Around the World in 80 Trades

Saturday, August 22 on M4

Economist Conor Woodman was a high-flying City market analyst. Then, one day he decided he would much rather trade physical items than simply handle commodities via a computer screen. Conor duly left his job, sold his flat and set off to travel across 16 countries on four continents to buy and sell all kinds of products, with the aim of doubling his money. Here’s an opportunity to catch all four episodes of the series that followed his bold adventure.

Thursday 23 April at 10:00pm on C4

The third leg of Conor Woodman’s adventure begins back in China where he picks up his newly carved piece of jade. It has cost him £5,000 but he’s confident he can treble his investment in Taiwan. There, Conor decides premium quality tea from the highlands of Taiwan is what the Japanese are crying out for. But Japanese bureaucracy means Conor can’t set up a market stall and he’s reduced to approaching people in the street. He gambles on selling freshly caught fish. He negotiates a deal with a local fisherman, fishes all day and drives through the night to a giant sushi market.

Thursday 16 April at 10:00pm on C4

Following a failed attempt at camel trading in Sudan and a reasonably successful sale of two tonnes of Zambian coffee in South Africa, Conor’s profit is very modest. The Asia leg of his journey starts in Delhi, where he plans to sell 4,000 bottles of South African chilli sauce to the Indians. But is the sauce hot enough to impress the Indians? His next scheme is horse trading. Conor thinks he can make a handsome profit buying horses in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan, but he’s reckoned without the cut-throat dealers at market. Then it’s on to China – buying jade and selling wine.

Thursday 9 April at 10:00pm on C4

Economist Conor Woodman was a high-flying City market analyst who decided he wanted to trade real things that he could touch and smell. So, Conor left his job and with £25,000 from the sale of his flat, he plans to travel across four continents and 16 countries trading in all kinds of products: animal, mineral and vegetable; with the aim of doubling his money. Tonight, Conor trades in camels, coffee, wine and chilli sauce, travelling from Sudan to South Africa, and on to India and China. It’s an ambitious project, and things get off to the worst possible start.

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