Ant and Dec Nintendo Commercials

Ant and Dec! You know them, right? They’ve been pals since they were both little more than bloody little foetuses. We’ve watched them grow up via Byker Grove, an ill advised Vic and Bob style sketch show, SM:TV and various high-budget ITV variety shows.

For a while, they were imperial and could virtually walk on water. Everything they touched turned into something more precious than gold. Well, black printer ink is more precious than gold, but you get what I mean.

Then, for a time, they seemingly vanished from our screens. Those big shining round faces of theirs were once a constant, cheering on the general public or laughing at Dean Gaffney eating a sizzled colon or something.

However, they’re back with a bunch of commercials for Nintendo products.

Now, the Nintendo DS and Wii have had a pretty smart and slick campaign. Instead of going for the kooky yoof style advertising push, the marketeers have realised that kids want video games regardless of commercials. Instead, the company went after older people… like Julie Walters and Patrick Stewart. Via the grey pound, Nintendo found that, by getting people who liked each other to tittle over brain training, a whole new market would unlock itself.

Nintendo became something for the family.

Then, the ultimate in family goodtimes, Ant and Dec, came along to seal the deal just in time for Christmas.

One problem.

The run of commercials give the impression that:

a) Ant and Dec have never met each other before


b) They’re not actually willing to meet members of the public.

The whole schtick with these ads is that Ant and Dec play Nintendo with each other All The Time, despite the commercials suggesting otherwise. In turn, they’ve been asked by their new bosses to join up with The General Public and challenge them to a go on Mario Kart or whatever.

The whole thing could’ve been a marvellous showcase for the spontaneous fun of Wii/DS AND just how normal and fun Ant and Dec are when faced with The Likes Of You And Me. Instead, what we get is snippets of scenes so stale and forced that it’s easier to imagine snipers around the room surrounded by signs saying “FUN” and “DON’T FORGET TO SMILE OR WE KILL THE YOUNGEST” than a laid-back fun day with the nation’s favourite Geordies.

While I understand that it’s hardly surprising that something like this should be so very, very staged, it’s baffling to think why anyone bothered. Ant and Dec clearly get along just fine and if you left them holed up for a weekend with a cameraman, a crate of lager and unlimited Dominos, we would’ve seen a warm and fun commercial, rather than the creepy bon homie that we have currently.

And the call to log on to a site to find out who won a challenge? Jeez… anyone who actually bothered to find out may want to rethink their life slightly. I mean, who cares that much about some stupid advertisme… oh.


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