Blue Murder

Monday, 21 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Out in the hills north of Manchester the discovery of local vet Ruth Turner’s (Sophie Rickman) body thrusts the team into a community reluctant to open its doors to them. As they uncover Ruth’s plans to leave her husband, fire-fighter Gavin Turner (Anthony Flanagan) and her lover, Yvonne (Lara Cazalet), they meet some interesting locals including mad old Peggy Gaumont (Sylvia Sims). However, it’s the fragile existence of local farmers Dunwoody (Neil Bell), Martin Heald (Roger Morlidge) and his son Rowan (Sam Darbyshire) that finally leads the team to the discovery of more complex relationships, an arsonist and eventually to the murderer.

Meanwhile, Butchers (Paul Loughran) has an assessment with Richard (Ian Kelsey) in which the issue of whether he’s ‘fit to fight’ is raised.

Monday, 14 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Shortly after being granted the right to appeal, Bernard Aspen (Rennie Krupinski) is found dead in the prison washroom. He had been convicted of the murder of teenager Marianne Cale over a decade ago and Bernard’s death sends the team back to investigate the original case.

Inside the prison no one will talk to them and the team quickly realise that this could be a long haul. With the investigation stalling, Richard (Ian Kelsey) is sent in undercover by DCS Hogg (Saskia Wickham), unbeknown to the rest of the team including Janine (Caroline Quentin). Bernard’s cellmate, Neville Notts (Mark Benton) has a watertight alibi from Prison Officer Keeler (Jason Furnival) and although the team can find links between other inmates and the Marianne Cale case, they’re struggling to piece the case together. Vicious inmate Donnie Shoreham (Lee Boardman) had connections to Marianne Cale and her friend Alison Aspen (Bernie’s daughter) but his alibi is validated by half a dozen inmates. Meanwhile another inmate Vic Denton (Andrew Turner) is discovered to have a relationship with Laura Cale, Marianne’s sister. Richard begins to piece together the evidence on all three suspects but is in increasing jeopardy as Donnie becomes convinced he recognises Richard. If his cover is blown Richard could be a dead man walking…

Janine (Caroline Quentin) is distracted from this case when her own personal crisis takes hold. She’s shocked when her son Michael (Geoff Breton) is arrested after his car hits another car, seriously injuring the other driver. Michael claims to have been behind the wheel and refuses to change his story, but Janine’s instinct tells her he wasn’t the driver and is covering for his friend. Unable to convince him to change his story she’s at a loss as to what to do and calls Richard unaware he’s in prison. How will she feel when she discovers he’s gone undercover behind her back?

Monday, 7 September 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Caroline Quentin returns as DCI Janine Lewis in six new episodes of the hugely popular police drama Blue Murder.

The episodes see Janine juggling the demands of her hectic home-life with running an under-pressure murder investigation team. Janine’s close to her team and the sharp sense of humour among them helps to preserve her sanity and theirs. Solving murders at work and screaming blue murder at home, it’s a tough life and it’s about to get tougher – can Janine hold it all together?

Guest starring in the first episode entitled ‘Having it All’ is Chris Gascoyne as Alan Gaskell, a downtrodden husband of cheerleading coach Helen Gaskell (Carolyn Backhouse), who is murdered the morning after her team fails to qualify for the National Cheerleading Championships. With passions running high, the detectives have no shortage of suspects, most notably her sister Anita (Siobhan Finneran) with whom she had a longstanding and bitter rivalry and her niece Jess (Holliday Granger) who has more than cheerleading on her mind.

When Cheerleading coach Helen Gaskell (Carolyn Backhouse) is found dead in her garage by her daughter Melanie (Natasha Thompson-Wild) and husband Alan (Chris Gascoyne), the team are surprised by the ferocity of the attack. Initial suspicions falls on Alan, especially when his bloodied clothes are found dumped nearby. As Janine and the team dig further they uncover a bitter rivalry between Helen, her sister Anita (Siobhan Finneran) and their two teenage daughters Melanie and Jess (Holliday Grainger). The discovery of Helen’s affair with Jess’s boyfriend Kyle (Chris Hall) suddenly gives Jess the strongest motive, but are the team missing a motive that goes much further back than anyone could have imagined?

Janine (Caroline Quentin) and the children are unsettled by the recent and sudden departure of her ex- husband, Pete. As Janine struggles to engage with Tom (Cellach Spellman), who has fallen out with his best mate over a girl, Richard (Ian Kelsey) agrees to have a man-to-man talk with the troubled teen.

Blue Murder – Behind The Scenes
Monday 17 December 2007 10:30pm – 11:30pm on ITV3.

Behind The Scenes… Blue Murder is brand new and exclusive to ITV3.

Shot on location in Manchester, the behind the scenes camera crew join Caroline Quentin, Ian Kelsey, Paul Loughran, Nick Murchie and Rhea Bailey

Viewers will have exclusive access to all the backstage action, including the cast on the set of the incident room, where the banter is just as important as rehearsing the scenes.

Kate Ford makes her first TV drama appearance since leaving Coronation Street and reveals she didn’t get much sleep the night before her first scenes. Simon Williams guest stars as the Doctor who meets a brutal end when locking up the surgery, and we get a unique look at how the special effects work to make a dramatic opening to the second episode, Desperate Measures.

Series creator Cath Staincliffe talks for the first time about her motivation for the series, how her story was taken from book to screen, and why she thinks DCI Janine Lewis is such a popular character.

Blue Murder – Desperate Measures
Monday 10 December 2007 9:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV1.

Don Halliwell (Simon Williams), a respected GP nearing retirement, is shot on the doorstep of his surgery, shocking the local community. When one of Halliwell’s younger colleagues cannot be traced in the aftermath of the shooting there are fears for his life.

While efforts are made to contact the missing doctor, suspicion falls on the Wilson gang, widely believed to be responsible for a previous robbery on the surgery.

Dr McKee (Luke Mably) initially refuses to account for his movements, but eventually admits he was being coerced into helping with the earlier robbery to pay off his debts. He had gone into hiding fearing the killing of Halliwell was a botched attempt on his own life. Janine’s concerned the surgery may have been a target for other reasons. Was a patient with a grudge trying to kill Halliwell?

Halliwell’s colleagues paint a picture of a respected, if not entirely up-to-date practitioner. Understandably his wife, Pamela (Paula Wilcox), is devastated. Butchers (Paul Loughran) is tasked with going through patient records to unearth potential suspects, while Shap (Nicholas Murchie) and Lisa (Rhea Bailey) join Richard and Janine in trying to trace the gun, identified as used in a Wilson gang-related robbery for which Aaron Matthews (Duane Henry) was sent to prison.

While Janine believes Aaron’s making a fresh start, Shap and Richard are more cynical. Aaron’s arrested, but he tries to abscond and in the ensuing mayhem Lisa forgets to complete his caution. Arriving back at the station, Janine realises if Aaron’s the killer, then his statement is inadmissible. Lisa’s gutted, but Janine isn’t too hard on her. In comparison Richard is angry.

Aaron’s cousin Howard is identified as the boyfriend of Marcie Young (Claire Hackett), a single mother mourning the death (by drug overdose) of her daughter Jasmine. Marcie blames Halliwell for her death, as he refused her the methadone to get by.

Janine’s struck by Marcie’s determination to see justice for her daughter, and empathises with her loss. Aaron has a clear motive for using the gun and is the prime suspect, but forensic tests are inconclusive. It’s a tense time for the team as they feel they have the right man but know they could lose the conviction.

Butchers unearths some other disgruntled patients, while Janine finds a history of missing morphine. Halliwell was ‘visiting’ patients who had long since died and writing prescriptions for them. Tracing Halliwell’s final hours uncovers a surprising turn of events. They discover Halliwell was having a long-standing affair with his nurse. On discovering the affair, the nurse’s husband had told Dr Halliwell’s wife Pamela.

When Janine returns to question Pamela, she finds her comatose from an overdose. Recovering in hospital, Pamela confesses she has an addiction to morphine and her husband had been supplying it for years, allowing her to continue a relatively normal life. Far from wanting him dead she desperately needed him alive to keep her drug supply going.

Frustrated, Richard insists they go back through patients details. Perhaps someone who has left the surgery held a grudge and murdered Halliwell. As they go back through files, Shap returns to see Aaron and finds him badly beaten – the gang assumed he’d grassed. Aaron tells Shap the gun was sold to a man later identify as the son of Halliwell’s patient Roy Gant (Simon Gant had killed himself eighteen months ago). With a firm lead for Halliwell’s murder Janine and Lisa go to arrest Gant, but is it too late?

Blue Murder
Monday 3 December 2007 9:00pm – 10:30pm on ITV1.

Janine (Caroline Quentin) and the team are out on a rare Friday night celebrating a good result in court. She leaves early and runs straight into the fallout from a stabbing in a nearby bar. The attack has left an 18 year-old young black man lying dead in a city centre alleyway. He is identified by his wallet as Dwayne Kent.

At first it seems like a random racist attack, and with a crime scene contaminated by drunken weekend revellers, it’s the most difficult of crimes to investigate. Janine calls the team away from the pub to get a head start on the investigation and comes across Dwayne’s distressed younger brother Caleb (Luke Bailey).

She discovers that Dwayne Kent had been a promising youth-team footballer only months away from joining a Premiership club. He had been out celebrating his nineteenth birthday the night he was killed. Could this be a grudge killing from one of his team-mates, jealous of his imminent rise to Beckham status?

Dwayne’s parents are in great shock, meanwhile his two brothers Caleb and Lee (Kenny Thompson) have to be separated in a heated row while Richard (Ian Kelsey) and Janine are visiting. The detectives also meet Dwayne’s girlfriend Debbie (Davinia Anderson), who is extremely close to his family.

Shap (Nicholas Murchie) is suspicious that the team are not being told the full story and his hunch seems to have been proved correct when Dwayne’s father Colin (Robbie Gee) is tracked to the home of sports agent Chris Milligan (Thomas Craig) and a fight breaks out.
Further secrets emerge when a young glamorous woman Kelly arrives on the doorstep looking for Dwayne and identifying herself as his girlfriend, much to Debbie’s surprise. When Kelly also reveals that Dwayne had a swish city centre apartment, Janine has to wonder how much else she has to uncover about this young player.

At Dwayne’s club, manager Dave Stone says that in the previously close-knit young team rifts had begun to develop between players who were clearly going to make the cut and turn pro and those who were destined, like Dwayne’s elder brother Lee, to return to the anonymity of normal life.

Two players in particular seem to have distanced themselves from Dwayne and didn’t attend his birthday celebrations. Has resentment of Dwayne’s imminent fame prompted his killing by a team-mate or even his older brother? Lee’s gone missing from the family home, and Caleb admits that Lee had not been asleep (as he’d claimed) in the bar around the time of the attack.

Lee turns up at his brother’s funeral. He confesses to arguing with his brother on the night of the killing but claims he has been ‘fitted up’ when the murder weapon (a steak knife from the bar) is found under the floor of his bedroom with some stolen sportswear.

It seems that the investigating team have their man until the police trace Adele Chambers (Kate Ford) a married mum who is a potential witness seen getting into an unlicensed cab near the attack on Dwayne. On questioning Adele accuses Dwayne of raping her at his city centre apartment, giving her a possible motive for the killing.

But there’s a further twist when Janine realises that the man she accuses of attacking her is actually Dwayne’s brother Caleb. It seems he has been impersonating his talented older brother to live a fantasy life as a football starlet and Adele has finally exposed his charade when she confronted him at the bar.

The final scenes are set for a violent confrontation as Janine and Richard trace Caleb to Wayne’s apartment to force him to face up to the truth about his brother’s death.

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