Friday, 6 April 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Joyce (Sherrie Hewson) is convinced that at last the hotel assessor has arrived. That coveted fourth star is within reach! Nothing must go wrong while Mrs Simmonds (Kate O’Mara) is in residence. 

Unwisely, Joyce has chosen this day to turf Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) out of his salon for the late payment of rent. Kenneth is furious – and he and Joyce have a running cat-fight which ends with them both in the hotel pool, and Kenneth minus his two front teeth. Mrs Simmonds sees it all, and to compensate for the poor impression created, Joyce offers her any service at the hotel – for free. Mrs Simmonds would like a manicure. So Joyce has to patch things up with Kenneth . 

Other guests at the hotel include Lennie (Anthony Denham) and Neville – two underworld figures who gave Donald (Kenny Ireland) a very hard time when he was in prison, and threaten the same now they’ve tracked him down in Benidorm. But Donald has agreed to help Sir Henry (Michael Fenton Stevens) – the British consul involved in Donald’s arrest for fraud, now down on his luck. And Sir Henry might just be able to help Donald too. 

Mick (Steve Pemberton) reveals to the rest of the Garveys that all the sunbed shops Mel left them have been destroyed by fire. And that’s not the worst of it. Madge (Sheila Reid) is bitterly angry and turns on Mick, but Michael (Oliver Stokes) denounces her. She’s just plain nasty, and always has been. 

Who exactly is Mrs Simmonds? How will Joyce cope when the real assessor reveals himself? And what can Michael do to bring the Garveys back together? 

With guest stars Kate O’Mara, Anthony Denham and Michael Fenton Stevens. 

Friday, 30 March 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Madge (Sheila Reid) is preparing for her wedding to Mohammed (Dhafer L’Abidine) – wealthy son of Mel’s old business partner. But Mick and Michael (Steve Pemberton and Oliver Stokes) come across him drinking with mates in a sports bar. When Michael spots Mohammed in a commercial on the bar’s television, Mick realises that Mohammed isn’t quite who he seems. They follow him to the mediaeval jousting arena – a local tourist attraction. 

Joyce (Sherrie Hewson) recruits Donald (Kenny Ireland) and Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) to help her spy on her staff. Somebody in the hotel must be feeding negative stories about the Solana to the local press. With so much bad publicity, she’ll never get her 4th star! 

Meanwhile, Trudy (Michelle Butterly) is intent in playing a trick on Sam (Shelley Longworth), and appears to convince her that Liam (Adam Gillen) slept with her while she was drunk – without protection. Reluctant conspirator Liam is sent off to buy a pregnancy testing kit. 

The Garveys take their revenge on Mohammed in a spectacular scene at the jousting arena, Donald uncovers the Solana mole, Sam has the last laugh on Trudy – and an old favourite at the Solana makes an unexpected appearance. 

Friday, 24 February 2012, 9:00PM – 10:00PM


The first day of the holidays, and chaos reigns at the Solana Hotel. Staff regulars Mateo (Jake Canuso) and Les/Lesley (Tim Healy) can barely keep control. Les’s son Liam (Adam Gillen) is now the hotel ‘s hopeless handyman. When will the new manager appear? A coachload of angry holiday-makers arrives – including an irate Gavin (Hugh Sachs) and Noreen (Elsie Kelly): somehow, the travel company has lost all their luggage.

Sam (Shelley Longworth) is already out by the pool with a new friend – Trudy (Michelle Butterly). Trudy is hungry for 24 hour fun and determined not to let anything stand in her way… Mateo reluctantly coaches Liam in the art of chatting up pretty women, while Madge (Sheila Reid) borrows money from grandson Michael (Oliver Stokes) and provokes Janice (Siobhan Finneran) about Mick’s late arrival: “very pretty lass he’s just taken on at the Claremont Road shop…”. Kenneth, now proprietor of the Solana’s new hair salon – and Gavin comfort lately widowed Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski), but get a nasty shock when they see what can surely only be the ghost of Donald (Kenny Ireland)… 

Watching all this, from beneath an artful cascade of blonde locks, is Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson), the new manager – determined to set the Solana on the road to 4 star respectability. Has she bitten off more than she can chew? Will the guests take to her taste in classical music? Will she ever stop making those pesky announcements? And what will everyone make of reluctant but dishy opera singer Asa Elliott? It’s not going to be an easy ride!

Friday, 1 April 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

The sun is shining in Benidorm again and although Pauline (Selina Griffiths) is more or less now permanently drunk everyone’s looking forward to 80’s night with special guests, Bananarama. 

There’s big news for Madge (Sheila Reid). There’s the chance of the lease on a bar in Benidorm coming up. But will Madge be brave enough to take the plunge and stay on in Spain without Mel? 

To take Gavin’s (Hugh Sachs) mind off his worries, Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) takes him on a trip, but it doesn’t quite turn out to be the relaxing day Kenneth had promised.

Liam (Adam Gillen) is still trying to win Natalie’s (Kathryn Drysdale) heart but she’s more interested in Mateo (Jake Canuso). Meanwhile Les/ Lesley (Tim Healey) talks Mateo into accompanying her on a double date with some truly disastrous results. 

Meanwhile at The Solana, Bananarama find an unexpected third member for their evening’s performance much to the surprise of everyone.

Friday, 4 March 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

It’s check in time at The Solana for Noreen (Elsie Kelly) who, this year has brought her irritable daughter Pauline (Selina Griffiths) along. Pauline has spent the past few years in South Africa with her husband but is now going through a messy divorce. 

There’s trouble in store for Sam (Shelley Longworth) and Natalie (Kathryn Drysdale) as they hit a nightclub with Liam (Adam Gillen ) and mayhem ensues. 

Les/Lesley (Tim Healey) on the other hand is settling in fine at the pool bar but his/her efficiency is getting on Mateo’s (Jake Canuso) nerves and he hatches a plan to try to get rid of him/her. 

To take their mind off of Madge’s (Sheila Reid) financial woes, the Garveys decide to head to a water park and when Noreen and Pauline show up events take a bit of an unexpected turn. 

In an effort to raise Madge’s spirits Donald (Kenny Ireland) and Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) decide to have a whip round to help her back on to her feet. But, in true Madge Harvey style, she’s not entirely appreciative of their efforts.

Sunday, 26 December 2010, 9:00PM – 10:15PM

This Christmas, ITV1 viewers will get a burst of Spanish sunshine in their homes with a one off festive Benidorm special. 

Award-winning creator and writer, Derren Litten will once again bring alive the Brits abroad with many of your favourite holidaymakers returning for the usual holiday mishaps……and a few surprises along the way! 

We finally get to meet all the members of the Middlesbrough Swingers Association – one of them is played by Louie Spence! 

Su Pollard appears as herself with star billing in the Benidorm Palace Christmas show – all doesn’t go to plan though when she comes face to face with Madge! 

Brian Murphy will also guest stars as a love interest for Noreen 

The hugely popular comedy series also returns for a 4th series in early 2011. 

Long live the land of sun, sangria and Santa!

Friday, 2 October 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Our holiday makers are back for a free week’s holiday in Benidorm that they received as compensation after being taken hostage by a drug dealer last year.

Martin (Nicholas Burns) has a very different new girlfriend Brandy (Sheridan Smith) who is desperate to break out of The Solana and have a good time.

While Mel (Geoffrey Hutchings) enlists the help of Mick (Steve Pemberton) to open his new mobility shop with disastrous results.

Friday 16 May 2008 9:00pm – 9:30pm

After Mel and Madge’s romantic evening stroll on the beach is very rudely interrupted, what is supposed to be the most memorable day of their life proceeds to become memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Mick’s last ditch attempt to dissuade Mel from the wedding brings about a revelation from Mel. Kate also has some unexpected news for Martin. Mel and The Oracle go head to head (or rather toe to head) once again but this time with disastrous consequences. Mick has another run in with the law but this time it’s the Spanish Police.

Paul Jackson, ITV’s director of Entertainment and Comedy says: “Derren has once again written a wonderful series of scripts. All the characters we loved in the first series are back with even more outrageous storylines and stunts. The cast really are some of the best comedy talent we have in the UK and I’m thrilled we have some very fantastic new additions.”

Friday 9 May 2008 9:00pm – 9:30pm

Martin is worried as Kate has checked out and taken her suitcase. But he thinks she may have popped out to the shops.

Gavin’s mother Dorothy (Margi Clark) turns up unexpectedly but doesn’t stay around very long. Jack, Janice’s admirer, also turns up but outstays his welcome. Telle and The Oracle have a big date though drink leads to some confusion over who is a virgin. Everyone is invited to Mel and Madge’s wedding on the beach.

Paul Jackson, ITV’s director of Entertainment and Comedy says “Derren has once again written a wonderful series of scripts. All the characters we loved in the first series are back with even more outrageous storylines and stunts. The cast really are some of the best comedy talent we have in the UK and I’m thrilled we have some very fantastic new additions.”

Friday 2 May 2008 9:00pm – 9:30pm

Janice (Siobhan Finneran) and Mick (Steve Pemberton) try to make Madge (Sheila Reid) and Mel (Geoffrey Hutching) have second thoughts about their wedding – but Janice says the wrong thing to Madge and she and Mel snub The Garveys.

To make things worse for Janice, Mick has forgotten their wedding anniversary and to make herself feel better Janice enjoys the attentions of Jack (Elliott Jordan), a handsome young admirer, rather too much.

Donald (Kenny Ireland) and Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) help Kelly (Niky Wardley) to get her own back on Mateo (Jake Canuso) in their own special way.

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