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BBC Television is set to deliver the best year of any major UK broadcaster, following strong performances across its channels throughout 2010*.

Analysis has revealed that the AI (audience appreciation index) figures have gone up and the portfolio has grown its share to 33.1% – 0.5** points up on last year – and now reaches 85.5% of the UK population each week, up from 84.7% last year.

Jana Bennett, Director, BBC Vision, says: “It’s been a strong year for BBC Television, with distinctive and uniquely BBC initiatives like the year of science, opera and poetry seasons and the launch of BBC One HD. We’ve seen truly ambitious and challenging moments like Five Daughters and Turn Back Time – The High Street, resulting in a portfolio performance that has bucked the trend and grown its AIs and audience share, whilst keeping public service broadcasting values at its heart.”

Bennett also announced today that the BBC will be introducing a new way of measuring its audiences, alongside traditional “overnight” methods. The system, called Live Plus 7, will incorporate the total audience consuming content across all platforms, including live, recordings, narrative repeats, BBC iPlayer and HD for seven days after transmission. Next year we plan to start revealing this information by publishing some of this Live Plus 7 information each month in a similar fashion to the way we announce BBC iPlayer stats now.

Bennett adds: “We know viewing habits are changing and we’re changing with them. As our content becomes available in more ways than ever before, traditional methods of overnight measurement are now just one part of the picture. The new Live Plus 7 system will allow us to look at the total impact of a show and use this insight to continue creating the programmes our audiences want to see.”


The figures** show that:


BBC One is still the UK’s most-watched channel:

BBC One has continued to grow in 2010, reaching 44.6 million people each week, up from 44m last year

Share has remained broadly stable at 20.7% for all hours and BBC One is the only terrestrial channel to have gone up in peak (to 22.9%). It has consequently increased its lead ahead of other terrestrial channels in both peak and all hours

Highlights this year include The Young Ones, a broad range of ambitious and challenging drama like Sherlock and the live EastEnders episode, which was watched by over 20 million people


BBC Two share remains ahead of its main competitors in peak hours:

The channel reaches 31.3 million people each week. A dip in peak share to 7.8% keeps BBC Two comfortably ahead of its competitors, and all hours share totals 6.9%

As part of Putting Quality First, the channel has taken creative risk with distinctive programmes at 9pm including Secret Iraq, BP: $30 Billion Blowout and The Song Of Lunch and has experienced its highest ever AIs.

The high quality of BBC Two’s output, recognised by audiences and the Trust, is clear in the numerous successes this year, including Wonders Of The Solar System and a resurgence of mainstream comedy on the channel, with Miranda, Rev and The Trip.


BBC Three is now the most-watched digital channel in the hours it broadcasts:

The MGEITF Non-Terrestrial Channel of the Year, BBC Three, saw both its share and reach grow in 2010, with the channel now reaching 5.2m, (36.4%) 16-34s each week, up from 4.8m in 2009 and has a share of 5%, up from 4.4% in 2009

Highlights this year include EastEnders: The Aftermath, which was watched by 4.5m – the best audience on a digital channel ever. Him And Her saw the highest ever audience for a sitcom launch on the channel, Russell Howard’s Good News remains popular, topping a million viewers, and there was a successful second series of Being Human

Women, Weddings, War And Me saw the highest audience appreciation figure of any factual programme on any British channel whilst the successful Adult Season reached almost half of 16-34s with programming hits that included Small Teen, Big World, which saw the channel’s best ever documentary audience with 1.2m


BBC Four has increased its reach and share considerably in the hours it broadcasts:

It’s been an excellent year for BBC Four, which has increased from 1% to 1.1% in the hours it broadcasts, and now reaches 8.5 million people each week, up from 7.2m in 2009

Reflecting the Trust’s findings that audiences appreciate its high quality and distinctive content, 2010 has seen a wide variety of successful programmes and seasons on the channel

Highlights include the Fatherhood and Sea seasons, a series of programmes on opera and original pieces that offer something that no other channel would, like Indian Hill Railways, Pavarotti – A Life In Seven Arias, Britain Goes Camping, Treasures Of The Anglo Saxons and The Road To Coronation Street.

For one night only, in March 2011, the city of Leeds will play host to a spectacular live TV event – the marriage of scientist Victor Frankenstein and his bride-to-be, Elizabeth. Frankenstein’s Wedding… Live In Leeds is a bold and ambitious music and drama event. It will explore the iconic story through contemporary performance and cutting-edge musical content. A collaboration between BBC Wales, BBC North and local organisations in Leeds, the spectacular live event will be broadcast on BBC Three.

Frankenstein’s Wedding… Live In Leeds is a bold reimagining of Mary Shelley’s much-loved masterpiece, Frankenstein. Set against the gothic magnificence of Kirkstall Abbey in the city, this one-of-a kind performance will bring the passion, emotion and horror from the classic tale to a live audience.

With spectacular light projections and audience participation throughout, viewers at Kirkstall Abbey and at home will experience the content as it happens.

Peter Salmon, Director, BBC North, says: “Frankenstein’s Wedding… Live In Leeds promises to be a truly unique event both for the live audience in Kirkstall Abbey and for viewers across the UK. Not only will the audience be able to get involved on the night itself, but in the weeks leading up to the event they will be encouraged to rediscover this classic novel.”

Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC One and BBC Three, adds: “Frankenstein’s Wedding… Live In Leeds is the kind of Arts television for young viewers that only the BBC would provide. It’s a very creatively ambitious project, and BBC Three is delighted to be working so closely with the city of Leeds to bring this iconic story to vibrant life.”

Jan Younghusband, Commissioning Editor, Music and Events, says: “We are delighted to be working with local organisations in Leeds to bring this great story to life through music and drama and to involve the people of Leeds in the heart of the story.”

The pan-BBC project is being supported by key organisations within the city, including Leeds City Council, Welcome to Yorkshire, Marketing Leeds and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

Adam Ogilvie, Leeds City Council Executive Member for Leisure, says: “We are delighted that the BBC have chosen the city of Leeds and the magnificent Kirkstall Abbey as the backdrop for this exciting project. Kirkstall Abbey is the perfect setting for this event and we look forward to helping bring the story of Frankenstein to life for millions of people to enjoy.”

Gary Verity, Chief Executive, Welcome to Yorkshire, says: “We have worked hard to bring this exciting project into Yorkshire. It will be a spectacular production in a special location which will showcase Kirkstall Abbey’s imposing splendour to millions around the country and introduce more people to the wealth of historic buildings which Yorkshire has to offer.”

Deborah Green, Chief Executive, Marketing Leeds, comments: “We are proud to be working with the BBC. The retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a first for both Leeds and the BBC and the project can only serve to further enhance the city’s current offering of culture, arts, music and dance.”

Following on from the successes of Manchester Passion (2006) and Liverpool Nativity (2008) which were both broadcast on BBC Three, Frankenstein’s Wedding… Live In Leeds plays into the audience’s desire to feel at the centre of the action.

It will stay true to the ethical and scientific themes but will burst open the classic text, fusing live drama with contemporary dance to bring a unique viewing experience for both the TV viewers and the audience in the Abbey itself.

The event will focus on the lavish wedding of Victor Frankenstein and his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth Lavenza. While Elizabeth fusses over seating plans, Victor broods on a dark secret – the murderous monster he has created.

In a unique take on audience participation, an audience of thousands will be invited to attend the event in their best wedding outfits and play a real role as wedding guests.

Phoenix Dance Theatre, a dance company based in Leeds, will also be involved with the project. They will lead on the choreography and dancers from the company will also perform as part of the final event.

BBC Learning is planning to run a series of dance workshops with Phoenix Dance Theatre, enabling the audience to learn routines that will be part of the performance, and will also highlight the themes of the Frankenstein text through social media platforms.

Full ticket details and cast will be announced early next year, alongside further information about the event and how people can be part of it.

Following on from the success of First Time Voters’ Question Time in the build-up to the General Election, BBC Three will become a regular home for political coverage for young people with four new editions of the programme over the coming year.

Now called Young Voters’ Question Time BBC Three will continue to cover political issues for the 16-34 year old audience – programmes that are simply not provided for young people elsewhere.

The first show will run in October to tie in with the Government’s spending review announcement. The panel will confirmed nearer the time.

Danny Cohen, Controller BBC Three, said: “There was great vibrancy and energy to First Time Voters’ Question Time in the run-up to the General Election, and we want to build on this and make political coverage – and young people’s views on politics – a regular feature on BBC Three.”

Young Voters’ Question Time will be produced by Mentorn Media, makers of BBC One’s Question Time.

Steve Anderson, Executive Producer for Mentorn Media, said: “This is an innovative programme which has really engaged audiences. It was a bold move by Danny and the BBC Three team to provide election coverage that addressed the concerns of young people, but the politicians responded and audiences came to the programmes.

“At a time of great political turbulence, with policy decisions affecting the lives of millions of young people, it’s important that they can have their say on the BBC and hold decision-makers to account.”

Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC Three announces new drama series, Touch, has been commissioned for the channel at the Edinburgh Television Festival today.

From acclaimed theatre, film and TV writer Jack Thorne (Skins, The Scouting Book For Boys, Cast Offs) comes an edge-of-the-seat supernatural thriller, made by BBC Drama Production.

In Touch the vengeful dead walk on Earth and only uber-geek Paul can save the living from a fiery Armageddon.

Paul is an ordinary young man from an ordinary town who discovers an extraordinary ability – he can see the dead. As he comes to terms with a nightmare reality he meets others who share his powers and share a horrifying secret – the spirits are waging war on the living. Mankind will be destroyed.

But the most terrifying twist is yet to come – Paul discovers that only he holds the key to the world’s salvation.

Ben Stephenson says: “Touch started life as one of our drama pilots but quickly showed such imagination and energy that we asked the hugely talented Jack Thorne to write five more episodes and Touch the series was born.”

Touch is a 6×60 minute series from BBC Drama Production, commissioned by Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC Three, and Ben Stephenson, Controller, BBC Drama Commissioning. Casting is still to be confirmed, the series will film next year, the producer is Caroline Skinner and executive producer is Sue Hogg.

The three drama pilots that premiered online earlier this year will not be taken any further. BBC Three would like to thank audiences for their comments online about Pulse, Dappers and Stanley Park which all demonstrate the continued commitment to experimentation on the channel.

BBC Three drama has won critical acclaim with Being Human and looks forward to Lip Service which is coming soon to the channel this autumn.

Adult Season

Following the success of last year’s season, the Adult Season returns to explore the pressures on young people to grow up quickly, and what it means to be an adult. The season brought the channel two of its strongest weeks ever.

Danny Cohen, Controller BBC Three, says: “Every programme in this Season takes a different perspective on what it means to become an adult. It’s a mix of documentaries, current affairs and entertainment that young audiences simply would not find elsewhere across the British television landscape – and asserts once again the unique public service role BBC Three is playing for younger viewers.”


Tulisa – My Mum And Me

If your parent is physically unwell, school friends’ sympathy and a shoulder to cry on are often at hand. But for a young person with a parent suffering from mental health problems, the stigma can be overwhelming and domestic upheaval can be an unspoken secret.

In this intimate and deeply personal authored documentary, Tulisa from chart-smashing N-Dubz recounts growing up with a mother who suffered from a schizo-affective disorder, and the pressure it placed upon her. Tulisa also travels the country to meet other young Britons caring for a mentally ill mum or dad.


Glamour Models, Mum And Me

Georgia is a hard-working, studious and academic 14-year-old whose unusual life is reaching a crossroads. Her mother is tabloid favourite Alicia Douvall, who instinctively sees a career path similar to her own in the modelling industry as best for her daughter. But Georgia has other plans and would like to consider becoming an actress or an architect.

This is a film about the extraordinary relationship between a daughter and her mother who has come to symbolise the values of our looks- and fame-obsessed times. The pair share a warm and unique bond and Georgia explains what life is like growing up with a mum under the intense scrutiny of celebrity culture, and how this influences the decisions she makes as she continues her journey to adulthood.


Small Teen, Big World

Jasmine, or Jazz to her friends, like any typical teenager loves shopping, clothes, and gossiping with her mates. She lives in North Wales with her mum Bev and Chihuahua Pebbles. But, unlike most teenagers, Jazz and her mother are living with a rare and undiagnosed form of dwarfism. Jazz has also been registered carer for her mum since the age of 11.

The programme follows Jazz in the run-up to her 16th birthday. It’s a pivotal time in any teen’s life, but Jazz is preparing not only to attend the Little People of America convention in New York, but also to leave North Wales with her mum for a new life of independence in England. She also takes steps to meet her real father for the first time.


Baby Beauty Queens

From sashes and tiaras to diamante eyelashes and spray tans, BBC Three dives extensions first into the burgeoning world of the UK beauty pageant industry in a new, six-part series, Baby Beauty Queens.

Last year, BBC Three broadcast a single film, Baby Beauty Queens, described as “poignant, hilarious and unsettling” by The Sunday Times. This new series explores the pressures on young people to grow up too quickly by shining a spotlight on life for aspiring pageant queens and child models in an image-obsessed Britain.

Five years ago there were no children’s beauty pageants in the UK. There are now over 20, with thousands of girls – and some boys – taking part. Baby Beauty Queens follows several children eager to shine, looking at the preparation, self-confidence, bravery and talent needed to succeed on the pageant scene and in the modelling industry, and at the costs and benefits to children and their parents – both emotionally and financially.


Young, Dumb And Living Off Mum

Young, Dumb And Living Off Mum returns with eight inept and spoilt young adults used to being waited on hand and foot by their parents. It’s time for Adam, Danielle, Marc, Chloe, Coran, Harri, Iman and Levi, all aged 17-23, to sever those apron strings and stand on their own two feet.

In a bid to show they can fend for themselves they move into a house together, where they will quickly need to learn the basics such as making their own beds, cooking, cleaning and budgeting. This will be the first time in their lives that they have had to shoulder any responsibility.

Each week they’ll be sent out to work in the real world by their parents, who will set them a challenge. To avoid being sent packing at the end of each challenge they will have to put in some hard work – from shifts at one of Britain’s largest zoos to a stint at a retirement village.

To secure a chance of winning a round-the-world trip they will have to show beyond doubt that they have changed for the better, that they are ready to become adults and – most importantly – gain the respect of their parents.


The Blind Me

Growing up is hard enough for most young people, but how different would it be if you couldn’t view the world for yourself because you were blind?

This thought-provoking film follows four young blind people on the rollercoaster ride to adulthood as they try to work out what they want from their lives. Eighteen-year-old Dwight is looking for love and independence; Karen dreams of a career designing jewellery; and blind couple Katy and Scott are facing dilemmas about their future together.


Underage And Pregnant

Following the success of its first series, Underage And Pregnant returns for a second eight-part run. Once again the candid half-hour programmes follow a mix of schoolgirl mums – and some dads – with varied backgrounds as they come to terms with pregnancy, birth and their new lives as parents.

Contributors include 14-year-old Courtnay, from Inverness, who had only just discovered she was in the early stages of her pregnancy when her boyfriend was killed in a car crash. After recovering from the horror of losing him, Courtnay, fully supported by both her family and his, comes to realise that her pregnancy has helped to ease her grief.

Throughout the series teenage mums and dads share their hopes and fears for their children and their new lives, giving a unique insight into the experiences of teenage parents; from the decisions they must make and the challenges that face them to how every aspect of their lives is affected.


Alice and Her Six Dads

This warm-hearted and emotional film follows 22-year-old Alice as she searches for her biological dad.

During Alice’s life there have been six different men who at some point have played the role of dad to her. Some have meant more to her than others, but there’s one of these men Alice has no memory of – the man she believes is her real dad. In this film Alice sets off on a journey to meet these different men from her childhood, in the hope of discovering what it really means to be a dad.

In one final challenge Alice, who has recently become engaged, has to make the difficult decision of which dad will walk her down the aisle.

My Brother And Me

In this inspiring documentary TV presenter Jeff Brazier explores his relationship with his brother Spencer, who has cerebral palsy.

Spencer is 24. He has never had a job or a girlfriend and spends his days watching TV and playing computer games. Jeff believes that despite his disability Spencer is capable of living a much more active and fulfilling life. Now Jeff is planning to put his theories to the test.

Jeff and Spencer spend some serious time together while their mum (Spencer’s full-time carer) gets away for a much-needed break, as Spencer moves in to Jeff’s house in Essex. What Spencer doesn’t know is the intense programme that Jeff’s got in store for him. Jeff wants to push his brother to make some real changes in his life – but will Jeff’s tough love prove too much for their already fragile relationship?

Jeff says: “Through embarking on this journey with Spencer I hope to provide the catalyst that will enable him to find himself, his courage and his confidence, break down the psychological restrictions he places on himself and for us to grow close once more after our 15 years of living with some distance between us.”

My Brother And Me is the surprising and uplifting journey of two people finally learning how to understand and accept each other for who they are.

Cheryl Taylor, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning today announced an exciting new pilot for BBC Three.

The Jason Lewis Experience is a 30-minute show which sees a mix of pre-recorded sketches featuring Jason’s take on a variety of famous people, and some of his own characters along with a musical finale.

Throughout the show Jason will parody the nuances of race and culture in everyday modern life, as well as looking in on the world of celebrity, whether it’s Jay-Z trying to deal with one of his with his 99 Problems or Tinchy Strider lamenting on the challenges of getting with the ladies when you’re a tiny pop star.

Fans of will be familiar with Jason’s sketches, as the site has been showcasing his work over the last few months, after discovering him on YouTube. Through the pilot they will be able to enjoy the return of characters such as Nanny Discipline, the kick ass granny, and Jay-Z, as well as a host of new additions including David Cameron, Prince Harry and Dizzee Rascal.

Cheryl Taylor, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning, said: “Jason is an incredibly talented young comedian, who has so far starred alongside some comedy veterans as well as building up a loyal online fan base for his own work. We are delighted to have commissioned a pilot featuring some of his best characters and look forward to a host of new ones.”

The show will be filmed in September and air later this year. The show was commissioned by Cheryl Taylor and Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC Three. It will be produced by Nana Hughes (Comedy Live Presents: Russell Brand, Friday Night Project) and the team behind hit comedy Miranda, executive produced by Jo Sargent (Miranda and Coming Of Age).

Jason has starred in various BBC comedy shows, such as Miranda and Bellamy’s People for BBC Two, Coming of Age for BBC Three, and will feature in the forthcoming series of Armstrong And Miller.


BBC Three presents a ground-breaking series of programmes about young people with autism.

Most young adults take their freedom for granted – they can choose their friends, stay out late, learn to drive and decide what they want to do as a career. For people growing up on the autistic spectrum, life can be very different.

But what is it like to grow up living with autism? In a series of warm and insightful films, BBC Three explores the complex lives of these young people as well as the challenges they face.

Danny Cohen, Controller BBC Three, says: “Thought-provoking factual programming sits at the heart of BBC Three and I hope the diverse range of documentaries and events in the season will be insightful, challenging and inspiring.”

The Autistic Me – 1 Year On (working title)

Following on from last year’s acclaimed documentary, The Autistic Me, this new film catches up with Oliver, Alex and Thomas a year after director Matt Rudge first met them. For the lives of these young men on the autistic spectrum, the past 12 months has seen some dramatic changes and upheavals in all of their lives, as they continue their journey into adulthood.

The Autistic Driving School (working title)

Most teenagers want to learn how to drive. It represents a coming of age, a new beginning and a sense of freedom, but it is a daunting and stressful experience even for the calmest of individuals – much more so for those with autism.

Autism, Disco And Me

Andy and Sheila Hobley have three children, 16-year-old Alex and 10-year-old twins George and James. But they are not a typical family – all three boys have autism. Alex is an Emo, George likes playing computer games and James likes dancing – he is, in fact, a champion disco dancer.

The Autistic Proms (working title)

A two-part documentary series with a unique event at its heart has been commissioned as part of BBC Three’s Living With Autismseason. The Autistic Proms (working title) follows a group of young autistic people with a passion for music, as they prepare for what could be the biggest night of their lives.



The gripping finale of the second series of Being Human attracted an audience of one million (4.1%) last night (Sunday 28 February) on BBC Three.

BBC Three’s popular and critically-acclaimed drama about supernatural housemates has once again proved a great success for the channel, with an audience of 1.6 million tuning into the launch episode of this series – an increase of half-a-million on the launch of series one (1.1 million).

Series two has averaged 1.2 million/4.2% and 8.2% amongst 16-34s, and across the week reaches 3.3 million, 8.4% amongst 16-34s.

It has also received 1.7 million requests on BBC iPlayer across the series, with all eight episodes still available to watch for the next seven days.

Being Human’s website – – is BBC Three’s best performing site ever and has built a dedicated fan-base through regularly updated posts from cast and crew throughout the show’s two series.

BBC Three is now the most-watched digital channel for the hours it broadcasts and, since its relaunch, it has grown young audiences by 30%.

Being Human is produced by Touchpaper Television, written by Toby Whithouse and stars Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan.

It has been commissioned for a third series for 2011 by Danny Cohen, Controller, BBC Three, and Ben Stephenson, Controller, Drama Commissioning, where the housemates will relocate to Wales.

Series two of Being Human
“Fantastic.” ***** Heat

“Warm, witty, sexy, and… very human” Guardian

“British genre telly has seldom looked in such fine fettle”
Time Out

“One of the best new British series of last year returns” Independent

“Funny, moving, unmissable and the highlight of my weekend” Sun (Lorraine Kelly)

“A series that’s as much about human nature as it is about spookiness and bloodsucking – and that’s why it works” Daily Telegraph

“The best vampire series on TV (yes, we think little old BBC Three’s Being Human is better than mega US hit True Blood)”
TV Times

“Smart and cultish comedy horror… excellent”
Total TV Guide

Following the huge success of his first series, Russell Howard will be returning to BBC Three with two more helpings of his topical news show.

Series one was the best performing studio-based entertainment show BBC Three has ever launched.

Series two will hit our screens next month, with a third series planned for later this year.

Once again, Russell will scour the media looking for the big stories dominating the news agenda and offer his own unique perspective on them.

He will also be picking out the sometimes overlooked little news nuggets that make him smile.

Russell Howard said of the re-commission: “I just want to say thanks to everyone who watched the show and I can’t wait to start working on the next series.”

BBC Executive Editor for Entertainment, Karl Warner, said: “BBC Three is all about supporting new talent and trying new things. Russell is proof of this and a proper star.

“His first series was a huge hit with BBC Three’s young audience and we’re delighted he’s returning to the channel with not one, but two, more runs.”

Filmed weekly in front of a live studio audience, Russell Howard’s Good News also encourages fans at home to get involved and shape the news agenda by submiting stories online at – where they will also be able to view exclusive extra features – or via Twitter at

The series, made by Avalon Television, will be produced by Mark Iddon, series produced by Robyn O’Brien and directed by Peter Orton. The executive producers are Jon Thoday, Richard Allen-Turner and James Taylor, and Karl Warner for the BBC.

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