Are You Fitter Than A Pensioner?

Unhealthy young Brits who pride themselves on living for the moment are immersed into the world of super-fit, health-obsessed old age pensioners, in this entertaining format.

The programme offers an innovative and entertaining solution to the problem of their unsound lifestyles by taking young, carefree Brits into the world of some of the most health-obsessed, super-fit geriatrics on the planet, and seeing if the experience shocks them into changing their ways.

In each episode, a group of four supremely unhealthy Brits (in both mind and body) spend a week living in a different “active retirement community” in America.

The Brits – all sharing an attitude of not caring about what they do to their bodies while they’re young – spend the week living with exercise-addicted mentors, who believe in doing everything in their power to prolong their lives.

Adhering to strict daily health and fitness regimes, these inspirational American “seniors” are determined to instil their active living ethos and their love of life into their unhealthy, apathetic young guests.

At the end of the week, the Brits face a final test to assess their progress… can they beat a group of pensioners in a demanding physical fitness competition?


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