Birth Of Britain

8:00pm Monday, January 31 on C4

Britain is probably better known for producing coal and tin but a far greater treasure is hidden in the rocks around the UK: gold. Tony Robinson goes in search of Britain’s gold and is surprised to learn there is much more than you might think. He visits a Roman gold mine in Wales, tries his hand at gold panning in Scotland and visits the only working gold mine in the UK, in Northern Ireland. He discovers the earth-shattering geological events that came together to produce Britain’s gold.

8:00pm Monday, January 24 on C4

Tony Robinson travels from the north of Scotland to the banks of the River Thames to uncover how ice ages have shaped the country we live in today. From the stunning landscapes of the Highlands and the Lake District to the busy streets of Glasgow, Tony examines evidence that Britain’s climate was once very different. Britain was once in the grip of a ferocious endless winter: an Ice Age. Tony explores how Arctic conditions and ice sheets over a mile thick have carved out the landscape of modern Britain.

8:00pm Monday, January 17 on C4

Tony Robinson tells the epic story of how the Britain was formed, and how the earth beneath our feet has shaped the country we live in today. Tonight, Tony Robinson unearths volcanic treasures which lie beneath some of our most iconic landmarks. Tony travels the country, meeting the experts who reveal the impact of volcanoes on Britain’s development, from a volcano blasting in the heart of Edinburgh and mega-volcanoes unleashing Armageddon in Snowdonia, to unstoppable lava floods in Skye and a gigantic slab of magma beneath Northumberland giving a helping hand to the Romans.

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