Being Ten

gordon brown meets the ten-year-olds

Continuing the celebrations for Five’s tenth anniversary, this programme sees Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown cross-examined by a group of ten-year-olds.

Hosted by Kirsty Young, the programme features an audience of children from across the country putting the Chancellor on the spot as they quiz him about issues close to their hearts and to the hearts of ten-year-olds throughout Britain.

the ten demandments

What can being ten today tell us about tomorrow? What do our ten-year-olds really care about, and what are they worrying about –their weight, their exams or even growing up? As consumers of everything from high-street products to the weekly food shop, they have more power than ever before –but it’s ultimately the adults who make the decisions. In this programme, one noisy, confident, assertive and tenacious ten-year-old gets to turn the tables on her mum, dad and siblings. What follows are ten days of revealing, sometimes riotous and occasionally controversial role-reversal.

Meet Abby. What does she hate about living under the house rules? What is it about her younger brother Michael or her step-brother that makes her mad? And what does she wish she could do to bring their family closer together? We’ll find out using Abby’s secret video diary, as well as other secret filming evidence which will shed light on all the squabbles and family fallouts.

We also travel to school with Abby as she shares with her mates the ten things she hates most about her home life. With a little help from her friends, Abby draws up a list of ten ‘demandments’ – new rules and conditions which Abby thinks would make her home a happier place. She has had enough of house rules: it’s time for change.

Each day, Abby will introduce one new demandment by which her family must abide. At the end of each day, interviews with the family will reveal the lessons learned and assess whether the exercise was successful. Soon all ten demandments are in place and the family have to follow Abby’s rules. Expect plenty of shouting and tantrums, alongside equal measures of laughter, tenderness and understanding.

i blame the spice girls! (working title)

To mark the tenth birthday of Britain’s brightest telly network, Five presents a one-off comedy panel show celebrating the last ten fabulous years – the music, the fashions, the politics, and of course the TV shows that have defined Five’s unique history.

Hosted by Liza Tarbuck, I Blame the Spice Girls! takes a whimsical look back over the last decade, with two teams of crack comics demonstrating their in-depth knowledge of Five’s programming heritage. Get ready for ten years’ worth of amazing moments – some weird, some rude, some poignant, and some downright hilarious!

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