Animal Hospital

Weekdays From 4th January, 7.30pm

Rolf Harris finds himself first at the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital in Salford, run by the RSPCA, where Chief vet David Yates and his team are on hand to provide 24-hour care to the latest influx of animal waifs and strays. Then he moves on to Harmsworth Hospital in North London, where David Grant and his team of vets and nurses face exactly the same challenges. Over the course of the two series we see a dog who’s swallowed a child’s toy arrow, baby tawny owls whose nest had been accidentally destroyed, a budgerigar with a deformed beak, an alligator who had outgrown his home, a report from Norway on efforts to release into the wild Keiko, the Killer Whale star of the movie Free Willy, two Burmese pythons in need of a new home, and a team of trained sniffer dogs clearing a minefield in Sarajevo to make way for an animal sanctuary.

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