Big Brother

BigBrother20131Channel 5 has confirmed it will be bringing back a limited live feed for the current season of Big Brother.

A nightly live stream will be available between 11.30pm and 2am on

It will shift back to midnight on the evenings when spin-off series Big brother’s Bit on the Side is simulcast at 11pm.

Earlier this month, Channel 5 axed the daily Live From the House early evening show.

CHARLIE TRAVERSBig Brother’s Charlie Travers has been saved from eviction.

Returning housemates Gina Rio and Dexter Koh were given the power to save one of the nominated housemates who would then come and live with them in the safe house.

The other housemates were made aware of Rio and Koh’s fake eviction for the first time yesterday, when they returned to the main compound after being in a safe house.

This week’s nominated housemates are Wolfy Millington, Callum Knell, Hazel O’Sullivan and Jackie Travers.

BigBrother20131Channel 5 has confirmed that the live Big Brother feed will be axed.

The two-hour live feed aired every evening from 7pm to 9pm on 5*.

“Big Brother’s live streaming has been removed from the 5* schedule from next week,” a spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy.

The stream will cease from July 6.

GinaThree new housemates have been put up for eviction this week on Big Brother.

Dexter Koh, Gina Rio and Jemima Slade are the latest contestants on the Channel 5 series to receive enough nominations to be in danger of exiting the house.

Dexter received ten nominations from his fellow housemates, with Gina receiving eight and Jemima five.

The eviction will take place this Friday at 9pm.

peoplespuppetThe ‘People’s Puppet’ will be unmasked tonight on Big Brother.

Michael Dylan will leave the house after revealing himself as an actor to his fellow housemates on tonight’s show.

The ‘People’s Puppet’ entered the house last Thursday as a secret actor whose job it was to cause as much carnage in the house by completing tasks set by viewers.

Also leaving the house will be either Sallie Axl or Gina Rio who are up for eviction.

DexterKohDexter Koh is no longer up for eviction this week on Big Brother.

People’s Puppet Michael was told to grant immunity to one of the nominated housemates, Dexter, Sallie Axl or Gina Rio.

Dexter had received the fewest public votes to evict so far so he was saved from elimination on Friday night.

Either Sallie or Gina will depart in the first eviction.

sallie-axl2Gina Rio, Dexter Koh and Sallie Axl have been put up for eviction in the first round of voting on Big Brother.

The public will now vote who they want to evict rather than who they want to save.

The live eviction will take place on Channel 5 on Friday at 9pm.

JackieAge: 59

Star Sign: Aries

Home Town: Berkhampstead

Glamorous mummy, Jackie is attractive and has lots of life experience. She has feisty Italian blood, is unintentionally funny, wears her heart on her sleeve and claims to be “classy but not a snob”.

Jackie is divorced with two children and her daughter Charlie is entering the House with her. Jackie feels that spending time with Charlie in a confined space for a long period of time will be a challenge, but one she is looking forward to. Continue reading »

CharlieAge: 26

Star Sign: Gemini

Home Town: Berkhampstead

Forming the very first mum / daughter partnership in the BB House, Charlie is bossy, stubborn and very often complex. She has a love / hate relationship with her mum Jackie, who is also going into the House. She admits to insecurities and feels she doesn’t fit in with her family – but also admits she is very demanding. Continue reading »

DaleyAge: 28

Star Sign: Taurus

Home Town: West London

Daley is a professional middleweight boxer.

He and his younger brother were put into foster care when he was two. The most important person in Daley’s life is his brother because they have “been through everything together and have come out stronger”. Continue reading »

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