Banged Up with Blunkett

26th February, 2008

Banged Up with Blunkett

Five has commissioned Shine North to produce Banged Up, a new series featuring former Home Secretary David Blunkett. The show tackles head-on the sensitive issue of juvenile behaviour and rehabilitation, it was announced today, (TUES).

In a bold social experiment, Blunkett will head the ‘parole board’ of a ‘prison’ that mixes reformed criminals with juveniles on the cusp of a life of crime.

Rt Hon David Blunkett MP said: “The prime task of any criminal justice system is to prevent people from committing a crime in the first place, and then to avoid re-offending. Getting across a clear message, forewarning young people what prison is like, and encouraging them to take an alternative path in life, has to make sense.

He added: “Therefore, linking preventative work in warning young people, with a clear method of getting across to both potential criminals and the public as a whole, the reality of prison, will make a significant contribution to both education and greater understanding.

With ever increasing prison numbers, with longer sentences and with a continuing disquiet about the revolving door of re-offending, anything that can add to a range of measures for educating, and in creating a grasp of reality is worth the experiment now being undertaken by Shine North in conjunction with Five.”

Banged Up is a ground-breaking new series working in conjunction with pupil referral units, charities, youth groups, community projects and concerned parents to offer an insight into life ‘inside’, identify the youngsters who could benefit from the experiment and offer a whole new perspective on the debate surrounding youth crime – and punishment.

Each contributor has a very different story to tell and we follow them on their own personal road to rehabilitation. First-hand accounts and testimonies from former criminals will underline the consequences of what you can expect if you choose a life of crime.

Five’s Head of factual entertainment & multi-channel commissioner, Steve Gowans, said: “We’re delighted to have David Blunkett’s involvement and support. His experience and understanding in this area will be invaluable to a fascinating social experiment tackling an issue that couldn’t be more relevant.”

Banged Up is a Shine North production for Five. The executive producer is Robin Ashbrook and the series producer is Andrew Nicholson.

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