Beauty and the Geek

Monday 14 July 2008

It’s makeover time! The Geeks get their new looks and later put them to the test in the Beauty and the Geek prom, where one of them is named king. Meanwhile, the Beauties are required to teach a third-grade class.

Monday 30 June

A game of Truth or Dare leads to a romance that throws the house into turmoil. Meanwhile, the Beauties are tested on anatomy, while the Geeks have one hour to make a romantic gift basket. At the end of the show one team is eliminated.

Monday 23 June

Things are shaken up when the male beauty and the female geek finally move into the mansion. Meanwhile, the Geeks are challenged to write an autobiographical rap to be performed for Three 6 Mafia, and the Beauties must study politics and later put their newfound knowledge to the test while debating each other.

Monday 16 June

The quirky US reality show continues its new run. Beauty and the Geek is the dating show that challenges the Beauties to find confidence outside their attractiveness, and the Geeks to find confidence outside their intellects. In the backyard, the Beauties and Geeks mix, mingle, eat, drink and get to know each other better. Everyone then piles into the hot tub and eventually they try to figure out sleeping arrangements, the math of which proves too much for Holly. Shay, Katie and Amanda invite Joshua to share their cabana (much to his surprise) and as everyone settles in for the night, Jesse admits this is easily the best night of his life.

Monday 9 June

The quirky US reality show returns for a brand new fourth season. In part one, host Mike Richards is joined by Nate and Jennylee, contestants from the previous season, on a nationwide search for the new season’s beauties and geeks.

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