Border Wars: Stacey Dooley In The USA

9:00pm Monday 5 November on BBC THREE

The final episode of a new three-part series revealing some shocking faces of youth in America.

Every year, thousands of young people risk their lives attempting to cross the border from Mexico to secure a better life in America. Patrolled by border guards, the five day trek across the deadly wilderness of the Sonoran Desert exposes them to ferocious 70-degree temperatures and rattlesnakes.

Stacey Dooley meets young people preparing to make this dangerous trip. She travels to Altar in Mexico, an area controlled by drug cartels, where a local priest offers her protection and unique access to the people-smuggling operation.

Stacey gets to know 19-year-old Maria, who is desperate to make the trip to support her two children. As a young woman travelling alone she is especially vulnerable, but hopes her positive attitude will carry her through. She also meets Manuela and Jorge, a couple who have borrowed thousands of dollars from a people smuggler to make the trip. He is now refusing to take them over the border and their only hope of paying back their debt is to get to America to work.

Stacey also sees things from the other side of the fence in Arizona, taking to the air with the US border patrol. When she witnesses the dramatic rescue in the desert of a young Guatemalan girl who is seven months pregnant, Stacey finds herself torn, realising that the very people who are trying to keep the migrants out may be the ones who save their lives.

Ep 3/3

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