Beauty And The Beast

8:00pm Wednesday, February 9 on C4

This episode brings together Sarah and Susan: two outgoing and passionate people with very different views on beauty. Fifty-year-old Sarah claims to be Britain’s most cosmetically enhanced woman who would try any treatment to turn back the body clock. Forty-six-year old Susan from Edinburgh has undergone over 60 surgeries to correct the damage caused by a cancerous tumour and subsequent radiation treatment when she was a baby. Susan is keen to show Sarah that beauty is only skin deep, but does Sarah even care?

8:00pm Wednesday, February 2 on C4

Nine out of ten women in Britain are unhappy with their appearance, over half would resort to surgery to change it. Meanwhile, half a million people in Britain have a serious facial disfigurement. This series investigates the extremes of dissatisfaction and discrimination by bringing together two people defined by the way they look, but who approach the beauty debate from very different sides. Can someone who lives with a facial disfigurement convince a self-confessed beauty addict that true beauty comes from within?

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