Being Erica

10:45pm Sunday, April 10 on

The third series of Being Erica comes to E4. When a lonely and depressed Erica first met therapist Dr Tom, he offered her a challenge; if she wanted to solve her problems he could help, but she couldn’t back out once she had committed to accepting his help.

12:10am Monday, September 6 on E4

Erica is struggling to make decisions about her life and looks for some direction.

12:10am Monday, August 30 on E4

Erica’s stability is threatened by changes at River Rock Publishing.

12:10am Monday, August 23 on E4

Erica asks Dr Tom to help Kai.

12:10am Monday, August 9 on E4

Erica asks Dr Tom for an entry to her past so she can escape from everybody else’s problems.

12:10am Monday, August 2 on E4

Erica’s sent to the future where she discovers Kai’s true identity.

10:00pm Monday, July 12 on E4

Erica learns to say yes to new opportunities and finds herself with a new career challenge.

10:00pm Monday, July 5 on E4

Erica babysits for Max for the first time but Judith is unhappy with her inability to stick to her rules.

10:00pm Monday, June 28 on E4

Erica is sent back in time to her teen years where she unearths some lessons from her early relationships that help mend her current conflict with Ethan.

10:00pm Monday, June 21 on E4

Being Erica, the comedy series which sees thirty-something Erica Strange having therapy and being granted the chance to go back in time to right her wrongs, returns to E4 for the second series.

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