Boy Meets Girl

Friday, 22 May 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Danny (Rachael Stirling) realises that saying yes to Jay’s (Paterson Joseph) marriage proposal has put an obstacle between him and Fiona (Angela Griffin), and Siobhan (Tamzin Malleson) is horrified when she catches her best friend in bed with a woman who works in a DIY store. Meanwhile, Pete (Marshall Lancaster), who now finally believes that Danny is actually trapped inside the body of this woman, is furious when he realises Danny’s deceiving Fiona and demands he ends his relationship with her.

Veronica (Martin Freeman) traces Danny to the DIY shop, but some local villains are lying wait for him and when Danny (Rachael Stirling) spots Veronica (in his body) she is being forced to commit a robbery to repay a debt. Danny helps her to escape and the two properly meet for the first time. Veronica has convinced herself via spurious internet research that recreating the electrical shock they received may reverse the gender-swap. She’s desperate to stop being Danny and assumes Danny feels the same way. However, Danny doesn’t want to swap back – he like being Veronica, and doesn’t want to lose Fiona. He leaves a shocked Veronica stuck in his body and with no option but to live his depressing life.

Danny keeps his word to Pete and despite how hard it is for him, he breaks up with Fiona, who doesn’t understand why it has to end. They’re both heartbroken and reality hits home when he arrives back at the flat to find to find a surprise engagement party and Jay in full wedding mode. As Siobhan and Ali (James Lance) confront him about the affair with Fiona, Jay enters and demands to know the truth but is baffled when Pete turns up and calls his fiancée Danny.

Meanwhile, Veronica has been watching from the car and orders Danny to get in the car, she’s not spending another day in his shoes. She starts driving back to the scene of the explosion to recreate it by force if necessary. Will they get their old lives back, and if they do, will it ever be the same?

Friday, 1 May 2009, 9:00PM – 10:00PM

Drop-out DIY employee Danny Reed (Martin Freeman) finishes work for the night and heads off to the electricity power yard to steal some copper wiring to pay off his debts. It’s raining as he climbs out of his ‘borrowed’ van. A few yards nearby him in the lay-by Veronica Burton (Rachael Stirling) pulls up having run out of petrol. There’s a flash of lightning which strikes the pylon and there’s a huge explosion. Danny wakes up in hospital and is horrified to discover he’s no longer Danny Reed – he’s now a gorgeous woman in her early 30s. Totally freaked out, he struggles to get his head around the fact that his own body has disappeared without trace, and he’s inside someone else’s.

Danny’s first impulse is to find out where the person he used to be has gone. But what dawns on him fairly quickly is that no-one knows and no-one is missing him apart from friends Pete (Marshall Lancaster) and Fiona (Angela Griffin). He seems to have simply disappeared, but that doesn’t stop him trying to find out where Danny went. In the meantime, Danny has to get his head round being stuck as Veronica – which means learning to be a woman, a fashion journalist, and living a totally different life with Veronica’s boyfriend Jay (Paterson Joseph).

As he begins to live Veronica’s life and meet her friends he starts to realise that she was having an affair with her best friend’s boyfriend and is less than enthused by her job as a fashion journalist. Meanwhile, Veronica is completely disorientated in her new male body and at a loss as to what to do, she’s forced to beg on the streets. At Veronica’s flat that night, as Jay makes it clear to a horrified Danny (Veronica) that he’s looking for romance, Danny spots his old self on the news in the middle of an angry demonstration.

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