Bear Grylls

Saturday, July 11 on 4

Bear parachutes into the Siberian tundra, one of the coldest and harshest places on earth, where he must survive a week of extreme challenges. Battling temperatures of -30?C, where anything living is buried deep beneath the surface, Bear demonstrates his scavenging skills. En route towards the Taiga forest he finds a deer carcass, and the fresh meat restores his energy reserves. He abseils into the immense Taiga forest, and is confronted by the most intimidating challenge of all: a swim under the ice in temperatures of -40?C, which can send the body into fatal shock.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Adventurer Bear Grylls returns in a new seven-part series, travelling to some of the world’s most inhospitable environments to tackle extreme survival challenges and show how to get out alive. In the first programme of the series, Bear travels in Namibia, one of the hottest, emptiest and driest places on Earth. His journey begins on the Skeleton Coast, a 900-mile stretch of arid desert that has claimed countless lives. With potentially lethal temperatures and not a drop of fresh water on the coast, Bear must use all his ingenuity to show how to survive.

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