s episode, Angela’s life hangs in the balance after a mysterious assailant shoots her at home; and flashbacks reveal how Angela joined the FBI and tackled her first ever case.

Angela has an important evening ahead as her doctor boyfriend, Dylan, is about to meet her brother, Jerry. But little does she know that Dylan is spying on her for her boss, Gene, who has asked him to retrieve a file from her apartment. “Angela got some papers from an old Korean cleaner,” Gene tells Dylan. “They’re in a bright red folder and I want them.”

At Angela’s apartment, Jerry has spotted the files himself and is keen to look over them, believing them to contain new information about their jailed parents. The documents are in Russian, and Jerry has only just started to read them when Angela goes to answer the doorbell. To Jerry’s horror, the man on the doorstep shoots Angela in the stomach and disappears. As his sister falls to the ground, she can only whisper one word: “Bluebird!”

Jerry phones for an ambulance, but with a storm raging outside, the line is jammed with calls. He is relieved when Dylan arrives and quickly sets up a saline IV. Dylan calls Leo and Dozer for help in raising an ambulance and passes on Angela’s cryptic message. When Leo hears the word “bluebird”, he knows what it means: “It was her first case,” he says. Leo and Dozer set to work reviewing the Bluebird case for any clue as to the identity of Angela’s shooter. Meanwhile, as Dylan and Jerry wait for the paramedics, the doctor spots the red folder on a table. Will he bow to Gene’s wishes and steal the documents, despite his girlfriend’s condition?

As Angela’s life hangs by a thread, flashbacks recount her recruitment into the FBI and her handling of the Bluebird case exactly a year ago… Before joining the bureau, Angela struggled to live with her remarkable lie-detecting abilities, and only Gene recognised her potential: “Why don’t you let us help you turn this liability into an asset?” he says. Passing her FBI exams with flying colours, Angela is partnered with Leo for her first case: an operation to trap notorious smuggler and poker player Christopher Wren – also known as “Bluebird”.

The FBI does not know what Bluebird looks like, so Angela’s mission is to participate in an illicit poker game and identify their suspect. Her unique gift will help her stay in the game long enough to deduce which of the players is Bluebird: “I always know when they’re bluffing,” she says. Leo is on hand posing as a bartender, but Angela does not yet trust him, so she has enlisted the help of her old school friend Dozer to monitor the game via a hidden camera. As the game progresses, Angela uses her skills to win big – angering some of the players in the process. Could it be that one of these players has now returned to wreak revenge?

Also this week, Gene’s pursuit of the mysterious red folder takes him back to the jail where Angela’s parents are incarcerated for spying against their country. Angela’s mother declines to answer his questions about the Russian documents – even as sparks fly between them. “Have you ever considered telling Angela the whole truth about us?” Gene asks. But just what is the truth to which Gene alludes?

angela’s eyes
open your eyes (7/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through lies. In tonight’s episode, Angela races against time to stop a deadly biological attack on a pharmaceutical company; and Angela’s brother Jerry shows up with new evidence that could prove their parents’ innocence.

Angela and her team are called to the headquarters of the Lambert Corporation, a bioscience company that has received warning of an imminent terrorist attack. A vial containing a deadly virus has been stolen from the company’s labs and an anonymous phone call has threatened to release it in 12 hours, if the corporation does not pay out $40 million.

Angela and Leo meet members of the Lambert family who control the corporation: patriarch August Lambert; his offspring Chad and Brooke Lambert; and the latter’s husband, Ron Arden. The Lamberts are determined not to give in to terrorist demands, except for Chad Lambert, who is concerned about the danger to people’s lives.

Dozer soon establishes from the CCTV footage that a man dressed as a technician purloined the vial from the lab using Chad Lambert’s smart card. When questioned, Chad claims his card was stolen and resents the implication that he is involved, insisting he does not want people to be hurt. “He was telling the truth about not wanting to hurt people,” Angela tells Leo. “But he was lying about something else,” Leo surmises.

A second phone message increases the pressure on the team: “Lambert doesn’t care if innocent people get hurt in its quest for profits,” the voice says. “You will pay me or people will die in your name.” Dozer draws up a list of people with grudges against the Lambert Corporation, and discovers that 16 people recently filed a lawsuit against the corporation for allegedly damaging their health with a drilling operation. The lawsuit failed, but not before several people at the company lost their jobs.

Angela and Leo interview two of these people: one is a former contractor who lost his livelihood when Lambert bought his company; the other is a scientist fired by Lambert for speaking out against its operations. Both men say Chad Lambert was to blame for the illnesses caused by the drilling. Angela realises that Lambert senior made Chad take the blame for the lawsuit, before sidelining him in favour of his sister and brother-in-law: “You let Chad take the fall,” Angela tells August Lambert. “[Now] Chad’s taking his revenge.”

Chad has gone home claiming to feel sick, but when the agents rush to arrest him, they find him struck down by the virus. “I didn’t want anyone to know I was infected,” Chad gasps. The dying man reveals who is behind the plot: a man named Andrew Dexter, one of the 16 plaintiffs in the lawsuit, whose wife died from her illness. Chad agreed to help him extort money from Lambert in order to pay the plaintiffs, only for Dexter to double-cross him. “He told me he wouldn’t use the virus… he was lying,” Chad says. “He wanted me to get sick because he thinks I’m responsible for what happened to his wife.” Angela and Leo must now locate Andrew Dexter – but can he be stopped in time? And what is his true target?

Also this week, Angela’s brother Jerry claims to have new evidence proving that their imprisoned parents may be innocent of the spying charges against them. He introduces her to a former Russian spy named Alexi Karasyov, whom the FBI believes to be dead. “Alexi has information that’s been covered up,” Jerry says. Despite her suspicion, Angela is gradually convinced of the truth of Alexi’s story. Is it possible that Angela has been mistaken about her parents all this time?

angela’s eyes
political eyes (6/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through lies. In tonight’s episode, the disappearance of an opera star implicates a congressman running for re-election; while Angela’s birthday drags up memories from her past.

Francesca Bouchard, a beautiful young opera star, has disappeared. A witness saw her walking out of the theatre after a performance one night, and her clothes were found on a river bank two days later. The FBI gets involved when a wellknown name surfaces in the case – local congressman Wade Keene. A memo written on Keene’s notepaper detailing a meeting in a hotel was found in Francesca’s jacket.

Avoiding his questions about her forthcoming birthday, Angela takes Leo to visit Keene at his campaign office. Keene admits that he vaguely knew the missing girl – he and his wife had met the star after a show – but he denies any further relationship. He then rushes off for a meeting.

As the agents leave the office, they run into Jack Stillman –advisor to the congressman and an old adversary of Angela’s. Stillman informs the agents that his client is happy to cooperate in the case, but wants his involvement kept out of the media. “A lying politician, Jack Stillman and opera,” says Angela. “This is going to be one hell of a birthday.”

Meanwhile, Dozer tracks Keene’s wife, Laura, and spots her discarding a necklace engraved with Francesca’s initials in a park bin. Angela and Leo go back to Keene who admits to an affair with Francesca, but claims she ended it long before her disappearance. Laura had realised what was going on when she found the necklace, and disposed of the evidence in order to protect her husband’s career. But the congressman still protests his innocence, claiming to have been at a bar on the night of the disappearance.

Angela and Leo visit the bar in question and the barman corroborates Keene’s story, but Angela knows he is lying. Sure enough, an examination of a recent surveillance tape shows that Jack Stillman had also gone to see the barman – probably to coerce him into providing an alibi.

When Angela threatens to go to the media, Stillman allows access to Keene, and the congressman soon opens up. Keene admits to visiting Francesca on the night of her disappearance, but still insists he left her alive and well: “I didn’t kill her,” he exclaims. “I loved her!” Angela seems to believe him. “You don’t think he did it?” asks Leo. “No,” she replies, “but the way he talked about Francesca sure gave someone else a good reason to want her dead.”

Laura is now the prime suspect, but she has an alibi –she was at home receiving a takeaway at the time Francesca vanished. Angela and the team are forced to reassess the case, and begin investigating some other leads, including a rival performer and the wardrobe mistress at the opera. However, it is the spectacle of the opera itself that gives Angela a brainwave – what if Francesca did not leave her dressing room at all? Angela theorises that the witness may have seen someone dressed as Francesca leaving the scene, but this throws up another problem – where is the body?

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, Dozer arranges for Angela to have a surprise reunion with her estranged brother, Jerry, on her birthday. She is initially angry, but Jerry wishes her a happy birthday and presents her with a gift –a family time capsule containing old photographs and toys. The two share a number of happy childhood stories and seem to be getting on well together, until Angela comes across a photo of her parents with a strange man. Does Jerry have an ulterior motive in taking his sister down memory lane?

angela’s eyes
undercover eyes (5/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through people’s lies. In tonight’s episode, Angela and Leo go undercover to bust a drug ring in an affluent country town; and Angela clashes with Gene over his relationship with her mother.

FBI boss Gene Taylor orders Angela and Leo to go undercover in the country town of Westerby in order to smash a drugs ring that is thought to be behind a spate of teenage overdoses. Angela poses as an English teacher in the local high school while Leo takes the job of sports coach, and together they get to know the residents, including Ed, the friendly diner owner. Angela is quick to note Westerby’s affluence: “There’s a suspicious amount of money in this town,” she says.

Angela’s attention is soon focused upon a pair of girls apparently passing drugs around in class. Using the school’s CCTV system, tech expert Dozer catches the girls on camera bothering Zoe, a first year student. Zoe dodges Angela’s questions but Angela soon figures out who is behind the drugs circulating in the school: Zoe’s ne’er-do-well boyfriend, Brad, who works in the local gas station. Angela warns Zoe to stay away from him: “He’s a bad guy – you hang out with a guy like Brad, you end up in jail,” she says. Angela tells her about her own experience of jail when she was a reckless teenager.

The team decides to ensnare Brad in a drugs deal and Angela nominates Dozer for the job – much to Leo’s displeasure. “Being an ex-stoner doesn’t qualify someone for undercover work,” Leo says. Nonetheless, Dozer plays his part well, and arranges to meet Brad to pick up some drugs. The team swoop on Brad’s house at the appointed hour only to find that he has fled, leaving behind stacks of computer equipment. “Looks like this guy’s into a lot more than drugs,” Angela notes. But a more shocking discovery lies in the next room: Zoe is sprawled unconscious on the floor from an overdose.

A guilt-ridden Angela feels she could have done more to protect Zoe, and battles with Gene to be allowed to continue the operation. Gene grants them more time, and Dozer provides a new lead from the data on Brad’s computer: a network of trucks that have been robbed in recent weeks. Angela returns to Brad’s gas station to find more clues and encounters Ed, who also owns the truck stop. Ed claims not to know where Brad is, but Angela’s sixth sense tells her that he is lying.

With Ed under suspicion, Angela and Leo decide to tail him – only for Leo’s car to be sabotaged by his students. Angela continues on her own, despite Leo’s pleas for her to wait: “You cannot go alone – it’s not safe!” he says. Angela follows Ed to the woods where he meets with a stolen truck. Desperate to keep her quarry in sight, she climbs into the back of the truck and promptly loses radio contact with her team. As Dozer and Leo struggle to locate her, Angela finds herself in grave danger…

Also this week, Angela confronts Gene about the fact he has been visiting her imprisoned mother without her knowledge. Gene says he befriended her mother in order to gain vital, classified information – but Angela knows he is lying. “Did you really just lie to my face and think you could get away with it?” she asks. Gene begs her to believe him, but Angela is left wondering if she can really trust her boss and mentor.

angela’s eyes
eyes of the father (4/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the US drama series that focuses on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent with a unique talent for seeing through people’s lies. This week, Angela tackles a fatherand-son team responsible for a chain of robberies, while her relationship with her mother is put to its ultimate test.

When Angela and her team arrive at the scene of a robbery at a diamond merchant, they suspect the work of a prolific, high-tech criminal gang: this is the latest in a string of big robberies throughout the city. As with the other cases, the robbers escaped before the cops could react to the alarm. This time, however, Dozer notices that they have made a mistake: though they hid from the security cameras, a reflection in a glass panel shows the grainy image of a man’s face. The picture is sent out to the press, and the police have soon received 400 calls relating to the man’s identity.

After a scan of the recordings, Angela identifies a genuine call and heads with Leo to the home of a woman called Danielle Harlow. Danielle says that she returned from work to see an image of her father, Stuart, spread across the news. She claims to be loyal to him, but adds: “If he’s guilty, I want him prosecuted”. Leo suspects that Danielle has an agenda, but they decide to track Stuart Harlow’s activities nonetheless.

A few hours of surveillance later, and all Angela and Leo have come up with is that Stuart has received a delivery from a courier company. “He’s planning something,” theorises Angela. But Leo remains unconvinced: “I guess it’s a start,” he says. The first real breakthrough comes later when Dozer is scouring the surveillance photos of Stuart: the suspect seems to be spending a great deal of time with an unidentified male. While Dozer initially suggests that Stuart is gay, it seems more likely that he has been with his son, Kevin –a possible accomplice in the robberies.

The team heads back to Danielle’s house for further questioning, but she refuses to accept that Kevin could be involved –he and his father do not get on, she explains. However, when she sees the images, Danielle’s mood changes. “We could really use your help,” implores Angela, but Danielle clams up: “You’re going to have to do a lot better than this flimsy evidence to make me want to help you any further,” she spits.

The investigation takes a step forwards when Stuart and Kevin are spotted revisiting a large sports arena –could they be planning yet another heist? Dozer and Leo head straight to the scene and have soon located their targets. Kevin seems to be setting up a scam in the corporate hospitality area. Convincing a receptionist to leave her desk, he places an electronic device on her computer before making a swift exit. Though they are now convinced of the father-and-son team’s guilt, the agents do not have enough evidence to make any arrests. They must therefore return to Danielle to ask for help before another robbery takes place.

Danielle eventually agrees to assist the agents, but refuses to give up her brother. She is fitted with a wire and goes to meet her father at a cafe, with the intention of trapping just him. The set-up is going well, until Danielle covers up the microphone and whispers something to her father, prompting him to flee. “We need to find out what Danielle told him,” says Angela, ominously: “and I know just they way to make him talk.”

Also in tonight’s episode, Angela discovers that her estranged mother is dying. When her boss, Gene Taylor, informs her that her mother has been tranferred from a high-security prison to a hospital, Angela knows that it must be serious. Visiting her mother in hospital, she discovers that the only thing that will save her life is a bone marrow transplant –from Angela. Will she be able to forgive her mother long enough to save her life?

angela’s eyes
in god’s eyes (3/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is this US drama series focusing on the work of Angela Henson – an FBI agent who works as a human lie detector, divining whether someone is lying by looking into their eyes.This week, a wealthy socialite takes cover in a church after a fatal shooting at her home, and Angela’s brother tries to persuade her to make amends with their mother.

When police are called to the home of socialite Patricia Martin, they are told that the victim, identified as recently released ex-con Frank Mitchum, was accidentally shot by his own gun during a struggle. However, holes soon appear in the self-defence version of events when it transpires that Mitchum was shot outside – which is not where he was found. The mystery deepens further when Patricia vanishes from her home and seeks refuge in a church. If the shooting really was self-defence, why is Patricia running?

Angela and Leo want to get inside the church to speak to Patricia, but the priest is “connected downtown” which makes it surprisingly difficult to get a warrant to enter the building. Undeterred, Angela promises the priest, Father Robert Malone, that she will get inside “one way or another” – and sure enough, it is not long before a warrant is granted thanks to some handy security camera footage proving that Patricia never left the church.

Leo, meanwhile, has been delving into the dead man’s past and has found out that Frank Mitchum, Patricia Martin and Robert Malone all grew up together in the same foster home. He also discovers that Mitchum had been thrown out of thehome for assaulting another boy. Who was that boy, and does the incident have a connection with Mitchum’s death?

Confronted with the warrant, Father Malone agrees to talk to Angela and Leo and acknowledges that Patricia had been seeking refuge in his church. His claims that she has left are backed up when a thorough search of the premisesfails to turn up the fugitive, but how can she have left undetected by the security cameras? The answer arrives when Angela realises that Patricia had escaped dressed as a nun – and works out that Tim, a man with learning difficulties who worksfor Father Malone, helped her leave.

Malone says that he had told Tim to keep quiet about Patricia’s presence at the church, and explains that Patricia had not come forward because she had some “prior business” to attend to. He confesses that he and Patricia had been in a relationship when they were both at the foster home –a fact that had always enraged the jealous Mitchum. Clearly something happened between the three of them back then, but when Patrica herself calls and announces that she is going to turn herself in, Angela and Leo are still in the dark. “What happened in that foster home that you are trying to cover up?” asks Angela. All may be revealed when the team locate another former resident of the home, who throws some muchneeded light on the past –but he may also be about to help Frank Mitchum’s real killer disappear.

Also this week, Angela’s no-good brother Jerry turns up again, this time asking her for a loan to cover a $25,000 gambling debt. Furious, Angela is also unhappy to learn from Jerry that their mother, in prison for espionage, has been asking for her. Can Angela put the hurt and betrayal of her troubled past behind her and give her estranged mother a second chance?

angela’s eyes
eyes for windows (2/13)

Continuing tonight on Five is the explosive US drama series focusing on the work of Angela Henson –an FBI agent who works as a human lie detector, divining whether someone is lying by looking into their eyes. This week, Angela is the bridesmaid at her closest friend’s wedding, but is distracted by the investigation into death threats towards a TV presenter.

Angela asks Dozer to track down Jerry. She has not seen him since Christmas, when he disappeared after stealing $6,000 from her. Meanwhile, the team is called in to investigate when well-known news anchor Missy Banders, who has been the target of a stalker in the past, starts receiving death threats in the run-up to a hard-hitting exposé she plans to break on her show.

Angela finds work intruding on her personal life again when, despite being a bridesmaid at the wedding of Savannah, her best friend from college, she is unable to keep her mind off the Missy Banders case. Then, when she meets the groom, Charles, she is immediately suspicious of him, causing rifts in her own relationship with Peter.

As agents investigate the death threats, the team is left with a handful of suspects: an obsessed fan who has stalked Missy in the past; the man at the centre of Missy’s forthcoming exposé; and the wife of Missy’s manager, with whom Missy has been conducting a not-so-secret affair. But, as the wedding draws closer, will Angela’s suspicions about Charles prove to be well-founded?

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