Antiques Road Trip

Commissioned by BBC Daytime’s Commissioning Executive, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Jo Street, and made by STV, Antiques Road Trip is a series which pairs eight of Britain’s best-loved antiques experts and sends them on a road trip across the UK in a selection of beautiful classic cars. They’ll compete with each other to make the most money buying and selling antiques.

Each expert will have a starting budget of £200. From this they will try to continually trade up so that they increase their profits every time they sell at auction.

While searching for antiques to sell, they’ll be painting a picture of Britain as they travel through a changing landscape of stunning countryside, coastal villages, bustling market towns and sprawling cities in their selection of beautiful classic cars. On the way they will meet some of our most colourful and eccentric characters as they drive off the beaten track in search of some antique gems.

Although competing as individuals, they will travel in pairs. Witty banter and a growing competitive relationship will all be part of the proceedings.

Week one of the series will see Anita Manning and David Barby kicking off in Aberdeenshire.

In week two David Harper and James Lewis will begin their leg of the journey in Northern Ireland before travelling to the Lake District.

In week three Philip Serrell and Charles Hanson will start in North Wales and make their way down through the Midlands and the West Country.

In the final week, James Braxton and Mark Stacey will concentrate their efforts in Norfolk and the South East of England.

At the end of every week the expert who has traded up best and made the most money will be the winner. But expertise, reputations and egos are still on the line as the ultimate crown of series winner will be decided at a nail-biting grand finale auction in one of London’s most prestigious auction houses. Presiding over the finale auction and crowning the Antiques Road Trip winner will be antiques legend Tim Wonnacott.

Antiques Road Trip is a series that’s guaranteed to provide fun and drama in equal measure, not to mention a comprehensive cross-country guide to buying and selling antiques for profit.

BBC’s Controller of Daytime, Liam Keelan, says: “Antiques Road Trip is a very feel-good format, with some of our best-known antiques experts pitting their wits against each other from the top to the bottom of Britain.”

Commissioning Executive Jo Street adds: “I’m delighted that STV’s first ever commission for the BBC is a daytime series to be made in Glasgow. The STV team worked hard to find out what works for our viewers and came up with Antiques Road Trip – a great idea packed with high production values which we hope the audience will love.”

Elizabeth Partyka, Deputy Director of Content and Head of Daytime at STV, said: “We are delighted to have won our first ever series commission from the BBC and look forward to working with them on what promises to be a fantastic series. Having the commissioner based next door at Pacific Quay has contributed hugely to this. We have been able to work closely with Jo Street since she arrived and that has made the whole process much more focused and productive. Antiques Road Trip is now in production and we are confident of delivering an entertaining and quality series for BBC Two.”

The BBC Executive Producer for Antiques Road Trip is Jo Street and for STV they are Wendy Rattray and Elizabeth Partyka.

It is a BBC network production from Scotland by BBC Daytime.

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