Blood Rush

BBC Drama announced today that Louise Lombard (CSI, The House Of Eliott), Lyndsey Marshal (Rome) and Danny Dyer (Straightheads, The Football Factory, Human Traffic) are to star in Blood Rush (working title), a gritty new two-part crime drama for BBC One, produced in house by BBC Drama Studios.

Written by Barbara Machin (who also created Waking The Dead), the format represents a bold step forward for the crime genre: as events flip both backwards and forwards in time, this compelling story is told at various times from the point of view of every character involved – those investigating the crime, as well as the killer and his victims.

“There’s always more than one perspective to a crime,” says Emmy and BAFTA award-winning writer Barbara Machin.

“In fact, every point of view tells a different story. So this approach allows viewers to get under the skin of all our characters – to be right at the heart of the action and see the story from the most compelling and exciting perspective at any given time. And each time you think you finally understand the truth, hopefully immediately afterwards we will take you somewhere new.”

A killer has killed once and kidnapped another victim, challenging the team to work out why. Suddenly everyone’s past comes under scrutiny, everyone’s version of the truth comes under suspicion.

Kay Rousseau (Louise Lombard), who heads up the crime team, is back at work after the death of her child. Suspicion about her involvement in this death remains, not least in her own husband. Only Matt Costello (Danny Dyer), Kay’s second-in-command and a dedicated, impassioned copper, is loyal to the core.

Dr George Austen (Lyndsey Marshal), the team’s forensic scientist, worked on Kay’s case and knows things Kay wished she didn’t, and this isn’t helped by her own fast increasing addiction to alcohol which puts her evidential work under unwelcome scrutiny.

Shaun Parkes (Notes On A Scandal, Casanova) plays profiler Dr Clive Morrell, whose own mood swings and strange behaviour are causing concern within the team; Lenora Crichlow (Sugar Rush, The Bill) plays rookie cop Jude Whiley, who is young, fresh and has an energy and passion for the job that verges on obsession; and Ace Bhatti (New Street Law) plays Kay’s husband Miles Trueman, the lawyer attached to the case.

Brian McCardie (Lilies, Low Winter Sun) plays the killer Michael Bovery, a man obsessed with one of the team, and Jeffery Kissoon (Space 1999, Grange Hill) plays the Commissioner, Rousseau’s boss.

Patrick Spence, Head of Drama, Northern Ireland, says: “I wake up every day yearning for a script as good as this. No wonder we could attract such an attractive, classy cast, with so much to play for.”

Currently filming on location in Bristol, Blood Rush is written by Barbara Machin. The producer is Jane Steventon (BAFTA award-winning producer on Casualty), the director is Paul Unwin (Messiah) and the executive producer is Patrick Spence.

Blood Rush is commissioned by Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Fiction.

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