Sunday, August 16 on M4

Weighing the same as five baby elephants and a shade less than a Mini Cooper, Patrick Deuel is one of the heaviest men ever – and a medical miracle. His heart and other organs should have collapsed long before he reached his record-breaking weight of 76 stone 8lbs. A wall has to be knocked out of his home so he can be taken to hospital – in a reinforced ambulance – where he is kept on a strict diet and loses a staggering 30 stone. After a gastric bypass operation he is sent home. It is now up to Deuel to decide if he wants to live or carry on eating himself to death.

Sunday 1 February 2009 10:00pm on M4

Half Ton Mum , a BodyShock special, tells the story of the world’s heaviest woman, Renee Williams, a 64-stone, 29-year-old mother of two who, in a desperate bid to save her life, undergoes life-threatening surgery.

Monday 12 January 2009 at 10:00pm on C4

This Bodyshock Special follows 19-year-old Billy Robbins from Houston, Texas. Weighing 60 stone, and reported to be the world’s heaviest teenager, Billy has spent the past three years living in a chair as his mother cooks for, cleans and feeds him. But Billy has now made the decision to turn his life around in the hope that one day he may be able to move out of his mother’s home. And after being fed up to 8,000 calories a day, Billy has to change his diet not only in order to gain his independence from his mother, but if he is to live into his twenties…

Tuesday 16 September 2008

In early March 2008, a miracle occurred in remote, rural India. Against odds of 50 million to one, a baby, seemingly in perfect health, was born with not one but two faces. The news spread rapidly and, on hearing about this extraordinary baby girl, just days after her birth, BodyShock began following the amazing journey of baby Lali. Over 2,000 km away, a doctor in Bangalore hears of Lali’s case and is very interested to see what his hospital can do for her. Can Lali’s parents reconcile their mistrust of modern medicine with their desire to keep their daughter alive and healthy?

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